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Chapter 7

“Alex do you mind packing our stuff so we can leave in the morning? I am not feeling well at all tonight?” Valentino asked Alex yawning.

“Not a problem. I am not tired in the least. I’ll pack then come join you. Feel better we got a busy day tomorrow.” Alex told him giving him a hug.

Alex got busy packing, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Alice and Tyler. He could figure out why Alice was lying to Valentino, but he couldn’t fathom what had happened between Tyler and Valentino. They had been super tight when Alex and Valentino had started dating. Alex finished packing and wandered down to the kitchen. He toyed with the idea of taking Alice something to eat, but decided against it. He was still wondering if they were all in danger since she didn’t give clear answers to Valentino. He shrugged it off and went to bed. The next morning there was a loud banging on the door. Alex was up first and rushed down to answer it.

“Just a minute please you do know what freaking time it is don’t you?” Alex mumbled the last part because he was so annoyed. “Tyler? What are you doing here?” Alex asked in confusion. Just then Valentino came down the stairs.

“Alex what is going oh hey Tyler.” Valentino said annoyed. “Alex why don’t you go find out about breakfast. Tyler lets take a walk.” Valentino said shoving Tyler out the door. What he didn’t realize was the danger he was putting himself into. “What do you think you’r doing just showing up here out of the blue?” Valentino asked him annoyed.

“I came because I need to talk to you about Alice. She’s not who you think she is.” Tyler told him.

“I doubt there is anything that you can tell me that I don’t already know.” Valentino told him sarcastically. “Tyler, I really don’t want you here we are getting ready to leave soon and I really don’t want to have to tell Alex about us. I know he has questions that I just don’t feel like answering right now.”

“Val, you need to give up this whole overthrow the council idea you have. They know what your planning you taking Alice was a huge mistake. It was almost like when Hitler took Poland. Everyone knows what your up too. All I am doing here is to warn you that the council is planning war on you if you don’t give up now.” Tyler told him trying to not upset him.

“Oh so now you’re the council’s pet? I don’t need nor do I want your help. I have my pack mates and help from some other immortals who feel the same way I do. As far as I am concerned the council can kiss my ass and shove their treaty where the sun doesn’t shine. The immortal world is so unfair to us its not even funny. I am just trying to right a wrong here, Tyler.”

They walked a little ways in silence. Then out of the woods stepped Daniel and Toby with their swords drawn.

“Hey Valentino how’s it going this morning? That was such a lovely speech you made there very passionate.” Daniel said sarcastically. “What do you think, Toby?” Daniel asked as he looked over at Toby. The startled look on Valentino’s face made it next to impossible to not laugh.

“It was fantastic.” Toby said equally sarcastic twirling his sword around his finger and tossing it back and forth. “But now are you going to be just as passionate in telling us where you have hidden Alice?” Toby said walking slowly toward Valentino.

“No I wont and I don’t appreciate being tricked Tyler I thought you were better then that. Guess I was wrong about that too huh?” Valentino asked. “Alex is waiting for me back at the house. I better get back to him. Have an awesome day guys.” He said turning on his heel and walking away.

“Alex? Where are you?” Valentino shouted as he threw open the door.

“I’m in here trying to get breakfast what is going on?” Alex asked.

“We need to leave like now.” Valentino told him. “Toss the food in a bag and let’s go. I’m going to wake everyone else.”

“Before we go anywhere you need to tell me what is going on or I am not going.” Alex told him.

“The fairies are working with Tyler. They are here looking for Alice. Actually I am going to leave you here with her. I will take the rest of the group and go to Phoenix Island and finish out the plan then come back here. Just hold down the fort for me please. I love you and I will be back as soon as I can.” Valentino told him hugging him. “Please don’t be mad at me.”

“Fine go. Here’s breakfast. Please be safe. Come back home to me.” Alex told him handing him a bag.

“You know I will. I’ll be home tonight.” Valentino told him as he went to the door shouting for the others to come with him. After Valentino left Alex took some food down to Alice.

“Alice, be straight with me here how much danger is Val in?” Alex demanded when he got to her cell. “I am not playing anymore games here.”

“He’s pretty much screwed. That place is swarming with vampires and fairies and we all know how he screwed them. I mean yeah he has some that work for him, but everyone on that island hates him.” She told him smugly. “All I can say is good luck to him.”

Bang Bang. “Who the hell is that now?” Alex asked to no one in particular. “I’ll be back in a few.” He told Alice as he went up the stairs.

“Who is it?” He called.

“Tyler! Open the damn door!” Tyler yelled through the door. “Come on Alex I need to talk to you.”

“What?” Alex asked as he pulled the door open. There on the other side stood Tyler, Francis, Daniel, and Toby. “What do you guys want?” Alex asked as he tried to shut the door.

“Well that’s your option you give us the girl and we help save your boyfriend or you don’t give us the girl and let your boyfriend die?” Toby told Alex pushing him inside the house.

“Fine take her I don’t care anymore all she has brought is problems, but you need to help Valentino then.” Alex told them looking straight at Toby.

“Fine I will.” Toby reluctantly told him.

“Come on then.” Alex said leading them downstairs to Alice.

