The Alpha's Breeder

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**Thirty Four : Raw Emotions

The heated sparks gradually built across our skin, dancing along in a line of electric charge that kept me panting heavily for air. I waited for Eros’ next move.

He was frozen in disbelief at my admission but I could feel his thick shaft biting through the fabric of his pants to nudge against my naked thigh like a hot steel rod of some sorts.

In fact, he might have become even more aroused from my words and actions because I could see the prominent veins on his forehead as he held himself back.

Eros panted heavily, his hot breath pillowing against my temples in soothing strokes.

By this time, my heart was hammering in my chest, stuttering a beat. Then, a smile blossomed on his lips, and I was nearly blinded by it.

How in the world did I get so lucky?

“I don’t want just your submission, Emira.” His sharp canine nipped along the edge of my ear as if to reprimand me before his tongue lapped over it to take off the burn of his bite.

I yelped out at the slightly stinging sensation that caused a bout of shivers to wrack my form.

My hand immediately moved to cover my ear. A pout was quick to form on my kiss-swollen lips.

Eros chuckled throatily and sucked against the delicate shell of my ear.

And I was instantly turned into a puddle of goo.

“I want everything. Not just your beautiful body, keen intellect, or wonderful personality, Emira,” he murmured against my heated skin. “I want all of you, nothing less than that. And in return, I will give you all of me.”

Eros kissed the juncture between my shoulder and neck with slow and measured sweeps of his tongue and lips. His eyes lidded and his fingers smoothed a lock of hair between his fingers before saying, “Submitting to me comes with a lot more than you think, Emira. You will be my Alpha Female. Mine in every sense, just as I am yours.”

His breath fluttered my lashes and whispers along my jaw with such sensual air that I found myself completely enthralled.

“We will be bounded together for as long as we live and, perhaps, even longer. Because not even death will separate us.”

At my lack of response, Eros sighed pensively and pressed a warm kiss against my burning cheeks. He trails the light kisses up my neck and bit down a little harder on my earlobe as if to catch my attention and make me concentrate on his words and not his arousing actions.

I swallowed thickly.

I could feel his warm hands thread through my hair comfortingly, stroking my scalp with his fingers until my entire body relaxed into the bed.

“Give me permission to have all of you, Emira,” he sincerely asked.

Eros’ hands trembled at its perch in my hair from how hard he was holding back. His body was shaking from restraint. And I knew that if I said ‘no’, he would really stop in respect of my wishes.

This is one of the many qualities that attracted me to Eros.

His appeal was in the fact that he always gave me a say in everything.

Instead of pressuring me or forcing me into giving in like most males, Eros gave me a choice. He didn’t go Alpha male crazy and was very respectful of all of my wishes.

Even now, he made sure that I was absolutely sure of myself before I committed myself to him in one of the most permanent unions ever.

And, at this point in time, I found myself not wanting to hold anything back.

I wanted Eros.

All of him.

“Will you submit to your Alpha?” he asked throatily, blowing hot air against the wet shell of my ear until I couldn’t help the slight whine that came from the back of my throat.

At the husky and sultry tone of voice, my body had melted.

Eros’ beautiful blue eyes are looking straight into my own. It felt like he was looking straight into my soul to see the true answer without any coy pretenses.

The atmosphere became extremely heated.

Eros’ strong arms caged me in again until I laid trembling underneath of him.

“Will you submit to your Alpha Female?” I asked back instead of answering him. I always verbal vomit whenever I am nervous.

He chuckled and his eyes twinkled brightly, “Of course.”

There was no hesitation in his words, and I knew that he meant it.

My stomach clenched in anticipation and my teeth bit into my bottom lip as I started to overthink again instead of just going with what my heart wanted.

To hell with it.

I wanted Eros so I am going to have him.

Before I lost all nerve, I nervously cleared my throat and said, “Well then, yes.”

I think I managed to make the romantic atmosphere disappear again with my awkward disposition.

“God, Emira. You make me crazy,” he breathed out in relief. His warm puffs of air brushed against my hot cheeks, and I noticed that his breathing was becoming harsher with every inhale and exhale.

Then, Eros is kissing me with such devotion that it makes my heart beat erratically in my chest, drumming frantically in a tandem of rhythm.

I felt my lungs give from lack of air before Eros finally decided to pull back to let me breathe.

“Yea, well, you do the same to me,” I reply back, panting heavily with a goofy grin imprinted on my lips when I finally managed to break free from his mouth.

He chuckles bemusedly at my response and leans in to kiss my neck in worship, biting and nipping the flesh.

Just when I thought that he would really mark me, he doesn’t.

Instead, he moves downwards, lathering warm wet kisses across my collarbone. His big hands knead my breasts and his thumbs rubbed across my hard nipple.

