The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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9. Guilt


I was looking at the man who was going to the elevator. I don't know why but I feel something for him. I can't explain this feeling but there is something that says we are connected to each other. Maybe he saved my life that's why.
Or maybe he is sooooo handsome.
What no, I mean he is handsome but he is also someone else. Yeah, Lycan and there mate are made for each other.
What if he is my mate?
What happened to my subconscious today.
I pooled out of my train of thoughts by Someone. Oh it's not someone it's Gabriel.
"Let's go."
"Was he Henry Richard Williams who saved me?"
"Yes, he is."
The way they both were looking at each other it feels like they are thristy for each other's blood there Lycan were taking control. If we leave them in one room then I swear to god they will eat each other alive.
"Let's go back mom would be worry." He declared without answering my questions.
Now, we are back to the boring party meeting and greeting people. Right now I'm talking to alpha of red moon pack, but all my mind was somewhere else. I mean how could anyone resist him with his cleaned saved face and those curls I just want to feel their softness, and his squared shape jaw I want to trace my fingers on it while kissing hi-
"What?" I felt everyone is looking at me, now I'm out of my lala land. I think, I thought out loud. Oh God, please save me I promise they didn't hear my fantasies.
"Sorry, I was just... Never mind."
I didn't bothered to listen what that man was talking about all I did was ran out of that place. When I got out of that place I went to our secret place where I can clear my mind.
I am sitting under the tree with my head on my knees I close my eyes and all I was thinking about him, again. F-A-N-tastic. Suddenly I heared a loud thud, when I lift my head to see the person, I was shocked for a moment, oh my god. I couldn't help but started bombarding so many questions
What are you doing here?
How do you know this place?
Oh my god, are you hurt?" I slapped my forehead "What type of questions I'm asking ofcourse you hurt." Show me. I came near him to examine his wound, then it clicked in my mind he is a Lycan who has healing power.
Whom I kidding with? But what if he got his head injured I was about to touch him he jerked of like I will burn him. He turned on his heel and started walking away from me.
Suddenly I questioned him because of which he stopped and turned around
"I think we met before."
"Where?" He asked while taking slow steps towards me ,he is standing in dark but the aura he is radiating gives shiver down my spine. He stopped when he came very near to me.
My heart was beating fast like I ran thousands miles. I looked in her eyes and I forgot everything, I stared at them god knows how long but it felt like more I see in those eyes more I drown in them. His face is rectangular in shape his eyebrows are just perfect. I really don't know but urge of feel the ebrow against my fingertips came in my mind. I looked at his pink Lips which were looking so kissable, they were looking so shoft that I became curious that how would it feel against my lips. When this thought cross my mind I felt my mouth is dried like I am thristy like that man who haven't seen water for days and suddenly he found a pond in desert. I licked my dried lips.
Something flicked in his eyes I didn't understand why but I was feeling hot all of sudden in his gaze. There was an akward silence between us and I really don't know how long we were playing this staring contest but I kinda like it.
"I-some- d-" oh god get yourself together Ashley.
Someone roared from behind, oh no, I know who is he. My brother.
Well done Ashley you did great job in embarrassing yourself.
"How dare you to touch her." He shouted at me while grabbing his collar.
"Gabriel let hime go." I told him with terror in my voice.
"No, how dare him to touch you, I will fucking kill him."
"Gabriel please." I begged him. Right now his Lycan was on the edge i can see his eyes are changing colours from emereld to black.
Gabriel let go his collar and said
"Don't fucking come near my sister."
"Okay, as you say so." He said with smirk on his face, Is he insane, does anybody didn't told him that he has some mental problem I know he is Lycan but the man who is front of him is also Lycan actually a fuming Lycan .
"But ask to your sister." What me? No thanks I'm fine, then he looked at me with that smirk on his handsome face and I squirm in his gaze .
"Will she able to deny her attraction towards me because as much as I know I'm irresistible."
Now Gabby was fuming and I know he was having fun until Gabby landed a punch on his perfect and handsome face. Then I saw red.
Now Gabby was smirking. This time Henry landed punch on Gabby's face and he stumbled.
With that, they were showering each other with punches.
I was crying, crying because this all is happening because of me they were fighting like two dogs fighting on one bread, is that bread also blames itself like I am blaming right now or it feels proud of it, Nevermind I have to do something to stop right now. I was crying and begging them to stop
"Please, please don't fight stop, stop it." Henry looked at me, I saw his features shoftened but not much longer because Gabby attacked him again. He gripped his both fist in his hands then they both bashed their heads with each others and they both threw back and collide with trees I sighed that they stopped but they both Uprooted two big tree and about to throw it I cried
They both stopped but it was too late
They both land on ground with tree over us.
Now, my whole family had came out and saw them grunting on ground.
Dad helped Gabriel while Steve and UncleJason helped him. They didn't tell anything to both of them. Maybe they were expecting this fight.
If I would say that I am shocked then it will be understatement I was beyond shocked, terrified. Last time I saw Gabby that much in anger when our castle was under attack.
Those horrible memories were back again while watching them fighting like that. They both were thirsty for each other's blood. If my dad wouldn't have been came I don't know what would they do to each other. If dad knew that they both hate each other then why dad allow him to live with us? My mom came and hug me
"Baby, you alright?" Are you hurt ?
I cluchted her tightly and cried even more.
I didn't say anything, how could I this all happened because of me. She was creasing my head and said
"Let's go home okay."
I pulled out and nodded.

I am in my room and have changed my dress. Gabby is in his room taking rest because his Lycan need some more energy for healing. His ribs, scapula of left hand and had some internal bleeding. But he will be fine till tommorow morning. That place was rocky, thank god they both are fine and didn't hurt their head otherwise that would take some time.

You all right baby, mom is with me right now and I know she is worry for me.
I'm alright mom just tired. That was half truth, I am scared and I want to see him( don't think so much my heart it's not your work it's mine. I just want to say sorry to him . ) It have been only some hours and he is laying on bed because of me.
"He is alright."
"Huh?" I looked at my mother. And she is smiling
"Henry. He is fine, healers gave him some potions but they were saying that he isn't healing." I bulshed when mom was telling me about him
" I was not thinking about him." I declared.
she's raised her left eyebrow, she ofte does this when she doesn't believe on what someone is saying.
Okay, as you say so? I thought you are interested so I said? Intrested in him? Never ever.
I'm not interested in him, I said will looking anywhere but her. And she chuckled.

"What do you mean he isn't healing. He is Lycan right? Oh my god Did he more injure than Gabby?" I asked her praying to God to that she will say no. My mom smiled a evil smile
Oh god why I asked her
Because you care
No because I'm curious.
"No. His ribs bone is fractured and is sprained his left ankle and there were some cuts which should had Healed right away but didn't." She answered me with frown .
After hearing about him my heart felt heavy with guilt because this happened because of me I shouldn't have gone there.
"This is not your fault, actually they both hate each other." She said, she is in deep thaught, a drop of tear fall down I was looking in her eyes there were hurt, pain and love. It made my heart clench.
I put my hand on her cheek and wiped her tears and said
"Mom?" She snapped out of her thaughts and smiles
"Oh these tears, they just slipped out."
Now, time for bed, okay?
I lay down and she kissed my forehead
"Good night, sweety."
"Good night ,mom."

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