The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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8. Henry v/s Gabriel


It's have been long time I came here. I often came here and sit on a branch whenever I needed some peace. This place is a secret place only for three persons, me, Denial and fruit jam. A small smile appeared on my face when I remembered all those memories. By the way fruit jam was a little girl of 12 years old. She always stay away from her age children because they bully her. That's why we brought her here for playing with us, she was very quiet girl and also cute. Now, she would have become a beautiful lady I can bet. I wonder where she is, after all those awful things I did to her, I don't think she will even foregive me. With that I let out a long sigh. Suddenly Richard says
"How did"- familiar scent of lotus, grass and roses greets me. I can't resist it, if I want to but I can't.
Don't turn, don't turn , don't turn.
I was chanting it but what I did was turened around and saw her sitting under the tree, head on her knees.
"She is upset."
"Hmm." I agreed with Richard.
"Let's talk to her."
"About what?" I asked him clueless.
"About reason of her upset face."
"What, I don't want to?"
"Then ready for the consequences
"Wha"- suddenly I fell from the tree on ground with big thud making lift her head and look at me with her brown eyes.
"What are you doing here? How do you know this place? Oh my god, are you hurt?" She slapped her forehead "What type of questions I'm asking ofcourse you hurt." Show me. How much questions she asked at a time. She came near to touch my head I jerked back with wide eyes then I stand up and turned on my heels started walking away from her
"Listen." A angelic voice makes me turn around
"I think we met before."
"Where?" I asked her before taking some steps towards her and stop just some centimetres away from her.
Her breathing were raged, I can hear her heart beating wildly due to our closeness. A satisfying smirk appeared on my face for my effect on her. Suddenly I also started bothering with this closeness, my heartbeat is running wildly and making rythm with hers. A urge of kissing her is coming in my mind and I moved my gaze down to see her plump lips. Suddenly I feel my lips dry and my tongue licks it without knowing me. Why the hell I'm doing this, she will think I want to kiss her.
"That's what we want, aren't we?" I have no choice other than agree him, "Fuck you Richard."
"Yes, I would love to be fucked by our mate." I gulp my own saliva thinking her riding on me with her closed eyes damn I'm now rock hard. I saw her gulping also with those lustful eyes glued on my lips.
"It would be more erotic if she will do it with her open eyes. Looking in our eyes, riding on our massive cock and moaning our name, dam what are you waiting for? Just claim her." He is not making it easy.We stared each other like this god knows how long then she opened her mouth to say some thing
"I- s-some d-"
"I will kill him, our mate was about to kiss us. Fuck off Gabriel." Richard was pissed off now.
He saved me. Now, I'm so thankful.
But why he is looking like a freaking bull. His face was red with anger now.
"How dare you to touch her." He shouted at me while grabbing my collar.
"Gabriel let him go." My mate told him with terror in her voice.
"No, how dare him to touch you, I will fucking kill him."
"Gabriel please." She said with tears in her eyes. Watching her crying make me feel to wipe her tears away.
Gabriel let go my collar and said
"Don't fucking come near my sister."
"Okay, as you say so." I said with smirk on my face, I know I'm going under his skin. "But ask to your sister." I looked at her and saw her squirming in my gaze. "Will she able to deny her attraction towards me because as much as I know I'm irresistible."
Now he was fuming and I was having fun until he landed a punch, a damn fucking punch on my perfect and handsome face. Then I saw red.
Now he was smirking. I punched him on his face and he stumbled.
With that we were showering each other with punches.
We were so cought up in our fight that we didn't hear cries from my mate.
"Please, please don't fight stop, stop it." I looked over my mate, she was crying her eyes out my features shoftened but not much longer because that dog attacked on me again. I was gripping his both fist in my hands the we both Bashed our heads with each others and we both threw back on the tree then an idea came in my mind as well him we both Uprooted a big tree and about to throw it there was a loud voice
We both stopped but after accidentally throw it, Ooops.
We both land on ground with tree over us.
Now, Alpha Danieal and his family had came out and saw us grunting on ground.
Alpha Danial and his family helped Gabriel while Steve and Jason helped me. They didn't tell anything to both of us. Maybe they were expecting this fight.

I am in my room alone sitting on my bed, Richard was not helping me to heal the wound, fuck you Richard.
There was knock on the door and I know who is it.
"She cares about us."
"I think she came here to confront us for ass of her brother."

