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Chapter 5

Later the next day in a castle in Ireland, Valentino had summoned the pack together to discuss the next steps in his plan and to also interrogate Alice.

“Valentino what are we going to do with her now?” Alex whispered watching Alice sleep in her cell.

“Let her sleep we will interrogate her later.” Valentino turned around and began walking down the hall. “Come on let’s get some food and sleep ourselves. We will interrogate her later right now I’m starving.”

Alex and Valentino went down the hall to the dining room. They ate and talked and laughed about life. They particularly talked of Texas and how they each missed it.

“Remember that time we went bull riding?” Alex asked Valentino laughing. “You wore that super cheesy cowboy hat. How long did you last like 2 seconds?” By this time in talking about it he was almost crying.

“Oh my God! I totally forgot about that. That was awful. I well we were so drunk. Wasn’t there a bet placed by Tyler on who could last the longest?” Valentino asked laughing along with Alex.

“I think so. I wonder what he’s up to now? We should call him later. What do you think?”

“Yea maybe?” Valentino replied quietly. He didn’t want to tell Alex he had a massive falling out with Tyler. They sat quietly each lost in their own thoughts.

Pretty soon their quiet bubble was busted as a pack member came running down the hall.

“Gentlemen, she’s awake and not too happy.”

“Well let’s go and see what we can find out from her.” Valentino said to Alex rising from the table and offering his hand to him. They walked hand in hand down the hall to the dungeons below.

“Good morning, Alice.” Valentino said softly. “Did you sleep ok?” He asked her as she sat and stared at him.

“I slept fine now what are you doing with me here?” She demanded striding to the bars. “I want to leave and go back to wherever I belong now.”

“Why my dear you belong here now. I mean you will be part of this pack as soon as you answer some questions.” Valentino told her smugly. “First I need to know everything about your former family. I also need to know everything about your home.”

“I will never tell you anything about them and they are not my former family they are still my family and I will not betray them.” Alice shouted at him.

“Fine you can starve then.” Valentino told her as he turned on his heel. “You can eat as soon as you decided to start answering questions. Come Alex lets return to our own meal.” He called over his shoulder. Alex gave Alice a sad look and started to follow Valentino.

“Hey I was in your shoes once not exactly the same, but close to it. I’ll come back after he passes out for awhile and talk and maybe bring some snacks.” Alex told her quietly.

Later on at the pack meeting..

“We will rule the immortal and mortal realms. We will take down those nasty fairies and the rest of the immortal council and regain our rightful spot at the top of the totem pole.” Valentino shouted. There was a lot of yelling and screaming amongst the 20 or so werewolves gathered. They all talked and made battle plans and cheesy fairy jokes. Alex slipped off to take snacks and to talk to Alice.

“Hey I brought you some snacks.” Alex whispered so as not to startle her.

“Hey thanks I am starving.” Alice told him. “So why am I here and why are you being so nice to me?”

“My boyfriend can be an asshole and I am sorry, but I wanted to tell you my story and maybe that will help you understand what is going on.”

“Ok?” Alice replied.

So Alex sat down next to her and started his tail.

“It was about I would say about 20 years ago now in the glorious state of Texas. I was out drinking with my buddy Matt we were having a celebration before he was set to get married in 3 weeks. I was currently single still trying to figure out what I wanted in a partner, but when I walked up to the bar to get another round of drinks I saw exactly what I was looking for. Valentino was standing there and I was immediately attracted to him so I offered to buy him a drink. Later on that night feeling kind of drunk and stupid I stumbled over to him and said to him ‘your place or mine?’ he agreed. At that time I had no clue who or what he was. We spent the night together and he tried to tell me about the werewolves. I thought he was drunk or high on drugs. I left immediately after he told me I thought he was crazy. The next day though I felt like I had the flu I thought I was just hung over. I went about my day as normal. That night though I went home and went to bed but when I woke up I was in the desert. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how the hell I ended up there. When I went to stand up I realized I couldn’t and panicked. I then realized I was covered in thick black fur. I ran and ran till I literally ran into Valentino. He laughed and was like still think I am a drug addict. He then taught me how to change back to normal. He sat down and taught me everything I know about werewolves and the immortals. We have been together ever since. I know it sounds cliché but I love him and know that we met that night for a reason we just had that you know spark to our relationship.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes each lost in their own thoughts. Alice nibbling on an apple finally spoke up.

“Do you think though everything that Valentino told you wasn’t true?

“Absolutely not!” Alex said standing up quickly. “He would never lie to me. He loves me. He chose me to be with him. Look I better be getting back but think about what I told you. I would advise you to help him it will make your life easier.” He told her as nice as he could.

“Yea I will and Alex?” Alice said quietly.


“Thanks for sharing with me about your past it helped some. I hope one day I am as comfortable in my own skin as you are.” Alice told him.

Alex was still feeling unsettled as he walked back upstairs and snuck back into the meeting. Luckily nobody noticed he had left and quietly sat back down. He didn’t hear any of the rest of the meeting he was so caught up in what Alice had said to him.

A little while later Valentino and Alex went downstairs to talk to her. As Valentino asked questions and she answered Alex just watched.

“You ready to talk now, Alice?” Valentino asked her.

“I guess what do you want to know?” She replied sounding defeated.

“Well for starters how do we get to your country? Is it protected by wards?” Valentino asked.

“You will need a boat to get to the islands. It is not usually protected by wards.” Alice replied trying to hide the fact she was lying thru her teeth.

“How many guards are on duty usually would you guess at the castle?”

“Maybe 5-10”

“Ok. That’s all for now I’ll see you later. Come on Alex let’s get ready for bed we have a very busy day tomorrow.” Valentino said as he started up the stairs.

“What’s wrong Alex?” Valentino asked later that night.

“Nothing just super tired.” Alex replied yawning. He didn’t want to tell Valentino that Alice had totally shook him up with her accusations towards Valentino. He laid in bed thinking about the past couple years and running thru almost every conversation he had had with Valentino. The last thought was that Alice was a liar thru and thru. She had lied to Valentino earlier and before that lied to Alex about Valentino. Alex swore he would never help her again and promised to tell Valentino the next day that he thought she was a liar and to not trust what she had said.

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