The Alpha's Breeder

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Forty Three : Surrounded

Brandy’s words cut deeper than a knife.

She was one of the first few friends that I have ever had from childhood until now. And I can only wonder if there is anyone else I can trust after this.

Who else can I trust when they all turn on me?

Throughout my younger years, I was always alone. No one wanted to befriend me because of my poor family background and timid personality. Parents always kept their kids away in fear that their children would be influenced by my mother and her drug habits.

In a way, I don’t blame them.

I usually went to school half high off of whatever my mother was smoking that week, and I doubt that makes a good impression on anyone. Although teachers noticed, they didn’t do much back then, not like they do nowadays.

When I got old enough to understand, I tried to hide that part of my life in hopes of attaining friends and fitting in. But when you live in a small home town where everyone knows everyone, it’s almost impossible. My family history was out there in the open.

What goes around faster than gossip does?


Except for like...STDs and stuff.

I grew up a loner even till my senior year in college because I didn’t care about anyone’s perception of me at that point. And not much changed since then.

When Brandy wanted to become my friend, I welcomed her with an open heart and I should have known better.

This is the first time that I have ever been betrayed in such a way, and it sure made me pissed out of my mind.

If steam could come out of my ears, it probably would.

“Why?” I asked again. The word sounded low and harsh as it was squeezed out through the cracks of my teeth, and probably the darkest part of my soul.

Yet, I couldn’t figure out what Brandy’s motive was.

Why did she do something like this knowing that Eros would have her head for it later?

She is going to cause her own death in the end if she isn’t careful about who she decides to backstab.

“Oh come on, Emira. You really don’t know?” She chuckled starkly, acting like this was all a funny joke to her.

But I don’t find it one bit funny.

“I really don’t. And if I did, I wouldn’t have trusted a liar like you,” I darkly state, a deep frown marring the edges of my lips.

I trusted Brandy because I didn’t think she had a motive to harm me. But it turns out she was just a really good actor, heart bent on deceiving me and getting my defenses down.

Now that she has me here to her mercy, I can’t do much except wait it out.

Way to go Emira, you’ve won the idiot of the year award.

“You were in the way,” she stated, eyes glowing eerily in the dark. The bitter expression on her face states just how deeply her hatred for me is and I can’t believe I was so blind not to see it.

“In the way of what?” I ask.

The answer was already starting to creep up on me, poking at the edges of my thoughts, but I was trying to deny it with everything I had.

“Oh, come on! Isn’t it obvious that a fine Alpha male like Eros deserves someone better?” Brandy paused and smirked mockingly. “Someone like me?”



Brandy likes Eros too?

“You like Eros?” The words slowly left my strangled throat and a bewildered look quickly travels onto my face.

The absurdity of Brandy’s statement left me mighty speechless, mouth slightly agape in wonder of what I heard.

I admit that I’m not the smartest cube in the box, but can someone please tell me why in the world is everyone in love with Eros?

Brandy breathed out this exasperated sigh and gave me this ‘duh’ look before saying, “You are as smart as a bag of rocks sometimes. I don’t understand what Alpha Eros sees in you.”

I sometimes wonder what Eros sees in me too. But I’m not going to tell her that. Me agreeing with her would only act as a catalyst to boost her sizable ego.

Brandy was, obviously, trying to give me the runaround, and I’m not going to let her trick me again.

“Eros doesn’t like you.” My words left no room for argument because I know this for a fact.

“Ha. Shows what you know.” Her snide comment was quick to snap back at me and the ugly sneer on her face showed her annoyance, probably at the truth in my words.

If Eros did like her, I wouldn’t have been left incapacitated in bed every morning and night. There would be no explanation for my pregnant belly if there was even a smidgen of truth in Brandy’s words.

And there’s no way I would believe her bullshit, especially because I have seen all of Eros’ memories, none of which indicated his undying ‘love’ for Brandy.

With a deep inhalation of breath, I clench my jaw to keep myself from saying anything, opting to stay silent in case my mouth decides to ruin my chances of survival.

There’s no point in arguing with her over a fact that she can’t deny, it would only further anger her. And that wouldn’t be a good sign for me if she decides to attack because of it.

I just can’t believe that I overlooked Brandy’s craziness until now.

From what I could tell, not only was she cocky, but she was also pretty delusional.

‘Eros! Eros! Eros!’ I worriedly called through our mind link, begging for him to reply.

‘I’m here, Emira.’ At the sound of his voice, my entire body relaxes. And tears were quick to start burning my eyes as my chest fills with overwhelming emotion.

‘Eros! Thank goodness! I’m in trouble. Brandy took me out into that forest you warned me about and I think she has Rora here,’ I quickly exclaim, eyebrows furrowing on the concentration I had to maintain in order to keep the mind link active.

