The Alpha's Breeder

By taytay91 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

**Thirty Four : Thoroughly Cleaned

It has been almost 30 minutes now that our group had arrived at a hotel since the trip to the pack house seemed to be long coming.

I wouldn’t doubt that it might take a little bit longer then when I was first kidnapped by Jared’s group of men.

Except the only difference this time was that I was willing. And that I was given food and plenty of time to rest and recuperate before continuing on the trip.

I don’t think I would have lasted otherwise.

“You can take a shower first, Emira,” Eros said the moment we stepped foot into the hotel suite, his arms tightening once around me before he finally set me down onto my feet.

I wasn’t bothered by what he was insinuating because I knew that it bothered him greatly.

Without another glance at his slightly stiff facial expression, I followed the instinct to dive for the bathroom before Eros busted into beast mode and came after me.

He hadn’t paid attention to my slightly desperate sprint inside when I carefully closed the door behind me, forgoing the lock because I didn’t want to make Eros worry about my slight fear of the current him.

I wanted to give Eros some space because he definitely needed it right now.

He had been acting very differently ever since we left my house, mostly keeping a stiff expression on his face while his entire body was rigid and tightly wound, as if he was going to attack.

I knew that he must be uncomfortable around me because of all the scents on my flesh, probably to the point of driving him insane. I felt bad but there was really nothing that I could do.

Bleach, acetone or other corrosive substances were quickly crossed off of my list due to the fact that I didn’t want to destroy my skin.

It sounded too painful anyways.

With a quick turn, I stripped off all the dirty and bloody clothes before cleaning myself in the shower, making sure to be as thorough as possible in hopes of eradicating all the foreign scents on my body in order to ease Eros’ irritation.

By the time I was done and stepped out, the entire bathroom was rather warm and heated. I wiped the fog off of the mirror to look at my reflection and noted the slight bags underneath my eyes from lack of a good sleep. I was always paranoid and scared during the last couple of days until Eros had come.

But at least I didn’t look as crazy as I had thought.

No cuts, black or blue bruises, or blood.

With that, I sighed softly and towel dried my hair a bit after digging through the towels to find a white fluffy bath robe that was almost 2 sizes bigger than me. At the initial try on, the robe hung loosely around my body, sliding down my shoulders at every opportunity while the length was a tad too long, hanging down past my ankles.

I combed through my damp hair with the comb that was provided before patting my chest in an attempt to calm myself down.

Why was I so worked up for?

It’s not like Eros is going to do anything to me.

Nervously, I brushed the long locks of my hair back, noting that there were some sections shorter than others. It was probably because of all those previous times it was manhandled by those jerks and just the thought of giving them another punch in the face made the nervousness seem to settle somewhat when I finally gathered enough courage to open the door and peer out.

“Eros?” I called, slightly hesitant because the lights in the room had been dimmed and he was sitting with his back to me.

His hands were clenched tight, body tensed like a wounded spring while muscles tightly corded in tell tale signs of his anger.

He looked furious, possibly livid with rage and past the point of being consoled.

It gave me the feeling of being in the same vicinity as a ticking time bomb that could explode in my face at any minute. Or like walking in a mine field with careful steps only to realize that the floor is made of egg shells and you can’t avoid any of it because it was going to shatter no matter what.

And I noted that, usually, Eros is the one consoling me, not the other way around. I wasn’t very experienced with how to comfort an Alpha male who’s close to beast mode and it made me slightly apprehensive to approach him but I couldn’t leave him like that.

What kind of mate would I be if I left him to suffer?

"Eros." I murmured out the words softly this time while taking tentative steps over to him, shuffling at a prolonged pace. My palms were getting sweaty while I could hear my own blood rushing through my ears, making my breathing come out a little harsher.

Eros slowly lifted his head before turning to look at me and I could see how straining it was for him to quirk the corner of his lips into a slight smile.

He was trying to appease me, despite the fact that he’s in such turmoil with his inner beast.

And my heart seemed to soften at the dawning realization while my chest warmed at how he was going out of his way to reassure me.

I’m a big idiot.

“I won’t hurt you, Emira,” he said, voice slightly raspy with self hatred that I had never seen in him before. “I’m just upset with myself.”

“I failed to protect you,” he breathed out darkly, red slowly bleeding across his mesmerizing eyes to change the beautiful blue a darker shade. It made him look strangely more feral and masculine in my eyes, more beast than man.

And I didn’t know what to say, choosing to lower myself onto the bed next to him before tentatively tangling my fingers with his until my skin hummed at the pleasurable contact.

