The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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12. The Attack


At afternoon

Right now, I'm sitting in Alpha Daniel's office discussing about security on the border of their territory with Apha Daniel, Beta Jason and Steve. Gabriel is not here because he is in field training warriors. It would be great because I don't want to see his rotten face early in this morning.
"There was attack three week before in north direction of Lunar Moon Pack, they were total eight trying to enter into his territory. There were ten soldiers petrolling, two of them were injured badly." Beta Jason was giving us report about the attack. "It's quite strange that this is fifth attack in one month and twenty Lycans and forty werewolves are dead already." Alpha Daniel said.
"What is council saying about this." Steve asked. Apha Daniel let out a sigh and answered "Council is saying us to fulfill their demand."
"What demand?"As soon as these two words came out Steve's mouth Williams brother's heads turned toward his direction. Alpha Daniel an Beta Jason exchange a long glance with each other, I know they are mind linking after some seconds Alpha Denial nodded his head, "They are asking for Ashley."
"They are asking for what?" As soon as these questions came out of my mouth they all looked at my direction because it was my lycan. "They are asking for Ashley." Beta Jason repeated and I growled not hiding the fact that Richard is on edge of anger, ready to tear those bastard in thousand pieces. "Alpha please control yourself." Steve mindlinked me. "Don't tell me what should I do. She is my mate and no one is going to take her but me." I growled at him. " I'm sorry alpha but this is not time you have to be cooled down no one is taking her." Steve mindlinked me, I closed my eyes and cooled down myself thinking about my mate, her innocent brown eyes, her smile gives me and my Lycan a warm feeling which we never felt before. I opened my eyes and Daniel and Jason were looking at me with surprised face.
"What have you decided?" Steve's question diverted their attention. "There is nothing to decide anything about this, because we are not going to fulfill their demand. Even we will give them what they deserve." Beta Jason said with a evil smirk. "Did you gave them your verdict." I asked Alpha Daniel. "Yes, but they gave us three weeks to hand her to them or they will do this themselves." Alpha Daniel said. "What do you mean they will do this themselves?" Who are they to touch my mate. Who gave them right to touch what is ours. They have to face me before touch her. All Richard wants is blood, wants to bath in it, but I know that I shouldn't lose my control. I can't go and anounce that she is my mate and put her in more danger that she is already in. They all think that I have been rejected by my mate but what they don't know is, she was not even my mate. She was a bitch. It would be shame for bitch to call her with this name. "Does Gabriel know about it?" Steve asked again. "Yes, he knows. He also did attend that meeting with the council. He even loosed his controll and attacked one of the council head." Alpha said. "You should see that asshole's face, it was red because he was chocking him to death. Oh goddess I should have take some pictures, so I can show you." Jason said and laughed out loud." I hope I would go with Alpha king instead of rubbing my ass on my office chair." Steve said and they both laughed again. Alpha Daniel face palmed because of there childish behaviour and I shook my head smiling." Jason, Steve stop this." They both stop on Alpha Daniel's command. "What about attackers, did you get any?" I asked, "We catched all,but...." There was a pause,"But?" I repeated, and he let out sigh "but they are dead before we could get any information from them." "How did they all die? "I asked, not missing the fact that my curiosity is on edge. "We don't have any idea, we kept them in prison and after two hours, they all dead, all we got to know that they were chanting some spell before they dead. All we could say that someone was controlling them."
"Did you do their postmortem?"
"Yes we did everything. Even we tried to get information about these attackers but all we found was they are werewolves from different packs and there clows are made of venom."
"What type of venom."
"An unknown venom." Alpha Daniel said with deep in thoughts. This case is more interesting than I thought.
"Where did they get this venom?"
"This venom made in Egypt"
"Do all those attacks report say same thing?"
"Yes, every cases have same report. Gabriel had investigated all cases and also the postmortem by himself."
"Did they all knew each other. The wolf who attacked?' Steve asked.
"Maybe." Jason surge his shoulders.We didn't ask anyone anything or let there families know about them. Council ordered us that we can't do this, because it could be dangerous for our people."
"Bullshit. I think Council is also involve in this attack." I said not even I believe what they said.
"I agree with you Henry, but we don't have any proof against them. As you all know they betrayed us once. But, now we can't let this happen again."
There is something missing in this attack but what?
"Do you have all information about those Wolves, where they live, who are their relative and where they visited recently?"
"Yes, wait a minute. And with that he went to a big shelf and took out eight files. Here these are. All the investigation and postmortem report. You can see this." He put it on the table in front of us.
"Did you asked anyone in Egypt." I asked, we all have our private investigator all over the world. It doesn't matter they are Lycan, witches or humen.
"Yes, he gave me an address. He told me to come and see myself."
"Then we should find out about it before it would be too late" I said.
"It's not necessary, I will do it myself. All he should do is pack his bag, take his lazy ass out of our territory." Someone said behind me. And guess who is this, the one and only our brave Gabriel.
"Welcome Prince Gabriel, I was waiting for you unnecessary presence." I greeted him with sarcasm. "If anyone's presence is unnecessarily here, it's your Alpha king, so it would be good to shut your fucking mouth." Gabriel hissed. "Everyone know that whose mouth is fucked up more." I snapped back, I stood up on my legs, face to face with Gabriel my Lycan was ready for fight with him.
"Gabriel this is not time to fight on your unnecessary reasons-"
"Unnecessary, huh a girl lost her family because of him was unnecessary reason? I lost my sister was unnecessary reason? What did they do to him that he killed them? I warned you all but no one listened to me. That woman was bad news for all of us. Melly was your own daughter and he killed her how could you forget it and ask for their help. I'm afraid that you even loved your daughter-" Gabriel cutoff by Alpha Daniel slap. Suddenly the room fell in a grave silence.
That's enough, you have no right to denying your Alpha's decision. What I'm doing is for our people. And it doesn't matter who you are, you have to obey my order and accept my all decisions. He took a long sigh, "I know this is very much for you to handle son but we can't deny what our destiny is and it was all happened in past. Happy or not, you have to work with him or you can step out of this case." He came back to his sit, with long sigh Gabriel took sit down on the chair beside Jason. "I am sorry dad what I said. But I can't give you guarantee about ny behavior towards this man." Gabriel said pointing his finger in my direction. "Don't worry prince, the feeling is mutual." I smirked and sit down.
"Good decission my son." Alpha Daniel said smirking. Do you have any idea when will they attack next?" I asked. We are not sure but we can guess that there next attack will be on Alpha Leoranzo's pack within next week. Jason said. "Did you informed him about the attack." Yes, and Mr. Leoranzo is coming tomorrow for meeting so we can plan for the fight, and your dad is coming too. Alpha Daniel said pointing his finger in my direction. "You both have to go to Egypt for the investigation and don't forget that you have only five days to find about the secret behind this venomous werewolves."
He looked at beta Steve and said "We also need help for our pack members safety. Because I am going to Asia for meeting a friend of mine. Go, and prepare your bags, you Both are leaving a day after tomorrow." He leaned back on his chair and said you all are dismissed."
Thank you so much Alpha you saved me from these two hot headed bulls. Steve thanked him and I and Gabriel growled at him, "I think I should go otherwise I need protection from these Lycans whose asses are on fire." Before we can beat this man shit out of him, he ran out of the door . I heard chuckles from behind, they were from Alpha and Jason.

