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In a world full of mythical creatures, a battle for love and power erupts between two brothers and a quest for destiny within a pure soul is tested.

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The sky was dark and cloudy, the ground wet and muddy, stained with the blood of hundreds of thousands of warriors.

I stood in my position, eyes wondering around me, at the bodies laying beneath my feet. Not a soul moved, not even a whisper in the wind.

I never knew what I was capable of until now, I should have trained my power, but I suppressed it and ignored it, now I stand here in disbelief of what I did, within the blink of an eye.

Ten empires of great Kings have fallen at my feet, and not one of them move. But in the distance, I notice a dark silhouette of a man, tall and strong, watching my every move, like a predator to its prey.

I tried to call out, but I couldn't find my voice within me. It was trapped deep down, the figure took a step closer, I wanted to scream for help, shout, run, but I was rooted to my spot. Frozen.

Within the blink of an eye, it was standing right in front of me, towering over my small and timid frame. I shut my eyes, afraid to look it in the eyes.

"Look at me!" It commanded, a man, his voice laced with venom, rough like the sand. I slowly peeled my eyes open and look at him.

I couldn't see his face, for it was filled with pure and conceited darkness. "You my dear, have a great power within you." He said and the hairs on my back stood on end.

Power. The power I used to cause destruction in the midst of battle.

"And I have so many plans for you, come with me and I will make you invincible. Strong and powerful amongst all. You will rule by my side and shall never lack a thing. Come my child, take my hand" He spoke.

His voice suddenly soothing and welcoming, I looked at his outstretched arm at me. Suddenly I could move, but I hesitated.

I though back on everything, all the lies and cheats of this world, everything I had lost, I had nothing to live for, everything I lived for and loved was ripped away from me with no mercy. And the anger within me rose again. The anger that caused me to cause all this destruction upon the kingdoms of the world.

I vowed to destroy them all, and now I vow to destroy those that let it all happen. I will destroy the gods until none exist. Only one will rule.

I stretch my hand out and place it on the man's palm.

"Good choice my child." He says and I feel him smile.

I find my voice again, and I swallow before I speak, " what shall I call you?"

I feel the man smile again and as he speaks, the sky opens and thunder rumbles, before we disappear her tightens his grip around me and says...

" You shall call me Hades!"

Hiya guys, my name is Guk's lil bear, this is my first book here, I'm a writer on wattpad and thought I'd be fun to publish my books here too. Welcome to book one of a very long series called the kingdom series, I hope you enjoy it and happy reading❤ please ignore any typos and errors

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