“I know that you won’t hurt me, Eros. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t,” I whispered out, lowering my gaze away from his slightly reddening eyes while tightening my grip on his hands.

“I’m safe now. That’s all that matters,” I said as calmly as I could, stroking my thumb over the palm of his hand before bravely bringing my gaze to his changing features, taking in the true him with acceptance and care.

Eros would always be Eros.

No matter what shape or form he took, I was willing to accept him in all ways.

Eros shifted slightly, turning towards me until I felt his strong arms circle around my waist, lifting me up and hoisting my tangible body onto his lap until I was comfortably seated against him.

His handsome face buried itself into my neck and I could feel his intake of air when he kissed my jaw longingly. The soft sigh that purged itself from my lips was involuntary and he had grazed my blushed cheek with his nose the second after.

“I missed you,” he murmured against my ear, warm mouth grazing the sensitive shell before I felt him kiss against it.

The shiver that wracked my frame was unbidden when I found myself willingly tipping my face to the side to give him access to my neck and ear.

“I...missed you too,” I replied with a slightly hoarse and raspy tone of voice that had surprised me the moment the words left my mouth.

He seemed slightly more relaxed now but I could tell that he was still bothered, especially because the red remained in his eyes the entire time.

As if noting my inquisitive and nervous glance, he said, “My beast is livid. The scent of them on you is making me extremely irritated.”

His long lithe fingers trailed across the corner of my lips while this pained expression made way across his regal face when he kissed my hot cheeks endearingly.

Even his features seemed more animalistic now, more inhuman as he fought to keep his humanoid form in place and I feared that he would lose control of himself to his beast.

Who knows what kind of havoc would occur once it was unleashed?

I was scared at the thought and my chest felt slightly tight, worry evident on my face now when I curled my fingers into the sleeve of his shirt as if to hold him anchored to me in fear of what could happen.

“Can’t you get rid of it?” I asked and then feared the answer.

I know for sure that there were three things that can mar or change scent.



And semen.

Truthfully, I’m very scared that Eros is going to have to pee on me to get rid of their scent. I don’t think I can stand being pissed on by anyone again, because just the thought of it is making me sick to my stomach.


“You’re not going to pee or spit on me are you?” I anxiously asked, mouth slightly agape in horror of the mental image that my twisted mind managed to procure.

I shivered apprehensively.

“No. I could never do that to you,” he chuckles out with this slightly bemused expression on his handsome face and I noted that the red in his eyes retreated slightly in his amusement.

At his reassurance, I released a deep breath that I didn’t know that I was holding, seemingly relieved because I wasn’t too sure there a millisecond or so.

If he was going to pee on me, he would probably have to knock me unconscious first or else I would scream bloody murder.

“I’m sorry, Emira,” he whispers against my temple after noting my uncomfortable expression at that rather gross memory that was somehow engraved onto my mind.

I gave him a shaky smile and looped my arms around his neck, resting my weight against his chest and let him lather my face with his heated kisses.

Then, his warm lips softly pressed against the bump on my forehead, that hadn’t quite healed, with such care and delicacy that I barely felt his warmth against it.

“I can remove their scent with my saliva,” he stated.

My lashes lowered, head tipped back slightly to give him better access to my face with a soft sigh at the comforting sparks that started to littered my skin pleasurably.

“Even my hair?” I don’t know why that thought came to mind but can you imagine how much spittle would be needed to wet all of this?


“I don’t know how I feel about this.” My nose wrinkles once again at the unnecessary mental image my mind keeps supplying me with and I am not quite sure on how to proceed.

“It’s either you let me lick you or let me ejaculate all over you. I don’t mind either one, mate,” he said against my temple, lips brushing lightly against my skin at every word.

I shivered again at that low intonation of his words, making the hairs at the back of my neck stand on end.

And I don’t know why, but I kept imagining myself as a baby pup getting cleaned and licked by an adult wolf.

“I doubt you have that much, Eros.” I snort out when he smirks rather slyly at me with eyes narrowed devilishly as if I had just declared a challenge of some sorts that he wanted to take up.

I mean it took almost 4 or 5 men to do all that on me. I really doubt that he would be able to do all that by himself.

And truthfully, I don’t want to be proven wrong.

Can you imagine?

"You’d be surprised, mate." He chuckles out lowly and with this slightly mischievous look on his face that makes me decide not to question him in case I regret it in the future.

“You know what, I’ll just take the licking,” I hurriedly replied unless this takes a detour in the wrong direction but I’m sure that it’s already heading south the moment I agreed to let him lick me.