‘I know. Don’t worry. I am coming.’ Eros’ words were quick to calm all of the anxiety and panic in me.

‘Hurry please!’

With that final word, I cut off the mind link and focus my attention back on Brandy. As my vision zones in on him, I notice the sudden movement from behind Brandy.

Branches crunched under heavy footsteps and the sound of rustling could soon be heard.

“Well, they’re here to collect you now. So bye bitch,” Brandy said, turning her head to glance behind her with a big fat grin that showcased her sharp canines.

With the dim lighting of the moon, I could see shadowy figures come forth from the line of trees, rapidly approaching Brandy and me.

Who are they? Did Brandy work with Jared’s pack to get back at me?

A million questions were running through my head at a dizzying pace, but there was no answer.

I can only pray that Eros will come quickly before anything bad can happen.

Taking a step back, I gulped down a mouthful of saliva and couldn’t contain the tremble of my hands. All the blood in my body rushed to my head and when I turned to look behind me, I noticed that we were surrounded.

The group of people made a ring around Brandy and me, cutting off all chances of escape.

At this point, there wasn’t much that I could do other than standing there trembling in despair of the situation.

When the leader of the group stepped forward, I could see the odd glowing of his left eye as he scanned me from head to toe. And the total look of disgust that crossed on his stoic face could not be missed when he finished his appraisal of me.

I knew that the male coming towards me wasn’t a werewolf, but he was not quite human either. The fact that he had a metal arm and a glass eye was enough to state his abnormality. It was a dead giveaway for me.

From my quick assessment of him, I knew he was a hunter.

‘There are hunters!’

Quickly sending Eros that message, I couldn’t help the disbelief that covered me. I just couldn’t believe that Brandy would work with them in order to to get rid of me.

How could she bring hunters into her own pack? How could she endanger them just to eradicate me? Did she not care about her people? Her family?

By the looks of it, Brandy was another Lillith in the making.

At the harrowing notion, dread filled me in torrents.

When I worked with the government, I met many of their experiments through Ani. Not only was Ani in charge of creating a substance to subdue them, but she was also in charge of repairing all the damaged hunters that come in.

When the hunters finish a battle, Ani would patch them back up with mechanical body parts and injections to get them going again.

Most, if not all, of them, were genetically enhanced by the scientists. Their human bodies were altered to adapt with the mutated DNA they were injected with until they became beings far more superior than the average human.

With their enhanced capabilities, they could rival even a supernatural themselves. And because of their mutations, they lost a lot of their humanity. Most did not feel the same emotions as a normal human being did, except for baseless anger and rage.

They were programmed to kill.

Scientists believe that if the hunters had too many emotions, it would become a weakness that could make them capable of overthrowing superior commands. And so, they found a way to eliminate any possibility of rebellion with toxic injections to adjust all of the Hunters' emotions into perpetual rage.

I actually feel kind of bad for them.

A chill suddenly runs through me and I can’t control the shudders that wrack my form as I waited for their next move.

Eros is coming soon, I tried to reassure myself. I just have to drag their legs for a little longer.

With that pep-talk, I quickly try to compose myself, hiding my fear behind an emotionless face.

Even if I were to try to run, I wouldn’t get very far before they catch me. And I doubt that I would be completely intact by then.

I’m pregnant.

How fast can I even run?

“I can taste the werewolf inside of your belly, little traitor. Who is your mate?” The leader sneered out with a narrowing of his one eye. “The aura of that mutt inside you has to belong to an Alpha.”

Both of my hands quickly went down to my tummy, trying to hide the bump from his piercing gaze, in fear of what he could do.

‘Where are you, Eros?’

I whimpered slightly when the hunter’s bulky form stepped closer, the hatred was clear on his face. And I happen to be in direct line of his animosity.

Although I tried to stay unperturbed, my breath came out in short choppy gasps, betraying my unusually calm face.

‘Eros. Eros! There are hunters!’ I was literally screaming into the mind link now, losing my cool at the terror that clambered up my body.

This has got to be a nightmare.

Someone wake me up.

Before long, another hunter with his long hair tied back into a ponytail stepped towards me.

My hands clenched into fists and I refrained from taking a step back. In the front were hunters, in the back was also hunters.

Every direction I turn is a dead end.

With a disparaging smile on his lips, the hunter chuckled creepily and said, “Trying to contact your Alpha, bitch? Tough luck with that. The bastard won’t be alive long enough to come to your rescue.”

“I thought you said you wouldn’t harm him!” Brandy snarled out, bellowing the words loudly before I could even respond to the hunter’s words.

The rage was clear on Brandy’s face and I could see a snout start to form as if she was going to change into her bestial side soon.

“Ha-ha! And we also said that you can walk out of this alive after you bring us the breeder,” the hunter smirked mockingly while the others chuckled in response.

Brandy screwed us over.

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