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Chapter 7

“That was way too easy.” Daniel said to Toby later that night. They had just gotten to Toby’s cabin from getting Alice from Valentino.

“It was, but hey we have her and that’s all that matters. We will come up with a game plan tomorrow on what to do next. I already messaged the council to allow us entry tomorrow to tell them our findings.” Toby told Daniel yawning. “I think now is the time to get everyone settled and get some rest we are going to need it.”

They quickly set up pallets for everyone in the living room and came up with a game plan of what to tell the council tomorrow.

“Alice?” Francis asked.


“Do you know why Valentino wanted you?”

“No I am guessing it had to do with wanting to control the fairies on the islands.”

“Actually from what I heard and we will know more tomorrow from the council is that he wants help from the vampires specifically the hermit that lives on the mountain there.” Francis told her. “That’s why I was sent to find you. Also your mother was worried and asked me to help find you.”

“She is I am surprised after the fight we got into.” Alice said quietly. She missed her mom but was mad at her for not telling her about her real dad. It hurt her mom had lied to her all these years, but she understood why she did it.

“Let’s get some sleep tonight and we will figure it out tomorrow ok?” Daniel said.

“Agreed.” Tyler said yawing.

The next day dawned bright and early. As the sun was just starting to peek over the mountains the motley group started out to Lysturkis, the capital of Ilivorme where the council would be meeting that morning.

“What do you think they will say about me?” Alice asked worriedly.

“I am sure it will be fine. I am assuming that there will be a lot of questions about your homeland and your family. They will also want to know what you know about the hermit.” Toby said trying to reassure her.

“Who is this hermit that everyone wants?” Tyler asked.

“He is fabled to be an all powerful vampire. Many centuries ago he was locked in the highest peak in the middle of the Phoenix River. He was sentenced to stay there for all eternity.” Francis told them.

“But why is he forced to stay there? And what does Valentino want with him?” Tyler asked.

“He is said to be one of the most powerful vampires that has ever lived. It is said that he also killed one whole village by himself. Valentino wants him because he knows he has some hatred and revenge in him somewhere. This hermit also possesses special powers that even I do not know what they do.” Francis told them.

They walked in silence for several more miles.

“Lets stop and eat shall we?” Toby asked. As if in reply Daniel’s stomach let out a monstrous growl.

“I think my stomach answered for me.” Daniel said laughing.

After several hours of traveling and the sun was high in the sky. The group finally reached the city gates. Lysturkis was a gorgeous sprawling city. Over 5,000 fairies called it home and it was always filled with visitors. Today was no different. People lined the main streets looking at all the wares the stores and street vendors had to offer. There was everything an immortal could possibly need or want from fruit stands to rugs it was there. In the center of it all stood the most gorgeous castle, made from rocks native to Illmore it was a unique shade of turquoise. The group stopped in unison at the gates and just looked around for a few minutes. Alice was the first to speak.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous.” She whispered.

“Man have I missed this place.” Daniel and Tyler said at the same time.

“Still looks like when I left it.” Francis chimed in.

“Come on you guys we are going to be late.” Toby said shaking his head.

“Where exactly are we going?” Alice asked.

“The castle that’s where all the meetings happen and the important decisions are made.” Daniel told her.

They made it to the castle after wandering thru all the vendors and taste testing samples of food.

“Toby!!” a woman about Toby’s age shouted at them from across the courtyard as she ran towards them.

“Maggie. What are you doing here?” Toby asked picking her up and swinging her around laughing.

Maggie had grown up down the road from Toby and had gone to school with him and Daniel. She had wanted to be a guardian but decided to not become one after her father left and her mom needed her to work.

“I have accepted a job working for the king as one of his wife’s personal assistants.”

“Another words you’re a maid.” Daniel said laughing.

“Shut up, Daniel.” Maggie said laughing and playfully slapping him on the arm. “What took you so long to come back?”

“Don’t I get any loving?” Tyler said pouting.

“Well what about me?” Francis asked.

“Come here you lugs.” Maggie said laughing and giving them hugs. “And who is this?” She asked looking at Alice.

“This is Alice.” Toby told her.

“Ah you’re the infamous Alice that I have heard about.” Maggie said. “I’m guessing you’re here to talk to the council.”

“Yup. We should probably get going.” Toby said. “It was good seeing you again Maggie we need to catch up sometime.”

“For sure. Don’t be a stranger come see me sometime.” She replied giving them all hugs.

They waved at Maggie and kept walking. When they got to the castle Toby didn’t even bother knocking he just walked on in and what waited inside shocked him.

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