The Alpha's Breeder

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**Thirty Six : Easily Read

The musky scent of what we had done hung thick in the air, filling the entire room with our combined essence like a pheromone inducing aphrodisiac.

Through my closed eyelids, the morning sun was starting to filter in from the curtains when I tried to roll myself around and found that I couldn’t.

I was getting hot and bothered because of the immense source of heat that was attached to my back yet moving seemed like an impossible thing to do.

Eros’ arm was draped across my stomach as we lay on our sides, attached together and naked as the day we were born.

My entire back ached like no other along with my extremely swollen breasts while I was still stuffed down below like a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Eros was still inside of me.

And truthfully speaking, I couldn’t move a single muscle from yesterday nights exercise to do anything about it.

Why was it that Eros did all the work yet I’m the one feeling like I have been run over by a bulldozer and then had a wrecking ball dropped on me?

And how am I still alive?

Last night I could barely close my thighs together because it felt extremely sensitive to the touch, rawer than anything.

And I don’t even remember how many times we did it because I lost track after the first handful of times.

I was actually scared that he would kill me with his cock so I ended up pleading for my life rather pathetically so that Eros would feel bad and back off. Which he did in the end after the Nth round.

I truly wonder if anyone has ever died of having too much sex.

Because I felt like I had died each time I came, almost to the point of blacking out. Yet this morning, I felt as if I had been put back together.

From the way he was pounding into me last night, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to walk straight for days but it no longer hurt down there like I had thought.

Perhaps this was one of the benefits of having a magical womb that could regenerate, making sex with a werewolf not as lethal.

Although my lady bits weren’t hurting very much, my back and legs ached from the straining positions like no other. If only I had this magical ability for the rest of my body, not just my womb.

With a muffled sigh after trying to delay moving as long as I could, I opened my thighs a bit wider and tried to ease off of his flaccid shaft.

And at the initial movement, I stilled in complete horror.

It was hard again.

The thick shaft had propped my opening wide to adjust to its size, filling every inch inside until the very tip breached the mouth of my womb and caused a searing yet pleasurable burn to envelop me.

Why did I move for?

I was mentally tempted to slap myself when I felt Eros fingers stroke the underside of my breasts, warm lips kissing against the skin of my shoulder in a dazzle of sparks.

At this point, playing dead seemed like a good option.

At least that was what I thought until I felt Eros mischievous hands travel from my breasts down to my belly button and continue to teasingly slide down south. Goosebumps formed all over my skin and I had to refrain from shivering at the sensation.

“Eros!” I warned, voice too hoarse and raspy to sound menacing like I had wanted. My hand immediately grabbed onto his, stopping him from going further down, not that a certain part of his body wasn’t already there.

He chuckled warmly against my ear and said smoothly, “I thought you were going to play dead, mate.”

“I was but if you do it again, I will kill you myself.” I huffed, trying to show him that I meant it. “Take it out.”

“Take what out?” He replied almost too innocently for my taste.

Oh, so he’s going to play dumb now.

My eyes narrowed and I turned my head to look at him from over my shoulder to see him smirking rather brightly, full of energy and life with a hint of amusement in his blue eyes.

Eros looked completely sated and pleased while I probably looked like I had been run over by a bus and trampled by a herd of elephants.

This is really unfair!

“I want to take a shower. Just take it out,” I muttered, scratching lightly on the inside of his palm while pouting.

“We can take one together,” he teased, glancing rather slyly at my face and I wonder if this was really the gentleman Eros that I knew.

I dropped my head back onto the pillow and moaned into the fabric. “My back already hurts enough.”

He chuckled at my misery until I could feel his hands massage along my back and sides with just enough pressure to make me sigh out happily.

I was rather content until he pulled my leg upwards with his arm, making me tense my entire body in response.

“How am I going to take it out if you are so tensed, mate?” he said, kissing the side of my temple when I embarrassingly coughed once and relaxed, letting him spread my thigh upwards.

The sparks were still there when I felt that pleasurable slide of his engorged shaft leaving my body. And almost immediately, a stream of hot creamy liquid trickled down my inner thigh and onto the bedspread in a mass array.

Slightly embarrassed, I closed my thighs tightly together to keep it from coming out like a geyser.

This sounds rather gross but Eros wasn’t kidding about his pent up semen. I don’t doubt his abilities anymore ever since last night because there was a lot of his seed deep inside of me that was trying to come out now that his penis wasn’t blocking off my entrance.

“Eros, you didn’t use a condom,” I stated, more to myself than to him when I glanced down to notice the wet white and red stains on the bedspread.

He gazed up at me, dark lashes fluttering slightly at my frozen face that had formed from the sudden and extremely late-dawning realization.

“My seed is very potent, mate. It will bite through the rubber plastic regardless,” he stated, more amused than anything at my horrified facial expressions.

I already knew how potent werewolf seed was but I only wanted him to confirm the information because I was currently in denial.

From what I know, Alpha males tend to have more potent seed than the regular Gamma or Beta on human females.

Just my luck that I forgot to tell him to pull out before he came inside since I wasn’t really thinking with my brain last night.

Eros moved to kiss me when I turned my head away, glancing at him from the corner of my eye.