I moaned weakly in response.

The sensations were terrifyingly pleasurable.

If things continue like this, I was scared that I would never find my way back out.

Eros’ mouth kisses around my breasts thoroughly, sucking against the delicate flesh until I could feel his tongue circle the hardened nipple.

When his hot mouth closes around the sensitive flesh, I could hear my sharp intake of air. And a gasping strangled cry leaves my throat at the sensations that he evokes in me.

His sharp teeth bit down before his warm tongue would smooth over it only to start the entire process again.

After a long while, he switches to the next nipple. His mouth quickly mapped across by breast, and his fingers plucked and pinched the wet nipple he had left.

Urgently, I rubbed my thighs together, trying to relieve the aching pressure. With trembling hands, I try to cover my lips to stop the strangely erotic moans from leaving my throat, but it was almost impossible to stop these natural responses.

Eros kissed the underside of my breasts and moved southwards, licking and leaving butterfly kisses down my stomach at a rather slow and erotic pace that causes me to writhe uncontrollably underneath him.

He easily unties the bathrobe and the fabric was thoroughly disposed of somewhere far from us in his rush to get it off.

Suddenly, a thought makes way into my currently dysfunctional mind.

He’s not going to lick down there, is he?

My eyes bulged at the thought.

Eros’ tongue circles my belly button and teases the dip. His hands grab a hold of my thighs, pulling my legs apart into an exposing and embarrassing position.

I try to close my legs, but he had already wedged his body in between them.

And my thighs tightly clamped around his midsection.

Eros leaned forward, and his warm breath ghosted across my extremely sensitive lower lips. All the hairs on my body immediately stood on end.

“Ah...D-don’t,” I whimpered out, covering my face with my hands to stop myself from watching him go down on me.

Oh my God.

With my eyes closed, the intensity was almost amplified until I could feel every movement from him, every breath and every touch was like a trail of fire.

“You’re so sensitive, mate,” he said, blowing hot air against my dripping sheath.

I felt his fingertips touch my quivering flesh, lathering my sopping juices across his fingers.

My mouth hangs agape at the initial touch and white lights flash before my vision.

It felt so good.

My abdomen clenched painfully, and more wetness trickled out.

Eros pressed his lips lightly against the heated flesh that seemingly begged for his touch.

At the sensation of moist heat, my entire body arched upwards and a choking sob manages to leave my lips in a whining cry.

Eros’ tongue licked across my opening. His fingers pushed open the lower lips to expose my flesh to his heated gaze and hot breath.

I was shaking like a willow in the wind, unable to control the whimpering cries that left my lips.

When his tongue makes another round against me, dragging across the protruding nub, I lurch off of the bed and arch into his mouth.

I was breathing heavily, panting for breath as he plays with my clit, sucking and kissing at it with just the right pressure that I thought that would explode.

His sharp canines grazed and nipped my swollen clit several times only to lather it with his hot tongue right after.

The sensations were overwhelming, to say the least.

And, before long, his talented tongue dipped inside of me. He pushed my folds aside and drank my juices like a man thirsty for water.

By this point, my entire body was thrashing on the bed, barely recognizable cries of his name leaving my lips as he worships my body.

“E-Eros...” My eyes were wide open now while wanton moans left my lips, no matter how hard I tried to swallow them down.

His head was still in between my parted thighs, wreaking havoc on my core with his tongue. My hands dug into the bedspread, quivering at the intensity of his touch on my heated flesh.

I could see sweat beaded on his brows when he lifted his face to me with blue eyes dark and beautiful. He looked feral, more beastly handsome with his chin and cheeks glistening from my juices smeared across his face.

I was extremely embarrassed but couldn’t help the swell of pleasure at the arousing image.

I was getting even wetter just because of it.

And I vaguely realized that Eros can make me feel sexy with just one heated look of his eyes.

I couldn’t get myself to look away as he pleasures me.

“So wet and hot and tight. And all for me,” he murmurs huskily, his tongue licking across his sharp canines as he looks up at me with a decadent smirk on his delicious lips.

My head tips back with a grunt when he blew hot air against my passage and a long finger was slowly inserted into me. The tapered appendage eased its way into my wet passage only to be removed and harshly shoved back in at an exhilarating rate.

Then, another finger is added to the first, moving rapidly in and out of my flesh while his mouth attaches to my clit, nibbling against the terribly swollen flesh with just enough force that leaves me even wetter.

The mind numbing sensations were starting to build up, making my hips move back and forth as the feelings of arduously climbing a mountain came back.

It was as if Eros could tell that my climax was coming because just before I could reach that pinnacle of deafening pleasure, he stopped.


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