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Alpha Bond

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One only knows to live on their own terms, while the other is not allowed to follow their heart. One never hesitates to express their feelings, while the other fears about the consequences of accepting their feelings. One is fearless, while the other is afraid of their destiny. One is a leader, and the other is a follower. However, the thing which ties the fate of these two is one powerful bond. Alpha Bond. (Unedited) Started on: 08-04-2021 Ended on: 03-15-2022

Fantasy / Romance
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The moon is shining brightly in the sky, illuminating every corner of the forest. Still, it is not bright enough to chase the darkness, which is clawing my heart.

Closing my eyes, I lift my face to the sky, momentarily enjoying the serenity of my surrounding. Although I know what lurks behind this calmness is nothing but evil.

Opening my eyes, I scan the area; when I am satisfied that I am alone. My feet touch the familiar path for the last time. I sprint towards the place which was a home to me—the place where I have met her.

Nobody knows where I go every night, neither she knows I come to visit her. Even after leaving this place, I have returned every night to get a glimpse of her. Her smile is the only thing that calms me.

However, tonight will be the last time when I will bless my heart with her sight. The thought of never seeing her is tearing me from inside, but I know it is for the better.

Earlier I never understood why I have been always drawn to her. But now I know, which makes things more complicated. It would have been easier to name this pull if my kind was like other werewolves.

Except we are not.

We are different because we are guardians.

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