Alpha Bond

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Chapter 1

Ella’s POV

A smile tilts the corners of my lips when the warmth of the sun caresses my skin.

Extending my arms, I turn my palms up, trying to feel the rays of the sun. Inhaling the fresh smell of the forest, I wrap my arms around myself while a strange feeling tugs my heart.

I can never understand why I feel this way, but there is always a sense of longing inside me. Like I am waiting for something or someone.


Turning around, I watch my sister Elena walking towards me. A hint of a smile appears on her face as soon as her eyes connect with me.

“You missed the training.” She states with raised eyebrows as her alert eyes move around as if looking for some threat.

Elena is two years younger than me, but she looks more like my twin. She is seventeen years old, but she is powerful enough to take down an entire army. She is fierce and fearless, and extremely protective of the people she cares about.

While our younger sister Thea is the quiet one of all. She has a reserved personality; however, even at the age of twelve, she has an air of wisdom around her. Her quiet nature shouldn’t be considered her weakness because she is as fierce as anyone of us, but that side of hers is not seen often. She is the baby of the family who is adored by everyone, especially by us, her sisters.

“I will train with you later.” I shrug, then turn my gaze back towards the forest.

In our pack, everyone trains, but dad and mom make us train harder than anyone else. Sometimes it isn’t easy to keep up with the training, but I know they do this to ensure we are protected, so I never complain.

We train with our pack members, but we have separate training sessions to strengthen and master our powers. Similarly, like mom, I am born with a blessing. Not only me but even my sisters are born with gifts of their own.

Our blessings are different. Grandma says Moon Goddess has divided the strength of our parents between us sisters.

My true blessing is the power of spells. No cast can work on me, and neither can anyone go against my spells.

I am not a witch, but I have been born with the knowledge of protection and defense spells. I don’t need to say the words to cast a spell. Whenever I need to use my power, it feels like something awakes in me, and the magic just flows through me. But just like every blessing, my blessing has limitations.

“Mom and dad have returned,” Elena informs and moves to sit on the fallen tree trunk, carefully avoiding the area which is covered with mosses.

Mom and dad had gone to attend the meeting with the Elders. We don’t know why the meeting was called, but all we know is that it’s something serious.

Some years ago, mom and dad were given the positions of Elders because of the power they have, even though they are the youngest among them.

Mom’s powers are rare because she possesses two powers: protection and healing, while Dad has the powers that hardly any other werewolves can master. Mom’s powers are a blessing, while dad has earned his powers.

“Mom looks extremely weak.” Lifting her eyes, she looks at me.

We both look at each other, already knowing what does this means. Mom’s power must have drained her energy because she sacrifices some part of her life force to Moon Goddess every time she uses her power.

Every blessing demands sacrifice so that we use our blessings carefully and never misuse our powers.

This is what mom always reminds us of whenever we use our powers. Since the moment we have discovered our abilities, this has been ingrained in our mind that blessings are used to bring good to this world. And if we misuse our powers, then our blessings will turn into curses for us.

Her bond with dad helps her gain back her strength since their lives are tied. But knowing that she still hasn’t recovered properly now only means that she has been using her full power.

“Come, let’s go home and find out what happened.”

When we enter the home, a sudden feeling of annoyance stirs inside me, and it takes me a moment to realize this is not my feelings. Dad’s anger is projecting on me.

When I was in my mom’s womb, I had died due to the curse which was cast on Dad. But mom and dad’s wolf, Storm, had brought me back to life by giving a part of themselves to me. That’s why I am connected to mom’s and dad’s emotions, and their strong emotions affect me.

My assumption has been confirmed when I found Dad pacing in the living room, trying to keep his wolf in control. His features are hardened with anger, while I can feel he is talking to his wolf or D. However, affection seeps into his eyes when his gaze lands on us.

Elena and I walk into his arms and feel the tension leaving his body as he inhales our scents.

“Where is Thea?” He asks, looking at us.

“She is at grandpa and grandma’s house,” I answer him, “Grandpa took her with him to their place this morning.”

His eyes glaze over when he mindlinks Thea, obviously checking up on her. Whenever Dad returns home, he wishes to have all three of us at home. We know every time it’s not possible, but still, he keeps on checking on us.

“What’s the matter, dad?” Elena asks, “Why is mom unwell?”

