Wild in the night

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You have to watch out for the cursed ones. They have nothing left to lose. No home. No family. Insanity haunts them every day, the bright shine from the sun outside, the city buzzing with electricity shrouded by the dull rocks holding them away from the world ahead. Shadows of pain, and anger cover them in scars. They are those that are broken, their past memories the only sort of happiness, but now it is gone. A hazy cloud.

She was dragged, chains rattling on the asphalt concrete, awakening those locked away in their own glass rooms, only to stare at the imaginary figure in front of them. One whose name was insanity. The consortium was dark, ghosts dancing in the corner of every hallway, scaring those whose minds have travelled to a far place, the weak strings connecting them to their past broken already. The experiments stare face to face with their own fears of going insane, clawing at the real, yet not so figure in front of them, begging for mercy, willing for sanity, and yet, sanity is nowhere near. The more days that go on, the more insanity feeds on their frail mind. They are scared of dying every night, scared of the poison fed to them in tubes. But they should fear so much more. Fear the men who take them in chains to the glass room where all your nightmares are re-awakened.

Titania was led outside, the guards tugging at the cuff at her neck only to make her choke, feeble sounds escaping her dry throat. They would laugh, then pull her once more till she felt the blood drain from her head. She walked, her figure hunched over, neck straining.

Scars covered her left hand, scratches upon scratches, some new, still bleeding a deep red, ones old, and yet they still clung to her, a memory of the tortures she went through in this asylum.

The key jumbled as they locked her inside a glass box where she could see the mountains rising, faint lights from the city nearby shining dully in the night sky. She breathed in the fresh air entering from the open roof, relaxing under the weight of the clouds. She felt alive, near to the stars, as if she were reborn once more. The sea breeze clung to her frail form, the stars from above calling to her. She took a moment to relax her tense shoulders, looking at the darkness above. She was home once more. Home where the stars lay like a warm blanket on her shoulders, singing to her a symphony of tunes that rang through her body in pulses of energy.

“Quickly. I don’t have all day.” The chief medical practitioner called to her from the other side of the thick glass, keeping her trapped. No matter how hard she tried on her first day in this cage, clawing at the glass, pounding on it with all her strength, it never broke.

Her pulse quickened, heart pounding rapidly. Sweat began to form at her temple as she called to the shining rocks amid the dark sky. These were always the symptoms of her powers if she had overused them. She would start to heat up, right until she could not handle the power that was at her hands, and she would fall on the ground, darkness swirling in her vision.

She reached out with her hands, begging for the stars to come to her. They whispered to each other in pity for her weakness. Her heart burned, pain striking at her hand, and yet, she liked the pain, enjoyed the pleasure of her heart quickening, adrenaline bursting in her veins.

Fire erupted from the sky, falling down towards her. Titania could not help but smile as the fire grew in speed, only to dull down once the star reached her hand. A shuriken in her grasp now. Her own personal shuriken.

“Starblade, that’s not enough. Call for another flame.” The voice was faint from where Titania stood. The thick glass muffling sound travelled from outside, but she still heard the order, and as always, she obeyed, no matter the consequences.

Titania stared at the ever dark clouds highlighted by the bright city lights. The silver moon shone like a silvery claw in the night sky. She looked up at the stars that stretched to infinity on the sky of The Isles of Mebiji. Her heart lurched, she did not want to go too far or else she could no longer control her body, but was it worth going through the punishments because she did not obey?

Once more she reached with her hand, closing her eyes as the humidity settled around her, suffocating her. But she focused her attention on the lights she could see from her closed eyelids. She pulled back the memories that were long gone, or at least a reminder of why she was alive. A picture of a woman, with soft brown hair cradling her to her chest flashed in her mind, but as fast as it came, it disappeared, only for her to open her eyes wide, panting as fire burned at her hands.

She stared at her fingers that were curled upon each other. Gold shone from her hand, sparking into silver. Her head spinned, her vision blurring at the edges, and yet she continued to focus on the new ability she figured out, the sparks growing on her palm. But they disappeared just as fast, and she fell to the floor with a thud, the ghosts that haunted her stealing the night glow away until everything went dark.

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