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Chapter 6

There at the door stood Francis. He was one of the supreme leaders of the Vampire community. Daniel and Toby had grown up with him and then life happened and they had unfortunately lost touch after school. “We well I at least had no clue where you were at now.” David said. “Where the hell have you been?”

“Well I am a leader of the Vampire Community have been for the past 5 years now. Before that I was living in a monk temple in Tibet.”

“Wait you mean to tell me you were a monk?” Toby asked laughing. “No way I can not see you being able to take a vow of silence.”

“Well I did. It really helped center me. Toby, why didn’t you contact me? I heard that you had been appointed as a high guardian awhile back it wouldn’t have been too hard to track me down.”

“Honestly I have been crazy busy. I had sent a letter awhile back, but didn’t get a response.”

“Hm not sure what happened to that.” Francis said quietly. “Anyway to the reason I am here.”

“Yea why exactly are you here?” Daniel asked as he started pouring drinks.

“ I am here on the matter of that girl Alice. She’s sort of important to us vampires.”

“God you guys want her too. What the hell gives?” Toby yelled throwing his hands up.

“Now Toby settle down and have another nice big drink.” Daniel told him calmly. “Now Francis why do you guys want her too?”

“She belonged to us first technically.” Francis started.

“Uh no she belonged to us first.” Toby countered.

“Who gives a shit who she belongs to the point in the matter is that she’s been kidnapped and we have no clue why.” Daniel interrupted both of them before they could get into an all out argument.

“Well let me tell you she’s not all what you think and Toby before you interrupt me let me explain.” Francis said with a pointed glare at Toby. “Alice is actually a hybrid between a vampire and a fairy.”

“Wait I thought such things weren’t allowed?” Daniel asked.

“They aren’t but sometimes things well…. happen. Anyway her mom is the Queen of the Phoenix River clan. A long time ago she had an affair with a vampire.”

“How is that I thought almost all the vampires lived in St. Xystus? Toby asked

“Will you stop and let me explain?” Francis asked getting annoyed.

“Fine I am just feeling impatient.”

“Anyway yes they used to but abandoned that town several years back due to werewolves burning down the town. Alice’s father was living on the island in the Phoenix River with the fairies there when one night he had a little too much to drink. He met the queen who then was just a barmaid. They knew what they were doing was wrong but it was just one night and the next day she was to be married to the prince. He left the next day and never looked back. She kept it a secret for as long as she could till Alice started showing some of the vampire traits which is when her mom came clean about everything to her. That’s why Alice was here in the US. She ran away from home after her mom told her everything. The vampire council has been looking for her as well as her mother which I am assuming is why you’re here Toby.”

“No I am actually here because the werewolves are attacking fairies again. Our clan never talks to the Phoenix River clan. I can now see why. They don’t abide by the rules very well.”

“That they don’t but enough about that. Where is Alice?”

“Um well you see that’s they problem. Valentino and Alex took her after they set fire to Daniel’s house. They infected her with the werewolf virus.”

“Wait so she is like a three way hybrid?”

“The werewolf virus will cancel out anything else. She is strictly werewolf now.”

“Just when she thought her life couldn’t get any weirder or more complicated.” Daniel said finally cutting into the conversation.

“Well do you have any idea where they could have taken her?” Francis asked them rising from his chair and beginning to pace the room.

“Well that’s what we are currently trying to figure out. Toby has written to the council trying to find out if anyone knows where Valentino goes and hides but nobody seems to know where that spot is.” Daniel informed him rising also to pour another drink.

Just then there was a bang on the door.

“Now who the hell is here?” Toby asked irritably and opening the door. “Oh hey Tyler what in the world are you doing here?”

“The council received your inquiry to the whereabouts of Valentino. I happen to know where he could be at so I decided to come help.” Tyler replied pushing Toby out of the way. “Y’all got anything to drink? I’m parched.”

“I am going to need more booze if this night gets any weirder. I’ll be back save your story for me Tyler.” Daniel said as he walked out the door.

“Well then I guess we sit here and wait?” Tyler asked Francis and Toby.

So there the three of them sat in awkward silence neither knowing what to say to the other. It had been a long time since they had all been in the same room together. Finally Francis broke the silence.

“Do you remember that time Mrs. Link yelled at us? Francis asked them.

“Yes, I totally forgot till you just said that.” Tyler said.

“What exactly did we do? I cant remember for the life of me.” Toby asked.

“The frogs!” Tyler and Francis said at the same time busting up laughing.

“Omg yes that was fantastic” Toby said as the memory came back to him.

They sat and laughed about how they had let loose 20 frogs into their school’s science lab. Just then Daniel walked back in.

“Well I guess we didn’t need anymore booze. What are you guys smoking in here?” He asked as he surveyed them laughing hysterically finally Tyler choked out the word “frogs” before he busted up laughing again. It finally clicked what they were laughing about and pretty soon Daniel was laughing right along with them and they eventually pieced back together the story of the 20 frogs hopping thru the science center and down the halls.

“Ok so back to business.” Tyler said wiping the tears out of his eyes. “When Valentino and I were friends he told me he loved Ireland and would love to live there in one of the old castles. It had been a dream of his for as long as I knew him. I am assuming that is where he has taken Alice.”

“Wait you and Valentino had a falling out? You guys were like as tight as bark on a tree. What happened there?” Toby asked.

“It’s a long story and one that doesn’t matter right now. All that matters now is that I know where Alice is.”

“Then tell us where she is so we can go get her.” Toby said rising to his feet and getting in Tyler’s face.

