The Alpha's Breeder

By taytay91 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Eight : Meeting The Council

My eyes accidentally caught the Alpha’s.

I could feel my heart possibly skip a beat or two from sheer terror or something else that I couldn’t name.

His black charcoal colored hair covered his temple from view while an arrogant jaw gritted in response. And his full lips formed a displeased frown at seeing my blatant starting.

Shortly after, I noticed his tall aristocratic nose seemed to wrinkle in disgust, probably because of how bad I smell.

And the electric glowing blue of his eyes were rather hypnotic to stare at but I immediately averted my gaze from this need to submit to the more stronger of our kind.

I was actually scared he would kill me for staring him straight in the eye.

The sheer power and dominance of his aura had me almost keeling over when he finally took a seat behind the desk, much to my relief. And the hard muscles that bunched under that masculine physique could have rivaled even Adonis himself.

From where I was stationed, I could see the sweat that gathered behind Jared’s neck when he turned and faced off with the other Alpha.

Alpha Jared’s jaw squared and teeth gritted like he had a serious case of constipation.

I could even hear the sound of his teeth grinding together.

“I did not mean to breach our contract, Alpha Eros. I have simply come to collect something of mine,” Jared explained nonchalantly. His body was as tense as a wounded spring ready to snap and seemed to betray all that fake bravado he tried to exert.

My toenails dug into the sole of my almost non-existent shoe. I tried to remain in my sitting position and waited for Alpha Eros to reply.

"Yours?" Alpha Eros repeated.

I had to contain a shiver at hearing that strangely dangerous lilt in his voice that sounded too dark and menacing to be real.

“Yes, mine," Jared replied adamantly, unaware of the danger that he was walking straight into. I would have definitely backed off instead of heading face first into it.

And from my observations, Jared had nothing on Alpha Eros.

“I will gladly remove my pack from your lands once I retrieve m---”

"No.” Alpha Eros blatant reply caused Jared to step back slightly in confusion.

“I don’t understand, Alpha Eros. What do you mean?” Jared’s fingers clenched into a restrained fist, his jaw squaring and teeth grinding like nails on a chalkboard.

“There is nothing on my lands that belong to you, Alpha Jared.” Eros seemed almost too calm for this type of confrontation with another bordering Alpha.

I had to almost double take, my eyes probably were the size of saucers now.

I think I just found my silver lining!

“This woman here---”

“Belongs to me. She is mine,” Eros stated calmly.

My fingers went slack in my lap, mouth falling open in disbelief at his serious statement.

Almost immediately, Jared snarled and growled rather gruesomely. His features started melding together in a rather disturbing otherworldly way. A snout almost formed on his face before reverting back into somewhat human features and no one was as disturbed by it like me.

“I found the Breeder first,” Jared gritted out, canines glistening as he tried to control himself but I could tell he was very close to shifting into his more primal side.

“It makes no difference, Alpha Jared. She is mine,” Eros growled right back, lips peeled back over very sharp canines.

I couldn’t contain the urge to shrink into myself at the first sight.

Alpha Eros swiftly stood tall with a loud clatter of his office chair and the creaking of the desk when it was shoved aside before stalking right over to Jared’s raging form.

He seemed to tower over Jared with his slightly taller physique and I could tell that Jared seemed to cower from Alpha Eros.

“We will take this to the council board then,” Jared said with bared teeth.

I gulped loudly in fear for my life.

“And you will lose, Alpha Jared,” this new Alpha said rather tauntingly, as if he knew something that Jared and I didn’t.

Almost seconds after Alpha Eros’ statement, I was promptly dragged out and locked up inside of another room until this supposed ‘werewolf council’ showed up.

The bastard, Jared, had let them know that I had a knack for running away so they had locked me inside of a bed room without any windows or bathrooms.

Although I was still rather confused by my situation, I was in dire need of using the bathroom.

The guards outside had thought that I was attempting to escape with my need to use the bathroom and had denied any requests that I made while looking down their noses at me each time.

Possibly, werewolves didn’t need to pee as often as nearly psychotic traumatized women do.

And I haven’t gotten the chance to pee for over 2 days. I really don’t know how I managed to withstand the urge for that long.

With no bathroom in sight, I currently had no other way to relieve myself. The burn of my bladder was terrifyingly painful. I didn’t want to pee my pants because I cannot imagine myself sitting in it. So my only option was to find a place to do my business.

As embarrassed as I was, I ended up pissing into the corner like some sort of mongrel, hoping they wouldn’t notice or catch me in the act.

I knew that they noticed when they dragged me out to meet the council since their keen sense of smell was magnified by hundreds compared to my own.

I could smell the slightly acrid liquid on the ground so there was no way they wouldn’t.

They weren’t even slightly surprised that I had peed in the corner, in fact, they didn’t seem to care in the least.

I do note that werewolves were like other animals that urinated and defecated in random areas to mark territory but this was too strange for my human mind to comprehend.

They didn’t once comment on it and only did their job of escorting me out into a giant hall, where dozens of people were all staring at me like a cow with two heads.

The entire hall was full of people.

There are row of chairs lined up at the front of the room almost like an actual court room with authoritative judges at the front.

A set of five older men sat at the center, rather aged for being werewolves and I could only deem them to be the supposed ’council’.

At the moment I couldn’t decide which of the two Alpha’s would be considered the lesser of two evils.

One of them clearly had hidden agendas that needed to be noted while the other was just a pompous chauvinistic male who wanted to make me his breeding whore. Don’t forget the fact that he has a wife hidden somewhere because that would definitely make for a great relationship, note my sarcasm.

If I had a choice I wouldn’t choose any of them. I would actually be running like my life depended on it and never coming back.


“Alpha Eros. Alpha Jared.” The council men greeted the two Alpha males who had made way through the crowd to come stand right before them.

The entire crowd of people went quiet respectfully.

Everyone was staring rather excitedly at the drama that was about to unfold while I was just stuck in the crossfire trying to find my way out.

“It has come to our attention that a Breeder has been found,” one of the older men stated before gesturing towards me and exactly at that moment everyone turned their gazes towards me.

What god have I angered?

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