Wild in the night

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From the time they found Titania as an orphan on the streets of the Isles of Mebiji, they trained her to be an assassin. They honed her magic and skills until she was their ultimate war machine. Little did the consortium know that she, and one failed experiment would turn their skills against them one by one once they found out who the consortium really were.

Fantasy / Romance
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In this chapter, I thought to give you more of an idea of the world the story is set in, and a brief description of all the powers before you get into the story! I hope you enjoy my story in the making.


Isles of Mebiji (Isles of ME-BE):

The Isles of Mebiji is an ancient country that has a long history where they have been responsible for war in many countries. They have strong fighters, and have produced new war machines to expand their land. Although the people are rough, the city is pleasing to the eye and it is crowded with imprisoned fighters from opposing countries, and yet the place is modern and up to date.

New Ketrioke:

A country now under the rule of Isles of Mebiji. It used to be a beautiful country with forests and greenery, but the Mebiji ruined it and destroyed everything, only to make it a military and weaponry base for their people. All Ketrioke are now dead except Callisto that is now a failed experiment.

Port Ivyaki:

A country yet to be conquered by the Mebiji. It is a beautiful country with old architecture and history. It is mostly a desert, with large sand dunes, however it is still beautiful. It is also the next country that Mebiji will control, as they are very close by, North East of Mebiji.

Los Oleas:

A very small country that looks like an island, with no military base. They are known to have a good government that tries to create peace. They do not have a huge population, and most of their homes are cottages, but they are known to have very fertile land.

Manor Du Royale:

Next to Los Oleas, they are a small country that is really poor but is known for mining grounds, and they have a lot of resources.

Basic Powers:


These are experiments with powers that can control time in which they can change day to night and the opposite. They are known to be from the night deities. Experiments with this sort of power can also control night animals, and hurricanes.


They are those that have powers to control the stars in the night sky. People with these sort of powers can manipulate destinies, and they can even manipulate the stars and turn them into solid shapes to the point where they can become throwing knives.


They are those that can control gravitational manipulation, light manipulation, lunar attacks, lunar dust manipulation, lunar energy absorption and manipulation.

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