“Ha you think you can just waltz in there and take her no you kind of need me.” Tyler told him pushing him back.

“Fine as long as we can go with you.” Daniel said stepping between them.

“That’s fine the only thing I am concerned about is keeping the peace and the mortals safe.” Tyler said.

“I know Tyler I trust you. You were one of my best friends. Now lets get some sleep and we will go first thing in the morning.” Daniel said. “Agreed?”

“Agreed.” Tyler, Francis and Toby all said in unison.

The next day they all set out to go to the airport piecing together a hodge podge of a plan as to what to do when they got to Ireland.

They landed in the middle of the afternoon and drew straws as to whom was going to be the designated driver.

“If he isn’t here then where else could he have gone?” Daniel asked Tyler.

“I honestly have no clue. This is the only place I could think of.” Tyler replied quietly lost in thought as the Irish countryside flashed by him.

“Toby you think you could slow down just a little bit?” Tyler said grabbing his stomach. “I know you like to fly but I don’t think cars can fly.”

“Fine fine I will. Do you know which castle is his?” Toby asked.

“I have no clue. I just know he wanted a castle.” Tyler replied.

“Are you serious?” Toby yelled. “Do you know how many freaking castles are in Ireland?”

“Almost 30,000 but mostly are just ruins now.” Francis answered.

“You my friend are not helping.” Toby said.

“So now what do we do just drive around till we stumble upon him?” Daniel asked.

“I have a better idea. Irish people love drinking supposedly so I say lets hit the taverns there has to be a person or wolf with loose lips somewhere. You know as well as I do that he has most of his pack members with him.” Tyler hurriedly said thinking on the fly so as not to upset Toby any more.

“Fine lets go.” Daniel replied a little too eagerly. Toby began to wonder if his friend had a slight drinking problem. He made a mental note to talk to him about it later. They decided to park the car and just walk down the main street to see what they could find. Finally after a couple hours they found what they were looking for. One of Valentino’s pack members was fully wasted and going on and on about how there were werewolves in the forests with a poor girl they had kidnapped. Before he could completely scare the locals, Daniel hurried up and grabbed him and dragged him out of the tavern.

“Now what do we do with him?” Tyler asked.

“We take him back to our hotel and wait till he sobers up and then get the location of the castle from him.” Daniel replied.

“Fine whatever load him up in the car. I am driving I really hope he doesn’t puke on one of you guys.” Toby said.

The next morning the guys woke up to their drunk friend yelling his head off.

“Would you just shut your bloody trap.” Tyler said trying not to hit him. “We just need to know where Valentino is hiding at then you can be on your way.”

“I’ll take you there he has screwed me over so hard with his new world plans just let me go.”

“Fine. Toby untie him.” Tyler ordered.

“Are you crazy?” Toby replied “I am not untying him.”

“You have to to get out of the hotel.”

“True. If you try anything stupid I will make it the last mistake you ever did. Understand?” Toby threatened as he untied the knots holding their prisoner.

“Whatever.” The grumpy werewolf responded.

The motley bunch made it down the hall and out to the waiting car.

“Ok. Now where are we going?” Toby asked as they pulled out onto the road.

“Go down the road here a couple of miles. You will eventually end up in the forest and the road turns to left or you can go straight. Go to the left for a couple of miles it will become a rough dirt road. At the very end of this road will be a gate beyond that gate is the castle you are seeking. Am I free to go now?”

“No your stuck with us till we get there. If your lying to use I am pretty sure there’s some bog we can toss you in.” Tyler answered. “So buckle up and enjoy the ride sweet cheeks.” He told the werewolf as he buckled his seatbelt and settled in.

They started out on their journey it wasn’t long till they reached their destination.

“Lets get out and survey the area. Watch out for scouts and we will meet back here in 30 minutes.” Daniel ordered sounding like a drill sergeant.

“Sir yes sir” Francis replied sarcastically. I call as far into the tree line as possible. Remember vampire here I hate the sunlight.”

“Whatever.” Tyler said laughing.

They set off scouting the perimeter. When they met back up a little while later they all decided that they would just make camp there and plan to go in the next day.

“Well we cant just go and knock on the door now can we?” Daniel asked.

“I wish it was that easy, but alas its not so we need a plan. Any ideas Francis?” Tyler asked. “Toby your awful quiet I haven’t seen you like this in a long time.”

“Just thinking.” Toby replied thoughtfully. He was thinking about the last girl he had loved had and unfortunately lost to Valentino. Elizabeth had been his whole world then one night there had been a huge fight between werewolves and fairies and she had stepped in between Toby and Valentino and sacrificed herself for him. Toby would never forgive himself or Valentino for what had happened that night.

“Hello earth to Toby. Can you please come back and join us?” Daniel asked waving his hand in front of Toby’s face.

“Yea what’s up?”

“We were just discussing the plans for tomorrow before we turn in for the night.” Francis informed him. “Fairly simple really we will just attack the castle at daybreak it can’t be too hard to break one of those windows.”

“Do you seriously think we can just break a window slip in and out with no problems? Daniel asked laughing.

“Its worth a shot I mean it really is all we have.” Tyler said laughing. They quickly settled down to sleep.

The next morning they woke up early. The sun was just starting to rise.

“Guys I thought of an idea. Valentino knows me. How about I just go beat on the door and say that I need a place to hide. He has to technically let me in.”

“Its worth a shot if not we have Francis’ idea of busting a window.” Daniel said laughing.

Tyler got up and started walking towards Valentino’s castle.

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