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Dragonborne Blood - The Éorth Chronicles

By KJ Grace All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


In a world where elves and humans are at war over dragons, an elf and a human marry. On their wedding night, assassins try to murder them. Now on the run from their fathers, the kings of the elf realm and human realm, they realize that they must stop the war brewing between their fathers. Only the free dragons can help them. With a cranky old dragon and a wolf with a threatening past, they journey to Rathmogen, the land of the free dragons. They must stop the war, or find their half-sister, Dréún, used as a pawn. Dréún’s dragon powers will be the downfall of the world or the uprising of the enslaved dragons. The future is being held together by a thread; one sudden move and all could be for naught.


Bright stars shone down on Éorth as a silent-winged dragon flew across the sky. She blended in well, her scales as black as the midnight sky. Right behind her flew a smaller dragon, his color so like hers that he seemed to melt into her scales.

He looked with concern at her and quietly whined. She knew his concerns and fears like her own and only said, “It must be done to save Éorth.

He growled in reply and comfortingly nudged her side. They landed near a castle; its walls thick and well guarded. The larger dragon went on alone and the presence of the smaller one comforted her in her brilliant white core.

Be careful, my friend,” he said to her and did not speak again.

She acknowledged his warning with a purr of comfort and walked to the large wooden door of the castle. No one questioned her as she was hurriedly sent inside. The door closed behind her with an ominous thud.

She was ushered to the Queen’s chamber; the Queen looked sunken in her body and her skin was as pale as a ghosts. The King sat beside her and quickly stood as the dragon entered.

“She is going to die. Please help her, and the child,” the King pleaded to her.

The dragon looked at the King and quietly said, “I am Tala and I will make her well again.

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1. Prologue
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