The Alpha's Breeder

By taytay91 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Six : Personal Breeder? Hell No!

Kent glanced back at me, dark eyes glowering before he smirked rather evilly in knowledge of my looming future.

I would have definitely stabbed him with something or choked him the way he had choked me if I have the chance to do that in the future.

It wouldn’t be me to let him go unscathed.

“This is your punishment bitch,” he said tauntingly with a mocking curl of his lips while the other werewolf next to him smirked with eyes leering in my direction.

Both seemed rather pleased at my just punishment’.

“What do you mean?” I breath out, eyebrows curved as I tried to get him to give me some information. Albeit, I felt like I knew what they were referring to.

“You’re going to be my Alpha’s little breeding bitch. A cheap little whore who will spread her legs at his command,” he finally replied.

“Screw you,” I hissed out through the cracks of my teeth while my lips were curled into an ugly snarl. My blood was boiling in my veins at his words.

“My Alpha will be doing that,” he smirked, “After all, when you turn off all the lights, every woman looks the same.”

I sneered at him, anger making my chest warm and tight with displeasure. The hopelessness of the situation was giving me extra bravado at the moment and Kent seemed hell bent on making me uncomfortable, completely content that I was glaring at him with all I had.


“Doesn’t your Alpha have a mate?” I asked, lips pursed when he smirked in response. The Alpha looked to be quite older so I imagine that he must have been mated.

“He does. In fact, you’ll get to meet our Luna very soon. Beautiful she-wolf with everything that you don’t have, except for that miraculous womb that is.” His words shut me up immediately, making me want to throttle him with my bare hands and that still wouldn’t be enough to curb my anger.

And here I thought werewolves were supposed to be monogamous creatures.

From what I have learned, werewolves had only one soul mate, unless something unfortunate happens to that soul mate.

Once they reached a certain age of maturity, their inner beast would be able to recognize that soul mate and they would consummate in some sort of mating ritual of the wolves.

Their mate bond would make them unable to cheat on each other. The male won’t even be able to touch another female without feeling anything other than disgust and self hatred.

So what the hell was wrong with their Alpha?

If this Alpha thinks that I was going to lay down and spread my legs just to pop out a dozen or so kids for him than he must be a psycho who needs to be locked up far far away from here.

That’s not going to happen.


Before long, they both turned, when I chose to ignore their taunting, and left the room after throwing this evil smirk my way as if I even care.

I wanted to get the last word in but they had already slammed the door shut with a slight muffled clicking sound that indicated that the door was, once again, locked.

At their leave, my fingers immediately went to my mouth as I gnawed on the raw and dry cuticle.

I remember that Amy had once interrogated a couple of werewolves before in the past.

She said that one of them had said something about an ‘Alpha’s Breeder’.

A woman, sent by the Moon Goddess, that would save their kind from extinction.

Weeks after that, I was holed up in the government library where I searched through piles and piles of books before discovering an ancient scroll that talked about this Breeder.

It was said that there was one single born Breeder every 500 years with the ability to birth full blooded werewolves that were much more stronger than the average werewolf.

These werewolves had the capabilities of destroying a whole city in their wake and killing more than 15 men at the same time, giving them the upper hand over hunters and werewolves of their own kind.

Later, I found them to be called Sentinels, a different breed of warrior werewolf built for war and fighting.

They only obey and bow down to one person, the Alpha’s Breeder, also known as the Mother.

She can command them at will to destroy and kill or to back down and play nice.

All in all, this woman would be the end to the human race and everything in between.

Her mate would have a lot more power with these sentinel werewolves at beck and call.

Because of that, any Alpha in their right mind would be searching to find this Breeder and mate with her in order to strengthen their pack.

The hunger of greed and thirst for power would be their downfall because this Breeder is meant for only one male under the Moon Goddess’ guardianship.

She had a mark bestowed by the Moon Goddess that every werewolf would be able to recognize but only once the night sky blooms across the horizon and the moon shines through.

The supposed Moon Goddess herself had bestowed one werewolf with this gift in order to preserve the werewolf race against every other supernatural race out there.

But this was all a myth of some sorts, right?

Something that werewolves tell their kids as a bed time story.


I can’t possibly be some Breeder built by the Moon Goddess with no other purpose than to lay flat on my back and give birth for the rest of my life.

“Ow,” I muttered under my breath as I tore a bit of skin off of my index finger.

Damn it.

How am I going to get out of this mess?

There is no way that I’m not going to be a breeding bitch for anyone, not if I had something to say about it.

With that fueling my rage, I limped back over to the window and ripped off the blue curtains to reveal the wood planks hammered into place and locking me inside of this damned room.

I couldn’t kick it off since it was a bit higher and my ankles were already killing me as it was.

My last option was to ram it at full speed with my shoulder in hopes of dislodging the nails, which was an oddly painful and impractical idea.

This was by a long shot but I don’t care anymore.

I had no other options since there was nothing else in the room like a hammer or a screwdriver.


There’s a metal folded chair in the corner.

I hobbled over to the chair and picked it up, my fingers burning since I had literally chewed off most of my cuticle during the whole scheming process.

As I lifted it up and readied myself to slam it full force into the window, I heard a loud alarm pound through the walls, blaring strong and intense.

What the hell is that?

Why does this seem like dejavu all over again? First the alarm at work and now this. There is no such thing as peace these days.

Almost panicking, I slammed the metal folding chair onto the wood and could hear it break before applying more pressure, hoping to pop the wood off.

Sweat trickled down the back of my neck as I pried at the wood with the chair legs and noticed a more significant loosening of the boards then when I was stupidly whacking at the wood.

How in the world did I manage to survive this long?

It took me almost ten minutes before I finally managed to tear off a small spot that I would be able to crawl through. I didn’t waste anymore time and started to lodge myself into the small hole, splinters attaching to a majority of my clothes to which I had to ignore at the moment.

After a little while, I managed to land with my head on the grass. When I finally got my legs out, I started limping away from the house madly as if the devil was on my heels.

Well, as fast I could with my injured ankles anyways.

Trailing deeper into the forest, I had no clue in which direction that I was going.

I have no sense of direction but I could see the sun and it was east of me so I am hurriedly heading towards the North, or what I assumed was the North.

The feeling of running for my life was making my lungs heave, my legs burning painfully from yesterday and today’s strain.

This was starting to feel like dejavu again.

I could hear my blood roaring in my ears along with the rapidly palpitating beats of my heart. I trudged on with the thought of survival and hope, no matter how little of it I currently had.

God, please don’t let them catch me.

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