"Come in." She came in with a box in her hand. I narrowed my eyes.
"I am here for first aid your injuries." She told me in nervous tone, I stand on my feet but stumbled and sit down on bed. She came quickly for my support.
"You are not healing you need treatment, otherwise it will be lethal for your health." I didn't said anything except nodding at her words.
"Lay down on your back." She helped me in laying on bed. After she confirmed I'm settle in bed comfortably she sat near me and start treating my wounds. She was cleaning it applying antibiotics and stitches the wounds.
She treated my wound of abdomen, chest and now it's time for my face, oh my beautiful face. What he made it but don't worry I'll heal up quickly. When she used antibiotics it burned but it's bearable because I'm Lycan. Her touch gives me a strong spark in my body and it makes me excited and difficult to control myself from take her right here.
"You know you shouldn't come here."
I said her just know her thoughts.
"Yes, I know."
"Then why are you here."
"Because you are hurt." She told me with last touch on my face.
"I'm a Lycan and I can heal till tomorrow myself. You don't need to feel pity for me."
"I'm not feeling pity for you I was just worried because this happened because of me. I just want to apologize to you for your state."
"So, you just want to apologize me?"
She nodded. "For what?"
"As I told you before for the fight you had with my brother."
"And who told you that he fought with me because of you."
"What do you mean?" I saw and listen everything and you know why he was pissed off.
"Why?" I asked her acting confused.
"Because, we were just ,uhm., I-I and you-"
"About to kiss each other. Isn't it."
Tell me one more thing, why were you tempting to kiss me? Why you press your thigh together for some friction. Does it happens with me only or with all guys you meet? Answer me doctor.
She was looking at me with wide eyes and parted lips, damn these lips I just want favour it like my last meal just kiss her lips till she begging to stop.
"I-just I'm sorry."
"That's it?"
"Do you just want to say sorry?" I told her while coming very close, just two inches away from her face.
"Your heart is pumping so fast your breathing is raged.Tell me what else do you want." I said in husky tone.
"That-thats- all." She was looking in my eyes and between my lips and licked her own. Now my Lycan was on the edge and just want one thing and it is kissing her so hard. I closed all the gap and brought my mouth near her ear and said
"If you want to say sorry, you could wait for tomorrow morning." She moans
"It's late, I should go." She declared but didn't try to move. I smirked.
"Then you should go." I said while kissing her neck. She tilted it to give me more access just boost up me and my lycans ego, tonight I will just play with her. I don't want to make quick move, just tempt her till she give in.
She is still sitting there trying not to show the effect I have on her but failed miserably. I back up to see her angelic face. She had changed her cloth now she has been weared a white Silk nightgown with robe but they can't prevent her from my predatory eyes. I gripped the knot of robe and pull her towards me she gasps on my sudden move. She is so responsive.
"Oh really, but your body is saying something else." I mocked.
She snapped back to reality and tried to push me but I didn't budge.
"How dare you to trick me, let me go." Now she was punching me.
"Being feasty aren't we?" I asked her in amused tone.
She glared at me and try to look intimidating but failed miserably.
"She is soooo cute." I can't more agreed with Richard. Suddenly everything became blur it felt like there just me and her. We were looking in her eyes, admiring them how innocent these eyes are like they belongs to an angle and she is the one she is my healer, light for my darkness. I can spend my whole life in her angelic eyes, it feels like home which I carve for so many years.
I didn't even know but seems like my hand has mind of its own before I know what I'm doing I touched her cheek with back of my hand and felt jolt of spark, shivers run down my spine and she leaned in my touch . My Lycan was losing controlled if I won't stop then I will regret it I can't repeat same mistake I made a decade before.
I abruptly remove my hand and push her like she burned me, my eyes became peach black.
"Henry." Oh goddess why my name is Henry I turn my back to her and said
"Then replace your name with Richard." Richard said smirking.
"Out." If I will let her stay here I don't know what will I do?
"W-what?" She asked confused.
"I said OUT." I told her with greeted teeth.
I heard her sighing then she said
"I know you are Lycan but you need herbs for healing your wounds."
"If you know that I'm Lycan then you also know that I have hundred times more healing capacity than humen.
So, I don't need your useless herbs." I spat.
"But your wounds are telling something else." She countered back.
I looked at my unhealed and I was shocked because it didn't even heal a bit. What the he-
I was cut-off by a roar of laughter.
"Richard you bastard."
"What happened almighty Alpha. Aww Baby you can't heal?" Sarcasm was dripping from his voice.
"Are you okay." She asked me while putting her hands on my shoulder. A strong spark of electricity spread in my whole body making me and my Lycan whines. Now my Lycan was taking control. Suddenly I heard a gasp, oh no.

Long day, long chapter
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