The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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10. Guilt or something else

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I am tossing and turning in my bed. I tried everything for sleep but I can't sleep. I took a glance at my clock, it shows 11:00pm. Still there 7hours left in morning. Whenever I'm trying to sleep his face comes in my mind. I'm feeling guilty for his state. Should I go and see him or should I have wait for morning.
Morning would be best idea. And with that I closed my eyes.

After 5 minutes

"I can't believe I'm doing this."
If you won't do this then you will wakeup with bags under your eyes in morning. And when will meet him, trust me he will die just looking on your horrible face. I rolled my eyes on my inner voice.
I'm front of his room with first aid kit, I knocked his door
"Come in." I entered . He narrowed his eyes. I think he was not expecting it.
"I am here for first aid your injuries." I told him in nervous tone, he stand on his feet but stumbled and sit down on bed. I run to him quickly for his support.
"You are not healing you need treatment, otherwise it will be lethal for your health." He didn't said anything except nodding at my words. Well, it's my pack doctor responsibility to stiches those wounds but this man is too stubborn.
"Lay down on your back." I helped him in laying on bed. After I confirmed he is settled in bed comfortably I sat near him and start treating his wounds. I touched him first time and it felt some strange, it's like some electric sparks, a shiver run down my spine and put my body on fire. That portion of hand tingled. And his intensive gaze was making it ten times worst. I was cleaning it applying antibiotics and stitched the wounds.
I treated his wound of abdomen and chest and now it's time for his face, mom told me they treated his wounds but it's looking like he fought two minutes before not two hours. When I was applying antibiotic liquid on his face he didn't hissed, I was thinking about Gabriel and how dramatic he is for it. He hisses and cries like it's burning him(drama queen).
"You know you shouldn't come here." Suddenly he decided to break the silence
"Yes, I know."
"Then why are you here."
"Because you are hurt." I told him with last touch on his face.
"I'm a Lycan and I can heal till tomorrow myself. You don't need to pity on me." Does he really think that I'm feeling pitty on him?
"I'm not pity on you I was just worried because this happened because of me. I just want to apologize to you for your state."
"So, you just want to apologize me?"
I nodded.
"For what?"
"As I told you before for the fight you had with my brother."
"And who told you that he fought with me because of you."
"What do you mean? I saw and listen everything and you know why he was pissed off."
"Why?" He asked me confused or acting like one.
"Because, we were just ,uhm., I-I and you-"
"About to kiss each other. Isn't it."
"Y-yeah." I stuttered.
Tell me one more thing, why were you tempting to kiss me? Why you press your thigh together for some friction. Does it happens with me only or with all guys you meet? Answer me doctor. What he just said, he thinks I'm someone who kiss single man who come across my path. Please, it's ewww. And who does this? No one does this. But He is right I do feel something when he is near me he was looking at me with his intensive eyes, oh just sorry okay.
"I-just I'm sorry." Why can't I say a simple sorry without stuttering.
"That's it?"
"Do you just want to say sorry?" He asked me while coming very close, just two inches away from my face.
"Your heart is pumping so fast your breathing is raged.Tell me what else do you want." He said in husky tone.
"That-thats- all." I was looking between his eyes and lips and licked my own. We are staying like this god knows how long. Suddenly he closed all the gap and brought my mouth near my ear and said
"If you want to say sorry, you could wait for tomorrow morning." I moan when his I felt his breath touched my skin. Even his breath is so intimidating.
"It's late, I should go." I declared but didn't try to move, He smirked I know I can't see him but I am damn sure he is smirking right now.
"Then you should go." He said while kissing my neck. I tilted it to give me more access just boost up his ego great, now I'm feeling more guilty than before.
I am still sitting there trying not to show the effect he have on me but failed miserably. He back up and I would lie I am saying I'm not disappointed, I want him again kissing me at that place
Or some other place. My inner voice is not making it easy. I hope I could kill you.
I felt his gaze on my body. He was looking at me with intense gaze, I had changed my clothes now I am in a white Silk nightgown. I was looking in his eyes they were black. He gripped the knot of my robe and pull me towards his chest I gasp on his sudden move and put my both hand on his broad chest. The touch made me more horny. Now I'm carving for him I want him to touch everywhere, kiss me roughly and-
"Oh really, but your body is saying something else." His words made me snapped out of my train of thoughts (fantasy). Now I know why he is doing this he tricked me, how did I let him tricked me. Of course I see in his eyes more than I should. Lycan's eyes are hypnotizing, it help them to catching there pray easily. If anyone see in there eyes more tha thirty seconds they get hypnotize and I don't even know how long I was looking in his eyes. I was angry now and pushing him but he didn't budge. I hope I was Lycan I would eat him ( no, first fuck him then eat him). Ignoring my inner voice I gritted out "How dare you to trick me. Let me go." I started punching him and glared at him. "Fiesty aren't we?" He asked in amused tone, Oh god please help me. His eyes were changing their colour again from blue to peach black, he touched my cheek with back of his hand and I leaned in his touch. My brain was crying
Stop and push him again it's not real he doesn't love you he will play with your heart and leave you. You know he is a playboy.
but my heart, well my heart is saying
It's feeling good just live this moment don't listen to this stupid brain if you listen to it your hair will be white you will get wrinkles on your face and your teeth will be fall like old women in short you will start aging before the actual age. And stupid me, I am lishtening my heart. I was lost in this moment and- He removed his hand suddenly
Henry. I was looking at him his eyes were closed like he is in trance.
"Out." He said something.
"W-what?" What's up on me today?
I said OUT. He gritted out again.
Told you he's player. I sigh and said
"I know you are Lycan but you need herbs for healing your wounds."
"If you know that I'm Lycan then you also know that I have hundred times more healing capacity than humen.
So, I don't need your useless herbs." He said with venom in his voice.
"But your wounds are telling something else." I countered back.
He looked at his unhealed wound, he didn't turned to me but I can say he is shocked. Actually, he should be afterall he is mighty lycan.
"Are you okay." I asked him while putting my hands on his shoulder. A strong spark of electricity spread in my whole body again, but this time is was stronger, I was shocked on this effect. He turned around very slowly, very very slowly or my mind is playing game with me. His eyes were now black and this veins of are visible out I can count his pulse without touching it. I know that thisishis Lycan my brain was telling me to run, and never come back in this room. It would be good I would count stars instead facing a Lycan.
He was looking intimidating and hansome at same time. What is happening to me why I'm calling a Lycan handsome who is going to eat me. I want to cry and call everyone but my voice is lost like someone have tied my tongue.
We are so close, even our chest were touching each other. I shouldn't looking in his eyes but I did. I should scare of this beast but I didn't. He snaked his hand around my waist and pull me closer our chests touch because I didn't put my hand between us. I was just looking in his eyes. Suddenly he lift me an spun around, I gasp and said "Oh no." I gripped his shoulder blade with my hand and just in blink of eyes I was on his bed with him over me .

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