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The Alpha's Breeder

By taytay91 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Three : Meeting The Alpha

My eyes flashed to where I thought the door was, unable to see anything but I knew we are in deep trouble.

“What the f*ck did you just say?” a deep voice grounded out, anger and rage making me shiver in suspense while my limbs had soon turned to jelly.

God no.

Don’t let him shift, he would kill us.

“I want these sick b*tches dead." He snarled, sounding ready to lunge at us and tear us apart at the first chance they he could get.

I could hear the harsh breathing of the wolves, resounding against the walls over and over again in extreme rage and disgust.

“That’s enough, Kent, the Alpha will make the final decision,” the Beta said as I let out a deep breath that I didn’t even know I was holding.


That’s not good.

If their Alpha gave them approval to tear us apart, we will all die.

My heart was palpitating way too fast in my chest while my fingers were curled into a fist, dull nails biting into my skin until I could feel a painful sting.

I have never felt more terrified in my life.

“These b*tches killed my brother!” He snarled loudly and I could hear his hard footsteps come towards us, making me cower back.

I was unsure of what direction to run, if that was even an option.

“Enough!” The Beta finally roared out as my eyes rang in the aftermath of his exclamation.

That shut them all up and I could hear their footsteps get smaller from the squeaking of the stair boards when the door creaked and groaned as it was shut.

Then, we were enveloped in silence for the next hours.

Hungry, isolated and desperate for a way out.

Asuka had stopped sobbing for a while now and there was only a sense of hopelessness that sunk in.

There’s no way out.

We are all going to die and we deserved it.

Other than that, one question that couldn’t help but pop into my mind at this moment was that, could I die?

Is it even possible?

I’ve never tested the theory to see if a person, who was unable to age, like me would be able to die.

I don’t think I really want to test the theory, because I doubt that I’m a cat with nine lives. Who knows what might happen if I decide to test out the theory to realize that I am standing next to Lucifer in the pits of hell right after?

Suddenly, the floor boards above our heads creaked rather loudly. The door slammed open again, jolting me from my own self anger and depression at the extremely loud sound of the wood hitting the back wall with a sickening boom.

“Get up now,” the Beta’s voice boomed out, shocking me as I clumsily tried to stand but found that I couldn’t. My legs are numb from sitting there for so long on the cold cement and scared stiff from fear of what could happen.

Before I could attempt to stand again, big hands grabbed me by my lab jacket and yanked me to my feet, dragging me along when I heard Asuka yelp from behind.

“Where are you taking us?” She shouted hoarsely and I could clearly hear scuffling as if she was trying to fight them off.

Don’t do it, Asuka.

“Shut up, b*tch,” someone else threatened and the harsh crack of a slap across human flesh made me shiver in suspense.

I clumsily, blindly, followed the person who was dragging me along after them on legs that felt like pins and needles.

As I attempted to move faster, my left leg caught onto a stair step and I stumbled forward, the lab coat choking me when he yanked me back up before my face could hit the wood.

I stumbled several times until I could figure out the spacing of the stairs and I could hear their annoyed growling, obviously angry we were slowing them down.

Heck, if they would just take these damned blindfolds off, we could walk on our own instead of bumbling after them like newborn fawns.

I scowled.

We finally reached the top of the stairs about 10 minutes later, still being yanked roughly around until I heard the creak of a door and we were pushed inside of another room.

Chills went down my spine, my hairs standing on end when I was shoved to the ground, my shoulder slamming onto the floor as I hissed in pain.

Blindly, I raised my head when I was slammed back onto the ground from a heavy boot on the back of my neck , jaw grinding against the wooden flooring. Tears threatened to spill from my eyes but I gritted my jaw hard at the bout of pain that inflicted half of my face.

Damn, that freaking hurt!

I ground my teeth together. Being forced to bow in front of their alpha in such a degrading manner was very upsetting for me, it made me want to fight back but I knew it was useless and would only put me in a worse position.

I couldn’t hear their words as I was clouded with my anger, tears wetting my cheeks and the blindfold as the foot on my neck finally disappeared, pricks of pain still lingering behind.

“Kill them. Kill them the same way they killed Lucas,” said another deeper, more sinister voice, which I could only assume was their Alpha’s by the authority and finality in his voice.

I froze, feeling completely numb for the first time.


“Gladly, my Alpha,” came Kent’s voice, a dark chuckle coming from him made me cower closer to the ground, wishing there was someone to save me from this nightmare.

But I knew that there would be no savior, never would be a savior.

I could hear both Amy and Asuka sobbing brokenly, their hiccups and silent sobs making me tear up again from the hopelessness of the situation.

And all I could hear was white noise when they dragged us out by our hair. My legs were no longer capable of holding me up at hearing the news.

We will die.

I will die.

Tears dripped down my face when the blind fold was roughly yanked off of my head. A light breeze tossed my bangs around when I opened my eyes and stared at the wide forest. The afternoon sun burned against my flesh and made me squint in order to see ahead of me.

We were outside.

What are they planning?

Before I turn my head to look behind me, the scary slice of claws ran down my hands, completely cutting the lines that tied my numb wrists together and I was thankful that he didn’t cut my wrists open.

“Ple-please just let us go!” Asuka pleaded, her face bright red, tears making her cheeks shiny and blotchy in an ethereal way.

“Don’t you plead so prettily? Did my brother also do the same when you experimented on him? When you killed him?” He snarled out the words, vicious and so very feral in all of his animalistic glory.

I was frozen in fear now. My tears stopped a while ago with the rest of my sanity.

“Unlike what you did to my brother, I will give you the chance to run in the next 5 minutes. If you make it, you live. But, if we catch you, I will tear you limb from limb, devour your flesh and swallow your bones,” Kent said, sharp canines glinting from the sun and making me shiver in fear as he smirked wildly in our direction.

It was true that wolves liked to play with their food, chasing their prey until they couldn’t run anymore from exhaustion before biting and tearing their flesh apart in the most painful and gruesome of ways.

They were going to chase us, catch us, and then, kill us.

I shivered.

God please have mercy.

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