The Alpha's Breeder

By taytay91 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

**Thirty Six : Marked & Mated

I barely recovered from the last orgasm when his body blocked off the light and cast a shadow over my face, leaving me with an arousing view of his entirely worship-worthy body.

Needless to say, but Eros was born perfect in every way.

No scars or marks of imperfection like I expected for a person who had lived over 900 years and been through countless battles and wars.

I wouldn’t have minded if he did have scars or marks on his body because they were proof of his strength and courage.

“God, Emira. If only you knew how long I’ve waited for you,” he murmured sensually along my neck, soft lips skimming the surface of my skin at every intake of air. “How long I’ve dreamt of having you here, under me, around me.”

My breath hitched in my throat.

“Begging me to fuck you until you can’t even walk straight. Begging me to fill you up to the brim until you can’t take it anymore. Until you’re dripping with my seed buried deep inside of you.” His words were barely a wisp of warm air against my lips, yet I heard every word, every inflection in his low and silken voice that seemed to stroke my skin at every passing.

My heart stuttered a beat and my cheeks were extremely hot with a blush that I knew covered a majority of my face.

Eros is an extremely good example of a gentleman in the streets and a freak in the bed.

He dirty talked and I, apparently, liked it.

A lot.

Before long, Eros’ tapered fingers stroked the underside of my knee, caressed the delicate skin before easing my legs further apart to settle between my lewdly spread thighs.

I blinked slowly when something rather intimidating in height and build caught my attention, managing to thoroughly pull me out of my thoughts like a bullet to the foot.

Holy crap.

How in the hell is that going to fit?

I swallowed dryly and couldn’t help but wonder if this was going to hurt very much.

I could already tell that there was no way something that big would fit inside and I was rather apprehensive to try.

“Is it too late to back out?” I joked, verbally vomiting in nervousness that suddenly blossomed inside of me like spilled water on a marble surface.

Eros noticed my unease since my eyes kept flitting from his handsome face to his impressive length several times in the span of mere seconds.

“It will fit.” His words seemed final. He kissed my chin endearingly, and a rakish smirk bloomed on his silken lips when he glances down at me with a sly glint in his eyes.

I don’t really know if his words could be trusted, not that he’s ever lied to me.

But what if he was just saying that?

I really don’t want to be in the hospital explaining to the doctor that he had managed to rip me in two while we were in bed.

How embarrassing would that be?

Eros shifted closer and angled his hips downwards until the tip of his hot shaft rubbed against my wet slit in a slow up and down motion that made all the hairs on my body stand on end again.

And all floating thoughts quickly dispersed at that one pleasurable sensation.

The sparks immediately erupted against my sensitive skin, especially now that I had already cum once, and I couldn’t help the choked whimper that left my mouth each time his thick girth slid across my swollen nub.

At this point in time, my eyes could barely open when I noted how his gaze was settled heatedly onto our slightly joined flesh.

The head of his shaft rubbed against my clear juices and coated the foreskin of his penis with a silken shine that glimmered in the light.

Eros eased two long fingers inside of me only to quickly remove them.

He stroked his wet fingers down his engorged length and rubbed my juices along the entire shaft in preparation of what was to come.

I nervously licked my lips and tipped my head back to let him seal his lips tightly over my own in a battle of tongue and teeth.

Then, he slowly pushed forward and sank inside me. I could feel my body open for him, parting for his entry with a burn of sparks that pricked my skin all over.

After the first couple of inches, the bulbous head breached an obstruction and became stuck in my entrance.

Eros’ lips moved from mine, kissing against my hot cheeks when he lifted my thigh upwards and spread them further apart, probably to help him enter easier.

With a sharp thrust from him, the entire shaft was buried inside of me in one deft push that made my eyes burn intensely.

He was quick to kiss me again, easing his wet tongue into my mouth and entangling our bodies further together.

By now, tears were leaking down my face when I broke away from the kiss with a pained moan.

Oh fuck.

This hurt a lot more than I had thought!

My entire body tensed and my fingernails dug into his forearm. He sprinkled light kisses across my entire face in comfort, but I couldn’t stop the urge to get away from the cause of my pain.

Why didn’t ever tell me that this would hurt so bad?

Everyone always made it out to be extremely pleasurable and completely painless!

Even romance books always made sex seem magical and beautiful in a way not known to reality.

“It’ll only hurt for a little bit,” he whispered against my temple, kissing my nose and licking the tears off of my face with complete care and delicacy.

“Don’t...Don’t move yet.” I croaked out, even though I knew that he wouldn’t.

I felt like I would explode if he moved in the slightest.

We were an extremely tight fit and it felt like I had been stuffed to the brim. Any more and I would probably tear at the seams.

I really don’t understand why some woman would want their male over-endowed.

It seemed too painful already.

At my pain, Eros’ fingers found my breast, fondling it while pinching the hard point with one hand, obviously trying to ease the pain.

The other hand slid down between our bodies, leaving a trail of electric sparks behind before finding my clit and rubbing with enough pressure and friction that the pleasurable sensations started building up again.

There was a warm flush on Eros’ regal cheeks along with the throbbing veins that had popped out on his neck.

He restrained himself from moving, and I knew that it was probably pretty painful for him as well.

To what degree? I don’t know.

Even his jaw was tensed as he cradled me close and kissed away the last of my tears.

