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Taming the Night

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The Alpha. A cruel merciless being who hates dragons with a passion. He's been looking for his mate for centuries, but has given up on any hope of finding her. He's been working the rest of his kingdom into a frenzy of work, including the very few children because he lost his light to the darkness. The Dragon. Kills wolves without a thought, excluding the children. He knows how precious children as children of their own are rare. For centuries, he has been looking for someone to love, to cherish. But like the Alpha he has had no such luck, although after all this time, he has never given up hope of finding his mate. The Human. The classic nerd who loves school, but hided behind baggy clothes because she hates attention. While she looks timid, taking the hit and defending those weaker than her, she trains with her older brothers as their secret weapon in their small section of the mafia. All three species are weary of each other, especially the humans. The humans have heard tales about the dragons and werewolves, but never seen or met one in person. The dragons and werewolves hide in plain sight, as CEO's or even Mafia bosses but no one ever suspects apart from those who are exceptionally close.

Fantasy / Romance
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As night ascended, the humans grew afraid. They knew all about the Great War between the dragons and the werewolves, or that’s the way the tales told. But the tale didn’t mention how the dragons cursed the wolves to an eternal life, or how the wolves reacted by cursing the female dragons to infertility until their King found his mate.

Not one of the ‘legends’ mentions it. It was kept this way, as not to let the humans know the power they could have on these dangerous species. Why let the humans know of the power they could have when they could be left in the dark about the species ever existing. But as time passed on, the humans grew bolder, venturing out after dark to hunt the nocturnal animals.

Occasionally, someone went missing, never to return which left most humans baffled as to where they went. Others, like the old times knew what had become of them. They were dead. Most likely having ventured too far in either territory, and found out some deeply covered secrets of the past, which signed their death warrant.

No one knows where they hide or if they are even truly alive. Mountains and forests make sense to you don’t they? So then why all the secrecy about the two species? Well, to tell that story we need to go back to a small town of Stonefall, where 19-year-old Claire Harris started it all...

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