The Alpha's Breeder

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Eros and I safely made it back to the pack house right after he shifted back.

The pack Healer patched me up just as good as any doctor could, and I was back to the life of doing nothing after all my wounds healed up.

No scarring left behind, as expected.

Although I knew that my skin would not scar, I was still pretty anxious in the beginning.

Candy left rather deep gouges in my cheek and I had second thoughts while waiting for the wound to close.

I was scared to even look at my face, but when I did, I realized that she didn’t fully write ‘Candy’ there.

Instead, the letters C and A were engraved onto my skin.

The letters were jagged and rather ugly. I think she ran out of space and just decided to leave it be.

Now that my wounds have healed up fully, my skin was unblemished and smooth again.

Even my abdomen had healed up, and my womb was perfectly fine along with my pregnancy.

The pack Healer said that the pregnancy was coming along really well now and that my due date might be a bit earlier than expected.

When we got back to the pack house, I had originally thought that the house had burned down, but it hadn’t.

Most of the pack members were safe, including Granny Ada and Rora.

I was rather relieved when Eros told me that they had been locked down in the pack dungeon when the other pack members found them.

I’m guessing that must have been Brandy’s doing.

After hearing about Brandy’s unfortunate betrayal, her family members felt way too pressured by her actions and chose to leave the pack for another one.

Since I couldn’t change their mind, I told them that they are always welcome to come back because Brandy’s actions were by no means their own.

She’s already dead.

Let bygones be bygones.

What’s the point in holding a grudge on a person who followed their heart? I think love makes us all stupid sometimes.

Regardless of what species you are, it is not something that you can control.

Other than that, Eros said that the number of casualties was rather low, even with Brandy included.

We did a count to make sure before everyone was given proper burial and condolences.

As for Zanthos, I heard from Rora that he disappeared after the whole fight with Eros.

I didn’t really care to dig any further after that because Zanthos and I have never been on good enough terms to worry about his whereabouts.

Glancing at Eros from the corner of my vision, I pursed my lips together and narrowed my eyes.

Ever since we’ve been back, Eros hasn’t let me out of his sight.

I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without him making sure that I was still there. It has gotten to the point of annoyance and frustration, but I understand his concerns and worries.

Although I wasn’t happy with it, I was willing to abide by his current rules.

With a regretful sigh, I absently brushed Eros’ dark strands of hair out of the way to look at the wound on his temple.

My heart twisted in my chest when I saw the three bullet holes engraved onto his skin.

The flesh was scarred over with a ring of black around it and hadn’t quite healed completely yet.

Eros said that silver takes quite some time to completely flush out of the system.

After it has been eradicated from his body, the scarring will disappear.

These silver bullets were put there by the Hunters.

After Brandy led them onto pack grounds, they had sought out Eros and surrounded him in an attempt to take his head from his body like they had done a majority of the other Alphas they had to deal with.

While the pack was trying to put out the fire, Eros had taken the brunt of the Hunter’s attack.

He led them away from the pack and did his best to combat their silver daggers and bullets.

Eros fought all of them off and got shot with God knows how many bullets.

They went through him left and right, yet the only ones that did the most damage were the ones that went through his temple and clear through his skull.

There was one point in time during the fight where his vision went completely black.

I think he had been killed by them or died shortly in response to the silver and mercury that entered his system.

I don’t know how he managed to jolt himself back to life, but he did.

After that, he used all of his efforts to kill off the Hunters that attacked him before he came to look for me.

Then, his blood beast took control.

What horrified me the most was the jagged lines that ran from his chest cavity clear down to his sternum in a deformed circle around his heart.

I wasn’t able to see this when we were in the cave because his entire body was covered in blood.

It terrified me to think that the same thing that happened to Brandy could have happened to Eros if he hadn’t woken up in time.

They could have taken his heart from his body and there would be no more Eros for me to love.

I took a deep breath and quickly tried to clear the terrifying thoughts.

Just remembering the gruesome sight of his wounds made me cry.

Eros and I have been avoiding this topic for weeks now because I don’t like talking about it.

It makes me emotional, and I end up crying like no tomorrow.

After I saw his memories of what had happened that day, I couldn’t bear to be mad at him for coming late.

How could I be mad at him for being late when he was fighting for his life while I was doing the same?

Regardless of what happens, I don’t want him to die coming to me.

I would rather he stay safe and alive then hurt or dead.

And it’s not his fault that I had been captured. I did that to myself.

I made the mistake of believing Brandy.

I made my own bed, so I had to lay in it and find my way out.

Why would he have to save me when I am obviously capable of doing that myself?

I’m not a damsel in distress who needed a knight in shining armor to save me.

I’m not.

“But I want to, Emira. What good am I as a mate if I can’t even protect you?” he asked with a wistful expression on his handsome face.

Eros was still blaming himself for his supposed ‘shortcomings’.

“It’s not your fault, Eros. You did the best you could,” I replied in an attempt to comfort him while my fingers rubbed his arm soothingly. “If anything, I’m the one to blame. I was the one who followed Brandy without questioning his motives. I was the one who put myself into danger’s way.”

“It’s not your fault either, Emira.” Eros sighed.

His arms tightened around my waist as he pressed a kiss onto the top of my head.

“All that doesn’t matter, Eros. What matters is that we are both safe and the pack is safe and…our pups are safe,” I say as we both glance down at my protruding stomach.

“In just a few months and we will get to meet them. Isn’t that exciting?” I murmured when Eros hummed a response and kissed my brows endearingly with such tenderness that my heart fills with warmth and love.

I just hope that I can deliver these babies peacefully because Eros said that a war was coming soon.

With the Hunters out there killing so many of their kind, the supernatural beings want to rebel and take down the Hunters in a way to force to government to back down and retreat.

If they continued to hide, their race will soon become extinct.

Eros said that the vampires and werewolves have been planning this rebellion for years, but they didn’t have enough power or people to do it.

Now that Ziron-e has been created, their victory would be assured.

But Eros hasn’t let any news out about Ziron-e yet.

He wanted to ask me for my permission first.

Although I really didn’t want to get involved in this war, I had to.

I’m mated to a werewolf and my pups are supposed to be sentinels.

How can I just stand and watch as their race becomes extinct?

When Eros asked me for my opinion on the Ziron-e, I gave him the go ahead because I wanted to keep my newfound family safe.

The Hunters aren’t going to stop.

If they can infiltrate our pack once, they can do it again.

And I might not be so lucky the second time.

So, I chose to be selfish. I chose to protect my family and myself.

“Everything will be okay, Emira,” Eros murmured reassuringly. I nodded and leaned my head onto his chest to hear his calming heartbeat.

Well, whatever happens, at least I have Eros and our babies.

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