legend of vamwolf

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In the mysterious forest a kingdom that is ruled by werewolf and vampires. anna is second last rosemary and the queen of rose and protect the mysterious forest from evil vampires. every year when lunar falls rosemary need to stop the forest cursed from vampire by giving her blood to chosen one only in this way cured can be over but this time anna fall in love with max. max is ordinary wolf they got married that was forbidden for them, so they had to run away from their homeland before lunar to protect anna after many year they had son named jack, jack was born as vamwolf , he was special unlike other werewolf. His parents hide everything from him so they can protect jack and his identity from others . jack believe in werewolf and want too see one with his own eyes. during his eight birthday thing seem different. jack notice parent were acting different from before and strange thing start to happen , his body symptoms to show up and on other hands there was some thing super strange about the gate in garden that had never open before that his parents forbidden him to enter. something was calling him . that thing want him to open that gate. do u think he will open the gate door? will he know who is he? will he be able to protect last rosemary on lunar from vampire cursed ?. who will she be?. who will be the chosen one?. what will the great loss? read out to find more....

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Do u believe in vampire and werewolf?

humans think that they are just legend , folklore or made up stories to entertain teenagers....they say,
Both of them are mythical creature who kill humans. vampires can suck human blood to feed themselves and don't age, they may die if they go out into sunlight in day or even if they eat garlic and are immoral plus sleep in coffin . On other side of the hands wolf do age like humans and are moral. werewolf transformation occurring on night or full moon [ lunar eclipse ].
Jack flipped the page of book without reading any single letter and said," I wish I could be one of them [wolf and vampire] and transformed myself into werewolf during lunar and do what ever I want... and then sucking human biter blood yuk! I'm only eight year old why would I suck adults blood, werewolf is better ". Ahh, ''but why? Jack scream, mom and dad do u guys really don't believe me at all, ''why''?.
Jack knows there are vampires and wolf living out there in the world and they lived among us too, it could be your best friend or the person next to you. he told, his parents, but they said those are just stories,
''sudden tapping noise" jack jump on his feet his book drop on the floor and ran toward window to see what happening. he said, who is there?, is that wolf! or maybe it just my bug or wind haha! maybe ghost lol! no way.
jack turned around and bend to knee , grab the drop book from the floor. 'tap again' this time from door and much louder then before ,he stood up, and turned his face to door .his heart was pounding and he stammered. "is anyone there? mom? dad? are u guys back from grocery .He held his breath. walk slowing over the door. tried to force his legs to stop trembling. His heart was beating faster and faster in each of his step. "door open''
" honey It too late... why are u not on your bed yet!'' mom said softly. "hey! mom when did u guys get back?. " mom said "what is it why are u so pale? as if u just saw me as ghost AHAH! hmmm we Just reached now and dad is getting stuff out off car " mom reply, with smile on her face.
while closing the door of room. mom said," Jack u better go to bed now or u will miss your big day tomorrow''. jack reply, in happy excitement 'ok mom', " goodnight love you !" as if he forgot the stuff just happened....
mom rely, ''love you too honey!''.

too be continue.

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