The Alpha's Breeder

By taytay91 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Thirty Three : Found

In the middle of the night, there was no one to see me struggling against my attackers and I felt my heart drop to my stomach.

It was a hopeless situation.

I had no one to fight off my monsters except for myself.

Then, tears started leaking from my eyes at the deadening realization.

It seemed as if my life had become a roller coaster ride recently. One minute up and then the next down, making me an emotional wreck in the process with no way off of the ride.

The two males dragged me through the home before carelessly tossing me onto the ground. Ny body made contact with the tile of the floor and I could hear a sickening thud resound.

The pain was excruciating.

Tears seeped from the corner of my eyes when I choked back a sharp gasp of pain. I made a move to roll around and get back up but it seemed as if the air had been knocked out of me.

“Did you think we are that stupid, bitch?” one of them cackled out, spitting onto my clean floors like a uncivilized mongrel.

The older and skinnier male grabbed my long hair at the ends, yanking me up slowly with every single hard tug of his hand. I could smell his onion and garlic breath when my face was in direct line of his breathing and I couldn’t turn my head away from it.

His grip was extremely tight, leading me in his direction by the hair and I was quick to grab his hand to stop him from yanking any harder.

“Tried to pull a fast one on us, huh?” The other male said when I felt the burning pain on the side of my face.

He smacked me.

The asshole dared to hit me!

Oh it’s on.

The sound of his hand making contact with my face was loud and rang in my ears like a repetitive beat of the drums. I stumbled back and fell onto my ass.

The stinging sensation set my face on fire when I noticed bits of my hair crumbling down around me from being ripped out when he had tugged me up.


I don’t understand why males have to go around grabbing women by their hair just to get their attention.

It’s extremely rude and impolite.

“Let’s rough her up a bit before we hand her off to the facility,” the older male chuckled out darkly, his hand moving down to his belt and just the crisp metallic sound made me sick to my stomach.

I bit down hard on my tongue to keep myself from throwing up while pretending to glance around for anything that I could use to defend myself.

The TV remote didn’t look very threatening and neither did the couch pillows.

I tried to make myself cry harder and look as weak and docile as possible in order to distract them when I put my hand into the bag.

Luck was on my side for once when I didn’t have to search very hard for the pepper spray.

The cold bottle brushed along my fingertips just as I put my hand into the bag.

Then, I moved extremely fast, switching the safe switch to the side and pushed down on the button, putting them in direct contact with the initial spray of liquid.

“Fuck!” The younger male with red hair shouted when the liquid went directly into his open eyes. He fell back onto the floor with a deafening thud, rubbing at his eyes when I sprayed the other one but missed slightly because he had anticipated my attack after I got his partner.

“Beat the shit out of her, Sean,” the male who was still floundering on the ground screeched out, his entire face going red now as he continued to spread the burning substance around with his hands like an idiot.

Before I can try to spray at them again, the male, known as Sean, smacked the bottle out of the palm of my hand, leaving me defenseless once again.

Since that had failed, I bit down on my tongue hard before dodging his hands that came at me in attempts to hold me down.

And with strength from who knows where, I tackled the skinny older male and knocked him back. My fist was quick to pound down on his face with deft precision that I never knew I had.

And neither saw it coming.

Compared to punching werewolves, I would much rather punch humans because it actually did more damage than it ever would on a werewolf.

Punch after punch came in contact with his face when I could hear the disgusting crunch of his nose breaking underneath my fist.

The satisfaction was magnanimous.

My knuckles had started to burn in the beginning but soon became numb as my fist rained down on his face.

I don’t even know if it was his blood or mine when it started to stain his face in rivulets. The maroon liquid smeared across his skin until his entire face was red.

His fist had hit me a couple of times in the shoulder and neck but because of awkward angle, it didn’t do any damage.

I was completely numb to pain now because of the rush of adrenaline through my system like a drug induced high that hasn’t come crashing down yet.

Noticing that his punches didn’t connect as he had thought, he made a move to dislodge me but I was adamant on keeping him sustained. I grabbed the bottle of pepper spray on the ground and sprayed it into his eyes and all the bleeding parts of his face, making sure that it burned the hell out of him while I continued to beat him.

