The Alpha's Breeder

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Five : What The Hell Is A Breeder?

Where is that bright light coming from?

My nose itched all of the sudden when I dragged myself upwards. All sorts of pains and aches were running through my body as if I had been run over by a fire truck.

And my entire face felt extremely tight and painful for reasons that seemed to evade me.

Before long, it all came rushing back to me like a rolling film being replayed.

First the fire at my work place, then Daryl being killed, and finally being kidnapped before running for my life like a crazy lady through the woods.

I got caught by the werewolves and choked nearly to death before they said I had some sort of mark and let me go.

And I must have lost consciousness because I wasn’t on the forest floor anymore and Kent was nowhere to be seen.

My head was still attached to my extremely inflamed and painful neck so I can only assume that I am still alive and well.

But then where the hell am I?

I was currently situated onto a bed inside of a room with bright blue curtains covering the windows.

Simply put, I think I have been rescued!

Almost excitedly, I hopped off of the bed and immediately regretted it as burning pain seared through my legs. I hissed painfully and realized that I must have sprained my ankles yesterday during that prolonged run away from Kent and the others.

With strained and slow steps, I tried to get to the door at the front of the room with an excited stretch of my lips.

Yet, my excitement was rather short lived because when I tried to open the door, it wouldn’t budge.

My heart seemed to drop to the bottom of my stomach when I came to a sickening realization: I was locked inside of this room. And I know for sure if I had been rescued, I wouldn’t have been locked away like this.

Dejectedly, I picked off bits of dried throw up still stuck onto my hair and face with a deep grimace imprinted onto my lips. There was also this disgusting scent of throw up that emitted from me.

The scent made me dry heave from the sour smell when I finally settled back onto the bedding.

There were even streaks of tears that had dried on my face yesterday night. It made my skin feel really dry and tight like I had plastic wrapped my entire head.

God, what did I do to deserve this?

Oh right, I experimented on other beings that were alive for my own benefit.

I guess it was true that Karma would get you one way or another and I was only figuring that out the hard way.

Glancing around the small room, my eyes caught the blue curtains.

Escape was the first thing that came to my mind but I wasn’t too sure how I was going to go about doing that without alerting whoever was keeping me captive.

I swept the blue curtains out of the way and stared at the closed window. It was sealed shut with wooden planks nailed all across it. If I tried hard enough, I might be able to pop the planks off with something. I just need to make a small exit hole in the window enough for my body to pass.

If I am lucky, they won’t even notice that I was gone.

The adrenaline started pumping fast before extinguishing the moment that I realized my situation at hand.

My legs were currently in serious pain because I must have sprained an ankle or two. And I am sure that what happened last night will happen again if I attempt to run.

I do not want a repeat of last night.

That last thought had me trembling in remembrance of that petrifying pain that had coursed through my entire body when I thought that I was dying.

What can I do at this point?

Kill myself before they kill me?

I don’t even think I am capable of doing that. I’ve never bestowed bodily harm to myself before and I don’t really think I can start now.

Before I can think another thought, the locked door suddenly slammed open. I jumped almost a foot into the air before my head snapped to the door.

A male, whom I haven’t seen before, stalked into the room. His bulky muscles bunched and released when he shuffled closer to me with this air of power and strength that made me cower back.

Then, I saw Kent and another smaller, younger werewolf come into the room right after and couldn’t help the panic that bubbled up my throat.

I am going to have a panic attack if I don’t calm down.

“You said you saw the mark, Kent?” The bulky male came forwards, voice extremely menacing and dark.

And I knew him to be the Alpha.

I could never forget the sound of his voice when he told Kent to kill us.

“We all saw the mark yesterday night, Alpha,” Kent replied, dark eyes staring at my face as if he was trying to kill me with just the might of his gaze.

I trembled as their piercing gaze settled onto my form, fear quickly blinding my vision as I tried not to cave and cry in front of them.

I mean I must look like the bomb right now with my hair in disarray and dried bits of puke all over my face, hair, and body.

Hopefully this doesn’t make them want to kill me because of how disgusting I look at the moment.

“How the hell did the moon goddess end up making someone so ugly and old be the breeder? Is she trying to make it harder for us?” the younger one said in disbelief. His nose wrinkled in disgust possibly from the scent of my puke since I know that werewolves have a rather enhanced sense of smell among the many other enhanced senses they have.

My smell must be killing him right now and I couldn’t help but be extremely pleased at the thought of that.

But then...Wait.

Wait a minute.

What do they mean by breeder?

“I don’t think I can even get hard looking at her none the less fuck her,” Kent admitted as I felt my left eye twitch in annoyance.

It doesn’t make any sense what they are saying to me so I sat there letting them have their full conversation as if I wasn’t even in the room.

“From what the prophecy states, the Breeder can only become impregnated when she is willing. Could they possibly be mates?” the younger one continued as I tried to piece, whatever it was that they were saying, together.

Suddenly, their words managed to jolt a memory and my brain started functioning again. The wheels started to roll and I could feel panic and fear start to slowly try to envelop me in its thick cocoon.

“Goddess, I feel bad for him,” Kent snickered rather loudly, glancing at me with his eyes narrowed into a mocking look. He soon burst out into full laughter.

“Should we just pass her around to the rest of the pack---” one of the other males said.

"Enough.” The Alpha finally barked out, frustration was obviously evident against his handsome features at their constant squawking around him.

His light blue eyes narrowed and glanced my way before he turned around, showing me his muscled back as he walked towards the door.

“She will become my breeder.”

And that, was my final verdict.

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