“Ivory was protecting the pack when we left the pack ground. She had extended the circle of her protection around the entire pack. Normally, it wouldn’t have been an issue, but she felt somebody trying to penetrate through her protection circle, so she was utilizing most of her power to keep the pack safe.” Dad sighs while rubbing his face looking tired, “We need to call witches to reinforce the wards because it looks like they are getting weaker.”

It is not hidden from anyone that we are born with Moon Goddess blessings just like our mom. We have healing powers, but they are not blessings. It is something which we got because we have mom’s blood in us. However, my healing powers are not close to my mom’s, but my healing power is the strongest among my sisters.

The death of Elder Benjamin and Ophelia, who tried to kill mom to gain her powers, doesn’t stop other power-hungry creatures from going after us for our powers.

Mom and dad go to extreme extents to ensure our protection. Mom’s protective shield is constantly around us sisters to keep us safe from every kind of evil energies and spells but to keep the pack ground safe; dad has taken witches’ help.

“Mom should stop using her powers to protect us; we can handle every bastard who tries to come after us.” Elena’s icy voice causes us to turn our face in her direction, “I will tear their flesh apart if they tried to harm anyone of us.” Her cold expression is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine.

Dad and I share a look because it’s not hard to miss that she has slightly given into her darkness.

She is invincible when her dark side takes over. Only once we have witnessed this when there was a rogue attack. We were at Wolfmoon pack visiting Uncle James, mom's cousin, when some rogues attacked the guest house. Only Thea and Elena were there at that time because the rest of us went to the main packhouse for dinner. I don’t remember much, but what Dad and Uncle James had told us was that they found Elena walking over the burned, mutilated bodies of the rogues while she protectively held one-year-old Thea in her arms. Her hands were blazing fire, but none of the fire hurt Thea. Elena herself was severely injured, but she never let any harm come to Thea.

She was eerily calm while her face held a dark look, completely unbothered by the bloodshed which she had caused, neither the injuries adorning her body affected her or the fire in which her hands were engulfed. At that time, she was just five years old, but the power which she was emitting was enough to bring any Alpha to their knees. Although Dad and Uncle were unaffected, they believe it is only because she knew they are family.

Mom told us that darkness lurks behind the light because you can’t separate darkness from light. We should embrace our darkness when the time demands it because even darkness is our strength.

“Try convincing your mom, pup.” Dad smiles while holding her gaze, “We know that you are strong and powerful enough to protect everyone, but this can’t stop us from keeping you all save because you are our pups.”

Dad’s demeanor imperceptibly shifts as he stares at her. Dad’s alter D is making a connection with Elena. No one else can notice the change in his personality because, to others, he looks just the same. Only we can feel when D makes an appearance.

Elena’s gaze flashes, and a smile appears on her face. Dad nods his head at her, and then her eyes shift back to normal when D retreats.

Among all three of us, D is more connected with Elena. He loves us equally, but somewhere dad believes Elena is more like him, making their bond stronger.

Mom’s scent fills the room as she slowly comes down; she must have sensed the change in Elena.

Through our bond, I can feel mom is reaching out to Elena as our bond hums with warmth. Mom heals her darkness, and we can visibly see stiffness leaving Elena’s body.

“Dad!” Thea’s voice rings throughout the room as she runs towards dad.

“My pup.” Dad instantly picks her up and holds her close when she jumps into his awaiting arms.

“I missed you, dad.” She tightly holds him.

“Just dad, what about mom?” Mom playfully arches her eyebrow at her.

“I missed you, too, but I missed dad more.” She admits with a sheepish smile.

Mom shakes her head at her while smoothing her hair lovingly.

It is no secret that Thea and Storm, dad’s wolf, share a special connection. Just like D, even Storm loves us all and never differentiates between us, but he is more protective of Thea since she is the youngest of all.

Abruptly, Dad's eyes lock with mine, and in a blink, I get a glimpse of Dad, his wolf, and D while there is a hint of concern on his face. I know he worries that I might feel less loved because of the relationship he shares with Elena and Thea.

Smiling at him, I nod my head, silently telling him that I am okay with him being there for them.

A soft smile appears on his face as his gaze holds affection which is just for me.

"We love you, Ella, more than you can imagine.” Mom hugs me and places a kiss on the side of my head as her voice rings in my head. ”No one can take your place in our life."

Returning her hug, I feel nothing but grateful to have been blessed with them in my life. My family is my true blessing because we may not be like a normal family, but there is no lack of love among us.

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