The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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11. Stay with me

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I was under him, looking into each other's eyes. His bare chest was touching mine, he started moving his hand down my body. Is he going to touch me there. No, this is not happening. Is it? His hand was now on my stomach but it didn't stop, I was praying to God to stop him and he stopped. I think god also don't want this happen.
Why God. Oh, my inner voice sometimes I think that I have also a horny wolf inside my head, but this can't be true, right? He was untieng knot of my robe.
" What are you doing?" I asked him and tried to stop him, "Let me go." He growled in response that made me stop. He made me sit on the bed and removed my robe, and again laid me down. I tried to push him, but there was no use. "Get off me, you jerk." He is making me fantasizing those lusty things, I glared at him for corrupting my mind with dirty thoughts.
Like you are saint, didn't ever heard about it. My inner voice rolled her imiginary eyes on me.
Who asked you stupid inner voice.
"Me? I didn't do anything other than putting you on my bed."I just want to sleep with you but you are the one who have other plans ." He said with smirk on his face. Oh, this stupid smirk my hand is so tempted to slap this smirking face of yours Mr. Williams."
"Did someone not tell you that you think out loud.Ms Riverwoods."
" What?" Now he is reading my thoughts.
"I didn't." I declined.
"You did."
"Get off me."
"Make me." He smirked, again.
"If you not get off me I'll bite you."
"I think we were fighting but it seems like you have other plans."
"Wha-" I realised what he wants to say. It would be lie of I will say that I'm not blushing. I looked away because I can't bear his stares which are full of lust and smirk which is making me clench my thighs. Put yourself together girl.
"It's late you know we should sleep." I reasoned.
"You are right." He agreed but didn't move, even he put his head on my chest and said "Good night."
"Henry I can't stay with you."
"Why can't you?"
"Because this is wrong."
"What?" Now he was looking at me.
"Henry, I can't sleep with you, we are still strangers for each other." This was true though, I don't know him and he has a mate who is waiting for him. Staying with him will make things worst than already it is. I don't want to have feelings for him, because I'm afraid, afraid that he will leave me when he will find someone beautiful than me. Thinking him with someone else made my heart ache. A small drop of tear fell down from my eyes.

"Ashley." I didn't look at him, "Please look at me." He gripped my jaw gently and made me looked at him he was feeling guilty for it but he shouldn't it was my fault that I'm feeling about him this way.
"Whatever you said was true, we are strangers for each other but don't ever think that I will leave my mate for other women, out there." I was shocked, am I his mate or he is kidding with me. He chuckled and said "Yes you are my mate, my soul, my life. When I saw you first time I knew it that you are the one whom I'm waiting for centuries but was also afraid, afraid that you will reject me after knowing about my identity. My heart ached when I saw you there unconscious and I hated myself because, it was me who gave you that pain. I want to say sorry for that day, and I promise you that I won't touch you without your permission. But I won't let you reject me because I need you as my mate, my queen and most important for me. He smirked but his eyes are full of love, sorrow guilt and promises.
"There is no shame that I love you. He came up from my chest and kissed my forehead. "I have already pushed you away more than my own good." My hand was stroking his hairs without knowing me, his head in on my chest. He looked at me with playful eyes and said, "But right now I want to cuddle with you. He move over me and pulled me toward his chest.
"But your wounds are not healed yet." I reasoned,
"What wounds doctor?" He asked confused and looked at his body, I sit up and looked at his wound and my mouth opened in shock, because there was not a scratch on his well build body. I looked at him, "Oh wounds, I think my Lycan healed them, see. Thank you doctor this all happened because of your treatment and the herbs."
"You, I'm not going to sleep with you, I'm going to my room, good night." I was ready to climb out the bed but he gripped my arm and I turned to glare him but he gave me puppy dog eyes "But why?"
"Because you are healed now and you don't need anyone to look after you." Now I climbed out of the bed and about to move he pulled me and pinned me on the bed.
"But I need you, Doctor." His voice was dark and so was his eyes.
"Yes, Doctor."
"The door is not locked someone will come inside." I think, he will understand and leave me.
"Smart girl, but I have already locked the door." A clicked sound came from the way of door, great, all he understood was to lock the door but leave me.
Now, sleep Doctor otherwise you will get bags under the eyes. He said kissing my nose and gave beautiful smile. "Good night."With that he turn over and switched off the lights except a lamp on the nightstand.
"Good night." I said back with thought of today in my mind. I'm sleeping right now with man whom don't know much about, but I'm laying in his bed cuddling him. The strange thing is that it's not feeling wrong but right, so right like this is my place, my home. Who knew that having a mate make you feel so good. He snaked his hand on my waist and pulled me closer to his chest, putting his head in croock of my neck he said, "Don't think much Doctor, Sleep." I instantly close my eyes and fell into deep slumber.

Next Day

I am laying on my bed, it is so soft and hard at same time, my bed don't have body hair and heartbeat. I jolt awake and came face to face with the most handsome person. I literally slept with him last night, didn't I. He was sleeping with mouth open and snoring softly. He was sleeping so piecefully but I know I have to wake him up otherwise this would be his last sleep, because my brother will going kill him. His hand on my back putting me in place, I slowly tried to get up but he pushed me with his hand, "Stay still." Even in his sleep he is so commanding. "Errr, I think it would be good to wake up before someone will know." I suggested. "No one will know,even they will know I don't give fuck what they will think." Now, I am regreting staying here, I sit up and he opened his eyes whinning like child, making me giggle. "It won't end well, my brother will kill you." Oh my Doctor," he rolled me under him and started shower me with kisses, "the day haven't started yet and all you care about ending it. It's not fair." He put his head in croock of my neck and grumbled, "This is not proper way to wake someone up."
" But-" he put his finger on my lips and continued, "I was expecting some special way, but all you are doing is finding ways to run away from me. Now make me wake up, again." And with that he rolled over and closed his eyes, suddenly an idea came in my mind. I slowly laid on him and brought my face toward his ear and kissed it, he shivered on my touch, I smirk at my effect on him I started kissing his ear to his square shaped jaw, he growled and his chest vibrated gave me a chilled sensation in my body and making me hot from inside. I looked at his face, he was diving in pleasure, I can also feel his erection and I started grinding very slowly, he let out a moan, I lost all my controll because my pussy was throbbing for his cock, thinking it is very good chance I picked up alarm clock and brought it near his ear and clicked the button and it started making irritating sound due to its sound he winced and opened his eyes and I jumped off the bed knowing I have waked up a beast in him. I ran and opened the door and ran out of his room.
I didn't give attention to my surrounding, I know he is not after me because right now I'm in my room and the door is locked.
I was giggling like a high school girl who pulled a prank with her crush. With that I went to bathroom and had a cold shower because that sensation was still inside me.

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