“Good choice,” he chuckled out and his eyes seemingly turning one shade darker when I looked away.

How bad could it be?

My heart was furiously beating in my chest like a drum of rhythm. I was assured Eros could hear the sound because the corner of his mouth seemed to quirk in response and he gave me this slightly hooded yet sexy knowing look.

Is it weird to anticipate being licked?

Because I definitely can’t help the odd feeling of anticipation that seemed to build in my belly as he kissed along my temple and cheeks with such burning slowness that it made me excited.

Does that make me sick?

Before long, Eros manages to pull me from my elusive thoughts and back to reality again.

His hot mouth closes over mine, kissing me with this thoroughly consuming heat that purges a strangled moan from my throat. Our tongues slid across one another, playfully tangling together when he sucked on the appendage until it tingled and still would not let go.

Then, his tongue had thoroughly perused my mouth, sliding pleasurably against the roof of my mouth and the side of my cheeks before biting softly on my bottom lip and tugged.

How is he able to do that?

How is he able to make me become so muddle headed with just one kiss?

The wet moist heat of his kiss left my lips tingling when his mouth slid down towards my neck, nipping and sucking against it until I was sure that hickies would form.

I could feel his sharp teeth graze the skin of my neck before I felt his palms slowly slide up my sides, leaving a line of shocks and tingles against my sensitive flesh at every touch.

Then, I vaguely realized that the robe had slipped down my shoulders now and laid settled around my waist. The top half of me was completely naked to his heated and penetrating gaze.

I was still slightly embarrassed at being so exposed but couldn’t get myself to care at the moment to cover up.

It’s not like he hasn’t seen any of it before.

A hot palm cups my suddenly heavy breasts, feeling the weight before long fingers curled and squeezed, molding it with agonizing slowness that left me gasping for breath.

Eros kisses along my collarbone before descending my shoulder and licks across the expanse of my arm. I had never realized how the skin of my arms could be so sensitive like this, goosebumps quickly scattering across my flesh at every kiss.

His sharp canines glided across my wrist when my index finger was languidly sucked on and lightly nipped at causing a encompassing warmth to radiate from my lower abdomen.

It was a really odd feeling, having my finger in his mouth.

My womb clenches tightly and repeatedly when I could feel a string of wetness gradually slip through my lower lips to dampen the bath robe underneath my butt.

Eros licks all of my fingers on both hands, kissing across my palms and wrists before I felt myself fall back slightly from his lap.

He braces my body with a strong hand behind me as if the bed would hurt me when I found myself on my back with him caging me down.

His body casts a shadow on my face, leaving me only an image of his glowing eyes and aroused face and I couldn’t help but swallow the lump that had formed in my throat.

“I want you mark you, Emira. So badly,” he murmurs against my lips, kissing it slowly as if to savor every single moment.

At his words, my mind slowly cleared.

I knew that Eros wasn’t going to cross that barrier I set without my approval. He was too much of a gentleman to force me into doing anything that I didn’t want to but his seductive coaxing was almost too hard to refuse.

My mind was completely lucid now and I knew what I wanted.

Perhaps in my gut I had already admitted to wanting Eros, admitted to being his mate and wanting to stay with him because I couldn’t see myself with anyone other than him.

He had managed to worm his way into my life and my heart with claws sunken into my soul so deep that I didn’t want them removed.

The bigger portion of me really wanted him, probably as much as he wanted me, but I had been afraid to admit it. I fought this attraction because I didn’t want to be like everyone else, willingly accepting what was thrown at me without a thought.

But Eros made me feel things that I had never felt before.

He was worth overcoming my pride and hesitations to be with and I was willing to give this relationship a chance, give myself a chance at happiness.

If Eros was temptation then I wanted to sin.

Finally, after a long and thoughtful pause, I breathed a reply against his lips.

And at my throaty answer, he pulled back, leaving me slightly breathy underneath him.

His entire body had tensed almost in disbelief at my words and I had to wonder if I had imagined myself saying it.

I didn’t. Right?

There was long pause now when I pulled myself up slightly to look at him, the lust filled haze clearing slightly so that I can answer him as clearly as I could.

“Say it again,” he said huskily, wet tongue licking across his lips as he stares down at me with dark and heated eyes.

I groaned out in frustration, tempted to cover my face in embarrassment before circling my arms around his neck. It took me a lot of courage to say it the first time and I bet that with his enhanced hearing, he probably heard it and wanted me to confirm.

“I submit.”

With my words, I turned my head to the side completely, leaving him a clear view of the expanse of my neck, the area he had been obsessively kissing at every chance that he could since we had met.

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