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" And once again, the king had slaughtered them all for her. He saved her once again, she stood there, mesmerized by him, if only I could see his face she thought. So she took a step closer to him, but he fled, before she could see her saviour. It was said from then, that no one outside the castle walls, had ever seen the alpha Kings face"

Titus gasped. "Why is that so aunt ella?" He asked, his bright green orbs sparkling under the candle light.

"Was he ugly?" Little Sheila asked and I giggled.

"No, in fact, he was the most beautiful being there could ever be. His beauty was so captivating that it enchanted all who saw it." I explained.

"Wow, I'd love to be enchanted by him then, just a glimpse." Titus whined.

"Does anyone atleast know the colour of his eyes maybe aunt ella?" Sheila asked

And I laughed. "Please tell us!" They both whined.

"Okay, but come close, because it's a secret" I whispered and the both quickly scooted close to me. Big white eyes open and curious.

"They say, his eyes, are the rarest blue ever seen, the type of blue you see over the far side of the Pacific Ocean." I say and Sheila squeals. Titus pouts.

"I told you, you thought they were green!" She screams.

"Sshhhh!" I say to her and she quickly covers her mouth. "Sorry aunt ella" She says and giggles. I just shake my head and smile.

"Can you tell us another story aunt ella?" Titus asks.

"Nope, that's enough you two,it's time for bed, this is past your curfew." Meredith says as she walks in and the kids whine.

"Come on mother please...." they beg. "Just 5 more minuets"

"I gave you an extra ten, time for bed come on." And they turn to me.

"Your mother's right kids, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow and it's quite late."

They pout and get up, following their mother to their sleeping place. I smile as I finish off my braids, my mind wonders to them.

Meredith's little twins, both the age of seven but very smart and sharp. Their father died during an ambush a few years back, he was a warrior in the village. We lived a few miles away from King spades kingdom.

I think about little Sheila's dark hair and green eyes, like her brother. Meredith tried so hard to protect her children while dealing with the loss of the love of her life.

I was juts there, her little sister, another weight on her shoulders, I usually worked at the blacksmiths or at the bar to earn some gold to feed us, while Meredith cleaned the dukes palace. While we are gone, the twins remain with Tamara, the village flourist.

My sister has tried so many times to get me married so I can live "a better life" than this. But all the men in this village are pure scum. I'd rather die lonely.

Because of my stubbornness to the idea of marriage, I've heard some of the village women call me a wasted product. And say things like all good things go to waste, but I paid them no mind, for I was secretly training to be a warrior. Next time we're ambushed, I'd make sure I die after my family is safe.

Meredith came back and stood by the door. "The Duke took a particular interest in you ella" She said and I sulked.

"I'm not interested Meredith, I'm fine the way I am" I protested.

"If you'd marry him we'd surely live better ella. Think of the children" She pleaded

"Oh don't use Sheila and Titus against me. I don't worry that worthless piece of dirty duke scum!" I shot at her.

"You must watch your mouth, there are guards everywhere, and you must not speak so Ill of him like that."

"Meredith my dear Sister, that man raped a poor innocent girl and the King let him free, I Shall never marry a man with no morals and self respect for himself and for others, especially women who he must protect and not harm!" I spoke bitterly.

I thought hard about someone's dignity and self respect, what that man did was ill and unacceptable even by the gods above, and I would not entangle myself with him. Never until I die!


"It's a simple No Meredith, and there's nothing you can do to change my mind on this!" I spat and walked away, leaving her alone in the kitchen.

I slept on my sleeping bag and let my mind wonder, I was never going to let myself fall victim to such mediocracy.

I lay there in silence as something nagged my brain. The vision I've been having for the past few weeks. Everytime I close my eyes I see the same thing.

A man with his arm outstretched to meet mine, this always ends with me taking his hand.

No matter how hard I try to brush it off, it always finds it's way back. After much thought, I find myself falling into a deep slumber.

The Light peeks through the throne room, I sit on the throne, crown not on my head but on my right foot. My mind swirls with thought. All negative. I growl and toss another object to the side.

The throne room door opens and Ronan and a few other guards walk in.

"Your majesty, it's not healthy for you to sit in your throne room all day." He says

"You're my second in command and not my keeper!" I growl

"And I am also your friend!" He states and I sulk.

"Leave us." He says to the guards and they retreat out of the room, once the door is closed, he walks closer to my throne.

I raise my head to meet his eyes, his face is etched with worry which makes me scoff in disbelief.

"That mask you have on there....PATHETIC!" I spit out.

"I can't help but worry about you my friend"

"I'm perfectly fine as you can see"

"You need to shift Damien, you're pushing your wolf holding him in. It's dangerous, he's edgy and once he comes out by force, you certainly will not admire the outcome "

"You think I'm so dumb that I don't know all that!?" I bark as I abruptly stand up, Ronan is so used to me that he doesn't flinch.

"I've been trying to shift for days but I cannot, this bond with my brother has gotten me all over the place. I don't know what he's up to but I don't like it, because it's affecting me in ways I didn't know it could. He's out there, living his best life while I'm here suffering on his behalf. I swear to the gods if I cross that bastards path I will not hesitate to kill him!"

"Calm down Damien, you're putting him on edge. Take a seat and breath."

I do as I'm told and take deep and steady breaths and I feel my wold retreat, I can't shift now, only after the festival of the gods.

All the other nine kingdoms are going to gather here, that includes Eric's kingdom, I'll have to be on my best behavior for I cannot let anything go wrong. This is a very important festival and any mistake will cost me my luck with the gods.

This meant, placing all my differences with Eric aside. As impossible as that sounds, it has to happen.

I couldn't let the fact that I had this good feeling about this festival fade away.

I have looked for my mate for many years, and something tells me something big is going to happen. I'll find her, I know I will.

"You know what will make me feel better Ronan?" I asked my bestfriend as I chugged down some wine.

"State your command your majesty." He says with a smirk and a slight bow.

"Raid the nearest village, capture the women and children, kill any who oppose you and bring me their leaders head!"

"As you wish your majesty"

And there's chapter 1, hope you enjoyed it,
Lil bear❤

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