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Three girls discover their destiny; to become legendary heroes through the elemental magic but soon find a connection with a new girl who could join there team yet another connection is felt but towards who? They battle monsters and discover secrets! Can they do, it save the world?

Fantasy / Adventure
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You’ve heard of elements right? Water earth air fire everyone has but not all have magic only two of the above have magic Water and earth. However it doesn’t mean their aren’t other elements out there with magic, does it.
There are five magical elements,
Water, earth, sky, power and beauty five elements that make up the world and five magical elements. A long time ago those elements were sealed up in crystals to keep them safe from the wrong hands.
Now that threat is back but elements have a mind of there own they chose to find a person someone to contain the elements, someone who will eventually find out about this elemental magic and use for good, use it to defeat forces who want to use it for bad. These people WILL find each other and stop the spreading threat.

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