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Chapter 3

“Why is Elmer acting so weird?” Toby said quietly to himself. He had grown fond of the oversized beast the past several days. “Also where did Alice go to?” He had been watching her lay by the pond ever since her change the night before. Toby felt bad for her but alas he didn’t know how to reverse it hell he didn’t even know how to teach her to transition between wolf and human. As he watched she perked up her ears and looked off in the distance. She slowly got up and walked towards the fence. Outside the fence he could see two wolves. He immediately recognized them. “Daniel, we have company.” Toby yelled down the hall.

“Who?” Daniel asked running down the hall.

“I would assume Valentino and Alex have found us. We have to got get Alice before they take her.” Toby said as he started towards the door.

“They already have her.” Daniel told him quietly. They watched Alice and Valentino interact for a couple minutes.

“Well now what do we do?” Toby whispered.

“Well lets go out and see what the hell is going on.” Daniel told him opening the door. They walked out and across the yard. “Valentino, what are you doing here?” Daniel demanded getting in Valentino’s face. Toby meanwhile had pushed Alice behind him.

“I’ll protect you.” He whispered to her.

“We just came to collect what was rightfully ours.” Valentino sneered as Alex tried circling Toby and Alice.

“She’s not property Valentino. If you want to talk like that technically she belonged to the fairies first.” Toby said. Alice looking confused stepped around Toby and cut into what she could tell was the start of a fight.

“What is going on guys?” She asked quietly. Toby and Alex answered her at the same time “Someone trying to take something that is not theirs.”

“I am not anyone’s property and I will not stand here and be talked about like I am invisible. Now what in the hell is going on?”

“They turned you so they could use you.” Toby hurriedly answered her before Alex or Valentino could.

“Toby, why would you lie to her that’s not it at all.” Valentino said soothingly. “Whoever turned you wasn’t supposed to. They were probably rogue werewolves.” Toby was getting more and more pissed off the longer he listened to Valentino. Alice feeling confused and upset asked

“But why me what did I do so terribly wrong that I was attacked?”

“Alice, come with us and we will explain everything to you.” Alex quietly suggested. He was worried about saying anything or getting to involved and upsetting Valentino.

“Alice, you need to go back to the house.” Toby said to her shoving her back towards the house. “I’m not going anywhere till someone tells me what is going on.” Alice said defiantly crossing her arms.

“I’ll explain later I promise.” Toby told her grabbing her arm and steering her back towards the house again. Alice reluctantly started walking towards the house muttering under her breath about how this was so unfair.

“Now she’s gone you guys can leave as well.” Daniel told Valentino.

“Oh we can leave, but we will be back for her you just wait and see.” Valentino threatened Daniel. “Come on Alex lets go.” He and Alex turned and started back towards town.

“Well now what, Val?” Alex asked hesitantly. He could tell Valentino was mad and was trying to ask without Valentino exploding on him.

“We wait. They will have to leave her alone sometime and when they do we will go in and take her.”

“I don’t know about you, but did you see the size of that bird. Not going to lie I maybe a werewolf but that thing was terrifying.” Alex told Valentino as he slightly shuddered.

“Your seriously scared of a bird , Alex?” Valentino asked laughing. He loved Alex and all his weird quirks, but this one was the most amusing. In all the years he had known him he never knew he was scared of birds.

“Well when you get attacked by a bird at the young age of 6 you don’t tend to forget it.” Alex retorted. “It was a huge bird too well at least at the time it seemed huge.” By this time Valentino was rolling in laughter with tears streaming down his face as Alex described in great detail about this bird attacking him at the beach.

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