“Morning breath,” I muttered in embarrassment, covering my mouth in case he tried to kiss me again.

Before I could protest again, he had pulled my fingers from my mouth and leaned down to kiss me soundly on the lips, going as far as to tangle our tongues together until I was a puddle of goo underneath him.

“I don’t mind, Emira. I love you. All of you,” he murmured against my lips, pecking against the corner of my mouth while watching my every reaction at his words.

By now, my eyes were wide like saucers at his declaration, heart beating dramatically in my chest while this tingling warmth filled my chest until I felt my eyes burned with unshed tears.

I wanted to say something yet no words would leave my lips.

Did I really need those three words to leave his lips? Probably not.

He didn’t have to say it for me to know that because every single one of his actions proved that he cared and loved me more than I knew.

Call it a gut feeling if you will.

I just knew.

Yet hearing those words leave his lips turned me into an emotional mess again and I couldn’t help getting teary because of it.

“I like you. Probably much more than like now...” I finally croak out. The word ‘love’ had stuck itself deep in my throat like peanut butter and no matter how I tried to spit it out, it would not move.

I was embarrassed and deeply moved by his words but I couldn’t get my feelings across.

I have never confessed to anyone before and the words just would not come out.

Probably because I was uncomfortable with using the word ‘love’ since I have never used that word in a sentence towards anyone.

“I know, Emira. I know,” he smiles down at me, lips curling into a sinfully eye pleasing smirk.

He suddenly got off of the bed and headed for the bathroom, leaving me there to mellow in the aftermath of his confession.

I can’t help but think I have seriously lucked out on this relationship.

Where can you find a male like Eros?

Grinning like a maniac, I had burrowed underneath the covers after Eros left to the bathroom because I feared laying splayed open like that would lead to another mishap.

I want to be able to walk again.

Not even a minute or two later, Eros came back to the bed, causing it to dip slightly on his side when I felt his warm hand pull off the covers from my body. I could feel the cool air brush against my exposed flesh.

I made a move to get up when his hand pressed down on my shoulders until I laid back before he suddenly grabbed my thigh and parted my legs again. I panicked slightly about to protest but the words were stuck halfway in my throat when I noticed a white towel in his hand.

My head cocked to the side slightly when I suddenly realized what he wanted to do.

“I-I can do that myself,” I stuttered out but he was adamant in keeping the towel away from my reach.

Embarrassment made my cheeks hot again because I could feel his hot stare on the apex of my thighs.

“I want to, mate,” he said, running the soft towel against my sensitive flesh, meticulously cleaning off the mess between my thighs with immense care and delicacy that I didn’t think possible in a man of his caliber.

It made me think of how useless I was and I couldn’t help but deflate at the idea.

He is probably thinking about how troublesome it is to have a human mate like me.

“I don’t,” he said, looking up through his dark lashes at me with a curl of his lips.

“You don’t what?” I asked, raising my brows in confusion at what he was saying all of a sudden.

“I don’t find you troublesome, Emira.”

The wistful expression had somehow frozen on my face and my heart went up to my throat as his words processed in my mind.

I’m sure that those words didn’t leave my mouth.

Did it?

“It didn’t.” He was chuckling at my dumbfounded expression again. “I can hear your thoughts, mate. Every mated couple is capable of this mind link.”

His words jolted a memory until I actually remembered that true mates are able to mentally connect in ways that humans never could. Making the couple understand their mate in ways that no one else ever could.

It was rather magical if you ask me.

But then again, this whole last couple of months have been rather magical so I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore.

“How come I can’t hear your thoughts?” I questioned, slightly suspicious of this point.

“I have masked them behind a barrier because I am sure that you will not want to hear or see them,” he replied.

“I want to be able to read your thoughts too if you can read mine,” I replied adamantly because it sucks to be the only one left out while he was reading all of my thoughts.

It almost felt like an invasion of privacy but I was curious as to what went through his pretty head.

Eros sighed and kissed my temple when scene after scene came flashing into my mind, filling my entire thought process like a whirlwind of never-ending images.

All of these scenes contained us together.

Me standing with my breasts pressed flat against the wall with Eros behind me, pounding away.

Me with my thighs wide open and him filling me up to the brim with his semen.

Me with my ankles on his shoulders. I was almost bent in half with Eros on top fucking me senseless.

Me on my knees with Eros taking me from the back until I was pleading him to make me cum my brains out.

Me on top of him working myself onto his cock while he dirty talked underneath me.

My mouth fell wide open as all the images bombarded my senses until I couldn’t think straight.

“Eros!” I screeched, mortified beyond word.

What am I supposed to say to that?

“You wanted to know, mate,” he nipped my earlobe and I slapped his arm lightly in extreme embarrassment.

And just from his mirth filled expression, I knew that he did it on purpose just to see me flustered.

“I don’t want to know any more!” I cried when the images and thoughts, finally, stopped breaching my mind.

“Let’s go take a cold shower together, mate. It’ll help cool the heat.” He chuckled rather darkly before gathering my naked body into his arms and stalking straight for the bathroom.

And I duly noted that this shower was going to take up another hour or so of my life.

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