The Alpha's Breeder

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Seven : Crossing Borders

The sun still glowed behind my back but I knew that I wasn’t covering ground fast enough.

My legs feel like lead had been attached to them and I noticed that my body was failing me in the moments that I needed it most.

And I could do absolutely nothing about it.

I thought that since I have been through this already I would at least be able to calm myself down, but that wasn’t the case. I was working myself into a frenzy and I felt like I was suffocating.

I wasn’t numb to these emotions like I had hoped. Instead, I felt as if the further I pushed myself, the more panicked I became.

Why couldn’t I trade my anti-aging abilities for super speed or something more useful in the long run?

I sighed.

As I stumbled out of the ravine, I saw a big apartment building to the front of me with small houses surrounding it.

I’m saved!

A wide smile spread, too quickly, onto my face as I limped to the houses only to stop in my tracks when the oxygen finally reached my deprived brain.

No human would build a gigantic house in the middle of nowhere, especially inside of a forest where dangerous animals lurked unless they were predators themselves.

A pack house.

I stumbled onto a werewolves’ pack house.

Damn it.

Before I could take another step forward, a vicious growl from behind made me stumble two steps ahead.

At the scary sound, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and my legs gave out on me, sending me plummeting onto the floor beneath with limbs akimbo. I tumbled forward and rolled down from the uneven ground before coming to a complete halt on the grass, gasping for breath as I stopped.

Truthfully, I wished that I had continued rolling, barreling as far away as I can without stopping. But it was too late for wishful thinking.

My limbs had soon turned to jelly and I could barely even roll myself onto my stomach to attempt to stand up straight because my vision had long gone blurry with tears of desperation.

I was too dizzy to even stand properly but I continued to try to push myself upwards only to stumble back onto my butt like a newborn fawn.

A loud rumbling growl echoed throughout the entire forest and spurred me back onto my feet faster than ever before.

I hurriedly trudged forward and relied on my instincts to guide me only to come to a halt when I ran straight into a line of overly built werewolves.

And, once again, I found myself on my butt while both exits were completely blocked off.

“Please let me through,” I whisper with my slightly strained and hoarse voice from yesterday’s near death experience.

The three werewolves continued to stare me down before the chilling howl, that sounded vaguely familiar, cut through the air.

At the howl, the guard werewolves became further enraged. Their hackles raised and canines bared.

I choked down a terrified scream before attempting to stand again. My head whipped around to spot the enraged Alpha barreling through the grove and coming to a standstill behind me.

Kent and the Beta was right behind his tail, almost running straight into their tall Alpha before stilling.

“Alpha Jared, you have crossed our borders,” one of the rather bulky males voiced in a rather annoyed tone of voice. His eyes narrowed into a glare at the 3 behind me but it felt like he was also glaring at me.

I inhaled sharply.

“It was not planned, Beta Toren. I have only come to collect something of mine,” Alpha Jared stated with a slightly uneasy frown on his lips.

I attempted to flee again through the gap of men only to hear the slightly peeved growl beneath Alpha Jared’s breath. His eyes stared straight into my own frightened ones, and the sharp glare managed to freeze me in my spot.

“No matter, Alpha Jared. You have breached our peace treaty and this must be reported to our Alpha,” the man replied sternly before turning right towards me, glancing down his nose to inspect my disheveled form.

The two guard wolves standing by Beta Toren’s side dragged me up by my forearms with a seriously painful grip that brought tears to my eyes.

I was dragged up the porch, straight into the white pack house with Jared and his 2 pack members trailing right behind us.

And I soon found myself, once again, captive to another group of werewolves.

If this new Alpha sides with stupid Alpha Jared than I might as well put my head—womb—on a platter for them.

I’m praying that they would be so pissed off at Alpha Jared for crossing their borders that they would let me go. Before they realize that I’m the breeder that is.

If stupid Jared opens his mouth and lets them know then all hell will break loose.

I was really petrified of what was to come and terribly embarrassed as the pack members all stared at me with their mouths wide open in shock and possibly disgust.

Some even covered the younger werewolves’ eyes so that they wouldn’t be able to see the pathetic sight that I made. My cheeks burned hotter with each step I took. My head quickly bowed downwards so that I wouldn’t be able to see their expressions.

The two males led me upwards onto a staircase before I was promptly deposited onto the floor of the giant office. My legs had long turned to mush after all that running, and standing seemed like a pretty hard thing to do right now.

I could tell that the two guards couldn’t really wait to get their hands off of me since they immediately wiped their fingers on their pants right after.

From what I noted, everything in the room looked organized and clean.

In the back of the room was a giant expensive looking cherry wood desk that stood at the center with a fairly tall bookcase to the left. And right next to the bookcase was a small door.

My eyes trailed from the window to the small door and my head was whirling with escape routes that didn’t seem to be a smidgen possible, but it didn’t stop me from trying.

“The Alpha will be here soon,” Beta Toren stated coldly, watching me carefully as if he somehow knew the thoughts that were running around in my head.

“If you hadn’t run, this wouldn’t have been a problem,” Jared barked out at me, anger coloring his face red. I flinched backwards in surprise at his sudden rage.

“As if I am going to just stay there and let you have your way with me,” I said with an ugly snarl of my face. My words and actions did not seem to faze him any.

“With your behavior, I might decide to chain you to my bed instead of giving you the freedom that I did. Like it or not, you will be underneath me by the time I am done,” he stated as if he would be the one victorious out of all of this and, rest assured, that would never happen.

At his exclamation, my insides were burning with extreme rage and hatred. I seriously considered leaping across the floor and punching the crap out of his stupid face.

What a disgusting chauvinistic pig!

Before I could think the idea through or even go through with it, the large oak doors slowly opened. I felt all the hot air and anger deflate into nothing until terror and fear started to build in the pit of my stomach.

If I don’t calm down I might just have the serious case of word vomit or even puke my guts out again, not that there would be anything left to puke out.

I was physically exhausted and starving when my stomach decided to growl out loudly, much to my dismay and embarrassment. Almost everyone in the room sent a rude glare my way.

It’s not like I could control this sort of thing.

“To what do we owe this surprise visit, Alpha Jared?”

A surprisingly deep and masculine voice reverberated like satin against velvet to my ears before I even saw the godly man walk into the room.

All the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and I couldn’t help but tremble like prey before its predator.

Oh shit.

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