“Alice the Calvary is here.” Alex said sarcastically unlocking the door to her cell.

“Toby!!” Alice yelled running towards him and hugging him tight.

“What am I chopped liver?” Daniel asked laughing opening his arms for a hug too. They made the rounds of introductions.

“Well now that we are all one big happy family again. Tell me how to tell Valentino to come home.” Alex demanded.

“Call him and tell him Alice escaped it will be the easiest way to get him home.” Tyler said. “Come on guys before he gets back we need to go.”

“Wait Tyler I need to talk to you.” Alex said grabbing his arm.

“Go on guys I’ll catch up with you.” Tyler told them. “What’s up, Alex?”

“What happened between you and Valentino? Why don’t you come around anymore and what was the big falling out about? He refuses to tell me anything.”

“That’s a story for another day, Alex.” Tyler told him. “Hey if you want you can come with us and leave him. My door is always open for you.” Tyler said over his shoulder as he walked out the door. “Guys wait for me” He yelled as he walked out the door.

“Valentino. Alice is gone. I don’t know what to do.” Alex lied to Valentino.

“I’ll be home soon.”

Later that day Alex was pacing the halls when an idea suddenly hit him. Valentino wasn’t home but Alex knew where Valentino hides his personal belongings that Alex had never been allowed to see. Alex went upstairs to the attic and started searching for the trunk that Valentino had stuffed up here about 10 years ago. It couldn’t be that hard to find. It was huge and very old. Valentino had said at some point it had belonged to his like 4 times great grandmother. Alex shifted thru the piles of stuff and vowed that him and Valentino needed to have a yard sale sometime soon or put the stuff on Ebay. As he was digging thru the stuff he finally found the trunk. It was shoved in the very back corner under a tarp. He pulled the tarp off and was just getting ready to try and open it when he heard the front door slam. Cussing he hurriedly threw the tarp back over the top of it.

“Alex? Where are you?” Valentino shouted as he came up the stairs.

“I’m up here.” Alex yelled back beginning to act like he had been sorting stuff in boxes.

“What are you doing up here?” Valentino asked laughing.

“I got bored and knew we had all this junk up here and decided that it was time to clean.” “Yea? Ok we need to find Alice. That girl lied to me and I don’t take liars very well. Also how did she escape today? Care to elaborate on that for me?” Valentino asked quietly.

“I don’t know what happened. I was up here and heard a loud noise I ran downstairs as fast as I could and she was just gone.” Alex told him.

“Ok well we need to find her. I’ll send pack members out to look in the local towns. Maybe we need to stalk the airports. Who knows with the fairies and the vampire here earlier maybe they took her back to Cartersville. Come on let’s get cleaned up and go looking for her. I need her to come clean to me on some things she told me earlier.”

“Yea like someone else I know.” Alex mumbled under his breath.

“What did you say?” Valentino asked.

“Just said you smell bad.” Alex hurriedly said laughing.

They went downstairs and got cleaned up then set out to look for Alice and the boys. They knew that the gang couldn’t have gone too far yet. They looked everywhere and finally gave up when it was almost midnight.

“Let’s go home get some sleep and we will continue to search in the morning.” Alex told Valentino.

“Fine you win. Also I am starving what should we have for a late dinner?”

“Your grilled cheese sandwiches sound amazing right now.” Alex replied.

“Fine I’ll cook grilled cheese sandwiches, but only if you beat me home.” Valentino yelled at him as he took off running and howling. Laughing Alex ran after him. They tied getting to the door and laughing fell into the house. They ate and laughed and talked about old times again.

“Why was it so weird when Tyler was here?” Alex decided to venture to ask. It had been bothering him all day that a person could almost cut the tension between the two with a plastic butter knife.

“Alex, it doesn’t matter just drop it ok?”

“No I will not drop it. I feel like your hiding some big dark secret from me and honestly I don’t like it.” Alex said rising to his feet. “I am going to bed.” He said bluntly as he started for the stairs. He entered one of the empty guest rooms and slammed and locked the door.

“Come on Alex don’t be like that.” Valentino pleaded at the door.

“Go away I just need some space please.” Alex pleaded.

“Fine. Good night. Love ya.” Valentino said as he walked away.

Alex laid in bed for the next couple of hours thinking about the trunk upstairs. If Valentino wasn’t willing to tell him about Tyler what other secrets was he hiding from him? So Alex got up and crept to the door and quietly opened the door. As he snuck down the hall he thanked his lucky stars that he had paced that hall so many times and knew all the squeaky spots. So when he came across one he had forgotten about he had to hurry up and pause. Valentino slept like a rock usually, but sometimes he didn’t. Alex hoped that tonight wouldn’t be one of those nights. Luckily for him it was and he continued on his way upstairs. He found the trunk again and pulled the tarp off. Alex surveyed the trunk and finally figured out that it didn’t exactly lock. He was able to pry it open fairly easy. He started looking through it and the more he looked the more upset he got towards Valentino. Slowly the pieces started clicking together. Hearing a noise downstairs Alex hurriedly shut the trunk threw the tarp over and scrambled downstairs as quietly as he could. As he shut his door he saw Valentino walking back to his bedroom.

The next morning

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