Before long, my inner walls clenched tightly at the overwhelming pleasurable sensations. I could feel myself get wet again, coating his length that was buried deep inside with my juices and easing the discomfort of his entry.

I could hear his sharp hiss of breath.

Eros’ mouth attacked my own passionately when he pulled back out and slowly eased back in until the bulbous head of his shaft bit into my cervix, making sure to rub against my quivering pearl each time he thrust back in.

The first handful of thrusts had been painful with a hint of burning sparks, but it didn’t hurt as bad as it had in the beginning.

“You feel so good, Emira,” he grunted out. Droplets of his sweat slid down his jaw to plop onto my breasts and left a trail of fire in its wake.

And before long, my thighs were clamped hard around his waist as wave after wave of pleasure wracked my frame each time he filled me up with a steady pace of two slow thrusts and one hard.

“Better?” he asked huskily against my lips.

I replied with a hum because I couldn’t get a single word out between the unbidden moans that left my lips.

I could barely think a single coherent thought. There was no way I could speak an audible word because it seemed beyond difficult at the moment.

Satisfied with my response, Eros slowly pulled out until the tip of him was still inside of me before rapidly slamming back in.

He repeated the deeply penetrating and pleasurable action until I was a moaning and wanton mess underneath him.

The sounds of our flesh slapping together were loud, echoing across my senses when he leaned down to kiss me again, tangling our tongues together until I broke away with a strangled moan.

Being so far gone, I still managed to see that Eros was holding back because he didn’t want to hurt me, but I was not going to let him do that.

I wanted all of him.

“Don’t hold back, mate.” I nipped at his arrogant jaw, smoothing my tongue over it before my eyes could roll back into their sockets.

The slow measured strokes started dramatically picking up in rhythm until Eros was roughly slamming into me, and the wet suctioning noises our bodies made became even louder at every entry and exit of his shaft.

I arched my hips upwards, accepting every downward thrust from him until I couldn’t keep up with his pace anymore.

At this point, I was going crazy, writhing and panting heavily as he pounded into my dripping sheath until my breasts bounced with every hard thrust.

The sensations were overwhelming, consuming us both in a passionate haze.

And I was sobbing again, not from pain, but from the intensity of emotions that coiled between us like some sort of bond that tightened the closer I got to my climax.

This time, the feeling was much more intense to the point that I felt like I would black out from the extreme pleasure when my orgasm suddenly hit.

My mouth had fallen open in a shrill scream of his name, toes digging into the sheets while my entire back bowed upwards.

Yet Eros continued to pound away, adamantly angling his shaft to hit against that one spot that made me see lights and prolonged my pleasure until I was quaking around him in one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had.

I don’t even know if I am breathing right now.

“You make me lose all of my control, Emira. Every. Single. Bit. Of. It.” His hard cock slammed roughly back in at every word that left his sexy mouth while his eyes had tinted red, nearly startling me when I opened my eyes to notice how feral he had become.

From my position, I could see that his body was enveloped in a sheen of sweat, canines elongated to prick his lower lip and caused a droplet of blood to drip down his chin onto my chest.

I could tell that he was close.

Really, really close.

The sensations of his rapid and frantic pounding made me unable to open my eyes but I forced myself to keep them open, watching Eros passionate face because I wanted to see him in the throes of passion. And I have to admit that it was something that I would never forget.

His dark blue eyes were half-lidded, canines protruding from his mouth while a droplet of blood stained his chin. His stomach muscles bunched and relaxed with every hard thrust while I could only lay there and take everything he had to give.

Eros’ mouth found that spot on my neck again, kissing and wetting the flesh with his tongue. Then, he bit down hard, clamping down on my skin as I writhed and tried to move away at the sudden burning pain in my neck that made my face scrunch together.

Eros roughly slammed into me as deeply as he could go. The tip of his shaft bit into my cervix with a burning of sparks as he came hard inside of me.

The hot thick semen filled my womb in quick forceful spurts when his body relaxed. And his weight came down on my body for a split second before he quickly held himself up with his forearms, panting heavily against my neck in the aftermath.

I was too tired to think or even open my eyes. But I could feel him kiss against the mark that he made on my skin, lapping at the blood that still oozed from the wound with leisurely movements.

We laid here breathing for a minute or so when Eros pulled back, slowly removing his slightly softened shaft from my body.

Immediately, a sticky trail of creamy white came out with his exit. It trickled down my skin with a succession of warm heat that made me tremble again.

When I looked up, I noticed that Eros’ eyes were trained onto the junction of my thighs. He stared avidly at the creamy white semen that trickled down in warm rivulets.

I immediately had a bad feeling and made a move to close my legs but Eros was one step faster.

His fingers gripped the back of my knees and held my legs open while his eyes heatedly stared down at the mess between my thighs with an unwavering gaze.

Then, I felt him push my legs further apart.


“Eros—” I managed to get his name out as quick as I could, but Eros slid home in one sharp thrust that made me fall flat onto my back again.

I am guessing that werewolves are locked and loaded much faster than the average human male who needed recuperating time.

One minute he was finished ejaculating and rather flaccid inside of me only to become extremely hard the next.

Was there no such thing as rest time for him?

I gave out a strangled groan before getting swept back into the tides of passion again.

It is going to be a long night.

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