Cards Anyone?

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The ticking of clocks is maddening. Not quite as maddening as the cards, the Aces and Kings are the scary ones… is that why the kings dead?

Fantasy / Horror
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“Eren, are you sure about this?”
“I mean we’ve already got him.”
“It’s just that- we- we don’t have any solid evidence and-“
“Taru, he’s the only recorded LIVING relative of the late king. Would you rather have a suspect, or go back to the royal guard empty handed?”
They were talking about me despite the fact I was sitting right in front of them. I hadn’t been out of the orphanage for twenty minutes and they were already debating on whether or not they wanted to bring me back. The woman accompanying them looked like she was loosing her patience and had her nose in a fantasy novel from one of the library’s shelves.
The man addressed as Eren looked to be in the middle of the age group, and had a long chocolate trench coat and thick brown hair that curled towards the bottom. He was holding a pocket watch and was flipping the cover on and off with the beat of the ticks.
The man named Taru, like Eren, had short thick hair that curled. But his was a shade of shiny silver. He was wearing glasses, a red shirt with a grey overcoat, and was holding a clipboard with about ten pages on it. He looked like the youngest.
The woman in the back looked the oldest, and had waist length curly brown hair with silver highlights. She had glasses like Taru and was wearing a more professional brown dress shirt with a blue skirt and knee high brown cloth boots.
They all had fair complexions and deep blue eyes.
“Both of you, shut up.” She said. Everyone directed their attention to her. “We will solve nothing with your constant bickering.” She put the book in her hand down on the round coffee table next to her. “At least Otukonne will always be here to shut us up.” Eren said. Otukonne looked up. “You should also stop talking about people sitting right in front of you. It’s rude you know.” Eren and Taru’s eyes widened in realization. They both turned to me and said, “We’re sorry! It was very rude of us to do so!” I smiled at them, I was just glad they weren’t arguing.
“So kid, what’s your name?” Eren asked. “Shouldn’t you know it?” I asked back with a raised eyebrow. “I do know your name. I’m just making sure you know it as well. When you’re an orphan, your name gets jumbled up a bit.” He had a fair point. “How about we both say my full name on three?” I suggested. “Alright,” he replied. “1… 2… 3! Dunzei Kura Malcom!” Otukonne rolled her eyes. “What’s up with you?” Eren asked. “Ask him something only the kid would know.” She said. “He heard you talking, loud and clear. He could’ve memorized the name from the car ride.” Eren rolled his eyes. “He was out cold for the entire ride.” Taru looked down. “Actually…..”
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