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Chapter 10

"I cannot believe he left me like that." Valentino muttered as he paced the floor in his castle. He was distraught that Alex had decided to stay behind he couldn't for the life of him understand what had happened. He thought Alex loved him and wanted to be with him, but lately he wasn't so sure. All of a sudden a thought hit him. The trunk. Alex had been acting peculiar after he had told him to not talk about Tyler. Valentino wondered if Alex had looked in the trunk. Valentino started up the stairs. As he reached the top and the trunk he realized that Alex had indeed looked in the trunk he could tell by the way the blanket had been tossed over it. He grabbed the blanket and threw it off of the trunk. Valentino stood there for a minute and just stared at the trunk and all the locked memories in it. He didn't want to face them but if dealing with it got him Alex back he would do it.

"How do you propose we talk to this hermit on the mountain? Daniel asked Toby. "Or how do we even find him?"
"I have not a clue."
"Well first you dweebs we have to get to the islands. Then tackle the other problems." Alice told them shortly.
"Well lets catch a boat at the docks. I have some friends down there that we can borrow one from." Tyler told them leading the way. They walked the short couple of miles to the docks. "Just wait here guys I'll see if I can find Nick."
"Is it me or is Tyler acting odd?" Daniel asked as soon as Tyler was out of earshot.
"No he's definitely acting odd." Francis answered.
"Alice, are you OK?" Toby asked.
"Yeah. Just concerned about going home. I have so many unanswered questions for my mom its driving me insane."
"It will be fine, sweetheart." Toby said drawing her into a hug. He never wanted to get close to a woman again but there was just something about Alice that he couldn't deny.
"Hey you two break it up. Do I need to get you a room?" Daniel hollered at them.
"No." Alice and Toby replied in unison. Alice was beet red at this point.
"Hey. What am I interrupting?" Tyler asked as he walked up arm in arm with a stunningly tall well built guy. "This is Nick. He's going to take us to the Island. Nick this is the group."
"Hey, guys. My boats down this way." He said as he pointed about 6 feet down the way. They could see sitting in the water one of the most gorgeous boats that any of them had ever seen.
"I recognize that boat. Your from Phoenix Islands aren't you?" Alice asked stepping closer to him. "Your father is the dock master Abel right?" Alice asked him.
"Yes that's right." Nick replied quizzically. "Oh I know who you are. Your Princess Alice." He said slowly and doing a cheesy bow.
"Haha funny. Yes I am Princess Alice, but you have known me for so long there is no need for formalities."
"Wait how do you guys know each other?" Toby and Tyler both said at the same time with a hint of jealousy.
"We went to school together for awhile till my dad pulled me out to help with the boats." Nick told them with a grin. "How did you end up here, Alice?"
"My mom sent me to the mortal realm awhile back she felt the Islands weren't safe for me anymore."
"Looks like the mortals weren't too nice either."
"Oh these no that was the werewolves." Alice told him glancing down at her scars.
"Christopher doing shit again?" Nick asked.
"No. His brother Valentino." Alice replied.
"Wait hold up. There are two power hungry werewolves running around the realms?" Francis asked.
"I thought Christopher died years ago in that big fire in Chicago?" Toby said glancing at Alex.
"Alex, what do you know about this?" Daniel asked Alex.
"I know nothing. I know that Valentino got a letter supposedly stating that Christopher was deceased in a fire." Alex replied.
"Odd. Ok let's get going. It will be dark soon and we don't want the nymphs playing with the boat." Toby said.
The motley group trouped down to the boat. All too tired to really talk or anything else they all immediately spread out. Francis and Daniel were the first asleep.
"Alex?" Tyler asked hesitantly.
"What?" Alex replied sarcastically.
"Hey I know you blame me for a lot of things and I am truly sorry. I dont know why Valentino never told you about me and him. If I would have known you guys were an item I wouldn't have continued to pursue him."
Alex was silent for several minutes. "Tyler just stop. Valentino and I were have been together for almost at least 10 years. How in the hell did you not know? The last letter he has hidden in a trunk in OUR attic was dated from 4 weeks ago. So now tell me how did you not know Tyler? Maybe its because you left the pack. You just deserted all of us. What really happened?" Alex said vehemently.
"Alex, I swear he never cheated on you. You were all he talked about. The reason we talked so much was because before you there was me and him. We had talked off and on over the years of trying again and he refused to leave you. We also talked about finding his sister. We got into a huge fight awhile back and hadn't started talking again till last year."
"I can't believe you of all people would lie to me." Alex said turning and walking away.
"Alex, wait."
"No I'm done with you and him. You guys can have each other."
"Alex! I'm with Nick now." Tyler told him. "There is no me and Valentino. No pun intended but that boat sailed a long time ago. Yes I still love him, but I'm not in love with him. Alex, your one of my best friends your like my brother. I would never hurt you. You know that." Tyler pleaded with him.
"Its whatever Tyler." Alex told him walking off. "I need some space please."

"I wonder what they are talking about?" Toby whispered to Alice. They were sitting at the bow of the ship watching Alex and Tyler argue. "I wish I could hear them."
"Your so nosy." Alice said laughing and lightly slapping his arm.
"Well yea I mean do you see the looks on their faces? I can't tell if Alex is going to deck Tyler or not? I mean that would be pretty funny." Toby replied laughing.
"Yea it would." She replied wistfully.
"What's wrong?" Toby asked as he pulled her closer to him.
"It's just....." She was cut off as a loud clap of thunder cut thru the air.
"Everyone get below deck this storm is looking nasty." Nick yelled as he tried to right the ship from capsizing. All of a sudden there was a large crash. The ship had just lost its starboard side against a large rock.
"Everyone get onto the rock and hang on." Toby yelled.
Just then a large wave capsized the front of the boat taking Toby with it.
"Toby!" Alice yelled trying to run to rescue him.
"Alice go I will try to get to him." Daniel tried reassuring her.
"It's no use." Nick yelled just get on the rocks.
They ramshackle group huddled on the rocks as the storm all of a sudden disappeared. Out of the clouds came a feminine voice.
"Who dares tread in my waters?"

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