Alpha Denial

I am sitting right now in my office, thinking about the mitting I held with Henry. The way he reacted after Jason told him about their demand, I can say that there is something, between them. Maybe he is attracted towards her, or maybe she is his mate? But why would he hide this to us if she is his mate. His Lycan was surfaced after ten years, this what very strange thing happening right now.
Henry is a great Alpha, I know his life is not on good terms right now but in this crucial time he didn't loosed himself is what it makes me proud of him. He is rejected by his mate, she even killed his child and never came back. And this thing broke him down, poor boy. I still didn't forget that night, when everything burned into ashes. That night brought havoc in everyone's life. A father lost his daughter , a friend lost his friend. A brother lost his sister, a king lost his queen. But the most worst thing happened to Ashley, she lost everything, her family,her home everything and more important herself.
I still remember that day when she locked herself in a dark room and cried for whole three days. She was scare from all of us, even my wife Chloe, whom she love like her own mother. I didn't knew that I was crying because by tears started falling down my face, but didn't try to wipe it because I was too lost in the past.
Past is nothing but your shadaw, it doesn't matter how far you run from it. You will always find yourself stuck with it till your last breath.
A soft hand came contact to my face, and know who is it, "Mate." I smiled and opened my eyes to see her beautiful face. I pulled her on my lap and looked in her eyes, whenever I see her face I felt guilty and vernable that I couldn't save our daughter.
"I'm sorry Chloe..."and I broke down like a child who threw down in a dark hole lost his last hope of light but someone took him out of that hole and says, it's over now. But I know that what was happed is happened this can't be change they won't be back whom I lost. I put my head on her chest and her heartbeat calmed me.
"You are great rular and king Denial. Don't make yourself feel vernable, that was not your fault. I am not angry with you and never blamed you for all those things. You are my soul, my life when you cry it makes me cry also, you don't have to feel guilty about what is not in your hand. And one more thing king, no matter what will happen no matter who will stay with you or who will not I will be always with you because you are my soul, my life I had never doubt on you on you and will never dooubt in future." Her words soothed me but my sorrow and guilt were still there.

At evening


I'm with Steve walking down the street. This place reminds me of my old day, not because I spent my time hear a century ago. Because their lifestyle didn't change a bit. "So, have you asked her fir date?" Steve asked out of blue."Date, Should I? Isn't it going too fast? " I asked him feeling nervous all of sudden. "Why not, she is your mate and this won't be end of the world if a boy take a girl on a date." He rolled his eyes. "I agree with him, don't forget we are going to Egypt for five day, five fucking days without her. It would be same if we can't steel some beautiful moments with her, alone." Richard said all excited. Something catched my eyes and that is pack hospital. From where my mates addicting smell is coming. Richard was urging me to meet her, we didn't meet her after this moring and now it's evening. I entered in the hospital and everyone bowed to me, I nodded and went towards her office. Her name was written on the gate. Dr.Ashley Riverwoods in italic. I was about to knock but a irritating voice stopped me. "Alpha doctor is busy right know." She is receptionist, I can tell. My Lycan growled,want to tear her." You know who I am, right?"Richard asked taking step towards her. What the hell this bastard is saying. What if she'll tell Ashley. I shaked my head on his behaviour towards her.
She backed away, "Y-Yes Al-Alpha." She stuttered, fear was radiating from her. And Richard was enjoying it, if she declined my proposal because of this. Trust me Richard I'm going to kill you .
"So, you also know that I can meet anyone I want." Another step, these nonsense rule are not for me. So, you keep your advice and go where you came from." Richard growled at her. She ran away for her life.
"This is nonsense you shouldn't do this. She was doing her job. " I scold him, he shouldn't make me say anything like this.
"But I want to see my mate. And it was fun to see that girl trembling in our gaze. Hahahahaha." He laughed and I shaked my head on his idiotic behaviour.
"Ashley won't like our way of talking to her receptionist."
"Whatever." He grumbled.

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