The Alpha's Breeder

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**Thirty Five : Marked & Mated

A displeased whine left my lips when his fingers slickly left my body, and his mouth stopped that pleasurable sucking action.

“Beg me, mate,” he said darkly, kissing my quivering clit with shiny lips. “Tell me you want to cum.”

Teasingly, his fingers filled me up again and just as my womb starts to clench at the building of an orgasm, he pulls his fingers out, leaving me mighty frustrated at being cut off.

Frustrated tears were building on my lashes at the sensation of being so close to that pinnacle of ultimate pleasure that I wanted to strangle Eros for being the tease he always was.

My lips part but nothing comes out.

Eros removed his fingers now, languidly licking them off one by one with a sinful expression on his feral face.

I felt oddly bereft and empty without his fingers inside of me. My womb clenched repeatedly but he refused to touch me until I said those words.

“Please, Eros. Please,” I finally whimpered out pathetically, yet it seemed that I was becoming extremely aroused by begging him.

I’m sick.

I know.

A seemingly carnal and Cheshire grin made way onto his face when his mouth attacks my clit with a fury not known to mankind. He bit softly on the swollen protruding flesh before pulling it outwards. The pain and pleasure seemed to force my body back into the stages of orgasm.

His fingers rapidly stroked in and out frantically, working my heated flesh while focusing on a spot inside that made my head fall back onto the bed at each curl of his talented fingers. Then, a third finger is slowly inserted along with the other two until I felt as if I had been stretched to the limit with a slight sling of discomfort.

My thighs trembled and everything came to a seizing climax, stars floating in bright white light before my eyes.

I choked back a scream and bended my legs with my toes curled into the sheets.

The extremely mind-shattering orgasm made my mouth fall open in a gasping and breathy cry.

I was literally sobbing at this point. All my pores thoroughly satisfied while my womb clenched tightly with more juices gushing from my core to coat Eros’ mouth.

Throughout the orgasm, I hadn’t noticed that Eros’ fingers had been removed. When I shakily opened my eyes, I saw Eros in his full naked glory. And his hard erection was standing as if to salute me.

Well, hello there not-so-little Eros.

I barely recovered from the last orgasm when his body blocked off the light and cast a shadow over my face, leaving me with an arousing view of his entirely worship-worthy body.

Needless to say, but Eros was born perfect in every way. No scars or marks of imperfection like I expected for a person who has lived over 900 years and been through countless battles and wars. I wouldn’t have minded if he did have scars or marks on his body. They would only be proof of his strength and courage.

“God, Emira. If only you knew how long I’ve waited for you,” he murmured sensually along my neck, soft lips skimming the surface of my skin at every intake of air. “How long I’ve dreamt of having you here. Under me. Around me.”

My breath hitched in my throat.

“Begging me to fuck you until you can’t even walk straight. Begging me to fill you up to the brim until you can’t take it anymore. Until you’re dripping with my seed buried deep inside of you.” His words were barely a wisp of warm air against my lips, yet I heard every word, every inflection in his low and silken voice that seemed to stroke my skin at every passing. My heart stuttered a beat and my cheeks were extremely hot with a blush that I knew covered a majority of my face.

Eros is an extremely good example of a gentleman in the streets and a freak in the bed. He dirty talked and I, apparently, liked it.

A lot.

Before long, Eros’ tapered fingers stroked the underside of my knee and caressed the delicate skin there before he eased my legs further apart to settle between my lewdly spread thighs. I blinked slowly when something rather intimidating in size and build caught my attention. The image managed to thoroughly pull me out of my thoughts like a bullet to the foot.

Holy crap.

How in the hell is that going to fit?

I swallowed dryly and couldn’t help but wonder if this is going to hurt very much. I could already tell that there was no way something that big would fit inside of it, and I was rather apprehensive to try.

“Is it too late to back out?” I joked and verbally vomited from nervousness that suddenly blossomed inside of me like spilled water on a marble surface. Eros noticed my unease since my eyes flitted from his handsome face to his impressive length several times in the span of mere seconds.

“It will fit.” His words seemed final. He kissed my chin endearingly, and a rakish smirk bloomed on his silken lips when he glanced down at me with a sly glint in his eyes.

I could already tell that it’s going to be a long night.

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