“Fuck!! You crazy bitc----” He was crying by now but I was not going to relent. When I pulled my arm back and slammed it into his face one final time, he completely fell silent.

The other one was blindly grabbing at me, unable to pull me off when I kicked him in his knee and then again in the area where the sun doesn’t shine. When he fell back cussing, I punched him in the face too.

Tears and blood made their faces messy and unrecognizable. If only their people could see them now.

By this point, I’ve decided to forgo being the weak girl who needed to be saved.

Screw anger management.

I was so blinded by pent up anger and rage that I hadn’t even noticed that the back door had opened again until a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and lifted me off of the male I was currently violently beating.

The sprinkling of sparks on the exposed areas of my arms was a tell-tale sign of who it was that had entered but my currently murderous mind set could not be swayed. I continued to punch downwards like a machine built only to hit and punch in set intervals.

“That’s enough, mate,” the familiar voice called, drifting into my ears like the swirling mist of heat from a cup of tea being blown forwards.


I don’t know why but at the sound of his voice, my entirely rigid and stiff body had relaxed. My bloody hands had lost its purpose and completely uncurled from the painful fist that I had remained in order to continue punching the man underneath me.

Almost immediately, I was leaning into his embrace, my face seemingly cold when I realized that I was crying in the first place. My chest was heaving repeatedly at each intake of air while my entire body seemed to be trembling like a meth addict.

Somehow, just the thought of knowing that Eros was here made me feel safe and protected. All of my worries and sorrow seemed to have disappeared just with his comforting tone of voice and warm touch.

And all my defenses and barriers came shattering down in mass array until I was a sobbing mess in his arms.

I was truthfully really tired of all of this. The constant paranoia and fear that enveloped me like a cocoon was already suffocating enough as it is.

“W-What took you so long?” I sobbed out uncontrollably, completely losing my cool when I buried my face into the crook of his neck as if to seek comfort.

"Sorry. Sorry, Emira,” he murmured into my hair with this tone of voice that sounded so regretful and sincere it made me cry again.

I knew that Eros could smell something on me because his entire body had stiffened by now, jaw clenched tightly while his fingers slightly dug into the fabric of my shirt, tight but not enough to hurt me. It was obvious he didn’t want to cause me any harm, choosing to push down his rage and anger while trying to his best to comfort me. Yet the red that started to tinge his beautiful blue eyes told me just how close he was to losing control.

I didn’t say anything, choosing to wrap my arms around his neck and closing the distance between us and in return, his strong arms had encircled my waist, comfortingly patting my back until I hiccuped the last of my sobs out.

At this point in time, I’ve come to realize just how much I needed Eros. Just the thought of him managed to keep me calm.

Only he seemed to keep my inner monsters at bay.

And I felt more comforted just by his mere presence.

Possibly because he had succeeded in making me as dependent on him as possible, to the point that I didn’t want to go back to being without him.

I could save myself but I much rather have him save me instead. It’s too tiring playing heroine to myself while being too prideful to ask for help.

I liked him too much to care about face or pride anymore, it’s bad, I know.

But I just don’t care. I couldn’t afford to care.

With that thought, I tightened my arms around his neck, setting my chin against his shoulders and hung onto him like a baby monkey. He carefully, almost cautiously, lifted me into his arms, kicking the body of one of the unconscious males out of the way when he walked towards the door again.

I was terribly exhausted now, choosing to nestle my face against his neck and lovingly rubbing and nudging my nose against his warm skin, sighing out in comfort for once.

He stiffened lightly at my slightly instinctive action until I nudged his jaw and chin in hopes of calming his raging beast.

From what I know, this action meant submission, yielding and conforming to him as my Alpha.

It was odd that I could do this rather smoothly, like it was built into my DNA but I quickly brushed that thought aside.

His tensed muscles seemed to relax slightly when I heard him murmur out my name against my hair with this extremely longing tone of voice.

By now, by tears have finally subsided.

When I paid attention to my surroundings again, I realized that he had managed to transport me into a vehicle with two large males in the front seats, steering the car.

Heaving a soft sigh, I continued to cling onto him like he was my last anchor only to know that he was also holding me just as tight.

I didn’t care as to where he was taking me because I trusted him enough to know that where ever it is, it would be safe.

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