The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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13. Boyfriend

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"Ashley it is hurting." A five years old boy whined. Right now I am in my clinic treating his wound, he injured his leg while climbing tree. "You should be careful while climbing Luke." I told him and bandaged his wound. Luke doesn't like play with kids of his age because they bully him. This is what world, isn't it? Strong one loves to make suffer weak one, they say it gives them satisfaction,but the truth is satisfaction is not in making someone suffer, it is in making someone smile. "What are you thinking Ley?" His words pull me out of my thaughts. "Nothing, some random thing." I smiled at him. "Ley, I want to share you some of my secrets." "What secret Luke?" I asked him. "I'll tell you but don't tell anyone okay." He wispered the last part. "Okay." I nodded.
"I like you." He told me blushing. "Aww, I like you too Luke." Oh really, that means you are my girlfriend?" He asked me with his wide eyes, I giggled. "Ashley I'm serius." He said in serious tone. "Yes, I'm your girlfriend." I smiled at him. "But where did you hear about girlfriend." I asked him.
"From those boys who bully me. They were talking about, gf and bf and they toldm I can't get one because no one likes me. He said with tears in his eyes. But see I have my girlfriend and she is most beautiful girl in the world, I ever saw." He jumpedon his seat in excitement in his voice and hugged me.
"Ley, can you kiss me please?" He gave me puppy dog eyes. I gave him long kiss on his cheeck and he was blushing like tomato, he is soooo cute. We talked some more time and now, it's time to go home. "Ley, I think someone on door and he is bullying Clara." Clara is my receptionist and she is also human. Well Luke is a lycan and his hearing power is very strong. Normally Lycan can hear just five hundred miles away but, he can hear you from 10000 miles away. That's why he always scares because he can listen those sounds that we can't and it scares him. We are helping him to concentrate and avoiding unnecessary hearings. And he is doing much better than before. "Who is bullying her." I asked. "It's Alpha, he is saying, he is Alpha king and he can meet anyone anywhere he wants." He mimicked his tone. My dad don't do this, it doesn't matter how much important work is. Then, it will be only one person, 'Henry'. Wait, what is he doing here? I rushed to door and opened it, he was standing with his one hand in air like he was about to knock. Thank god, he didn't forget his manners. He is in black Jean pant and blue checked shirt and looking so sexy and tasty, I gulped my own saliva. "This is not good to be horny at your work Doctor." I snapped out of my thaughts.
Pull yourself together Ashley.
"What are you doing here?" I hissed at him. "What we do in hospital?" He asked me back with smirk. What will I do to this man. "We come here when we are sick. But you are looking fine." I told him." And who let you in without any appoinment?" I asked him with narrowing my eyes on him, I know he is the one who threatened Clara. "Do you really think, I need appointment to meet you?" He asked me coming very close to me. "Don't you dare to bully my girlfriend." Luke warned him, it's not even a hour for him to become my boyfriend and he is so protective for me, How sweet. A giggle escaped my mouth looking at Henry's expression. "What did you just said millimetre." I can see anger in his tone, why is he angry on a kid? "What you just heard kilometre." Luke said with sarcasm in his tone. "Did your parent never teach you, how to behave with elders?" Henry asked him, "Did your parent never teach you, how to talk with women?"
"Now, you will teach me how to talk with women?" He gritted out. "Momma says, we shouldn't grind our teeth they will become weak and will fall before their age." Henry was shocked and stopped his grinding his teeth, I laughed before I know. Henry glared at me and I stopped laughing, or maybe trying to stop it. I saw his jaw twitched, "You talk much more than your own good, toddler." Henry smirked. One thing I came to know today that Henry doesn't like kids. "Nice try to scare me grandpa, but not impressed." Luke torted back. " You don't have any idea who I'm and how much scary I can be, kid?" Henry tried to scare Luke, "It doesn't matter who you're and what you're if you will bully my girlfriend again. Then, ready to face consequences." Luke threatened Henry. "Both of you stop fighting." I jumped in, before these two Lycans start make this conservation more heated. "Luke you are a good boy, right?" I asked him and he nodded. Then why are you arguing with your elder? It's wrong you know?"
"Sorry Ley, but he was bullying you. And I love you, that's why I was protecting you and momma says we should protect whom we love." His head was still down. "Awww baby you are so sweet but still, he's elder than you. You should tell him politily instead of arguing with him. Arguing with your elders is not good thing." I told him while hugging him. "Now, say sorry to uncle." I pulled back and told him. He went to him, "I'm sorry sir for my impolite behaviour, and I'm requesting you to not bully women. Momma said we should respect women, and not make them cry." Henry was shocked on Luke's words, even I was shocked on him. I know what he was talking about Clara also. Because this man made her cry. I went to him and hugged him, "Uncle also wants to say sorry to you for his behaviour." I glared at Henry. "He should say sorry to Lara, not me, he made Lara cry." Luke show me his best ever pout .


How did this kid come to know, what I said to that girl? "Yes, yes he will apologize to Lara also." My mate said and threw me another glare. She is looking so sexy while glaring at me. "I'm not going to apologize anyone. She was the one who stopped me."
I said irritated. She stand on her feet, "Okay, fine we have done talking. Now good bye." With that she collected her things and grabbed that Luke kid's hand. "No, we didn't." I declared, how could she leave me without talking just for a mistake I didn't do. I was about to ask her for a date but this monster ruined my plan. "I am an Alpha, a king and a king doesn't apologise to anyone, unnecessarily." I told her. "What made you think that what you did with her was right?" She asked , "Because she stopped me to meet you." I pouted, she sighed and closed her eyes for some seconds, "Look Henry, I know you wanted to see me that's why you are here but this my workplace we can't do this and you should respect my patient's privacy. And you should also apologise to Lara because you talked to her impolitely." With that she left the office.
"Just go and apologise to that girl." Richard said in my head.
"No way in the hell I'm going to apologise." I declined.
"Then forget about the date. You ruined it, already" He rolled his eyes.
"Don't you dare to push it on me. This is your fault you growled at her." I scold him, who told him to growl at her?
"Okay, I agree." He grumbled, "but don't forget we have to make up with her otherwise that little monster of her boyfriend will take her away from us." I know, he is right. Who knows that a five year old kid can be threat for three hundred and thirty years old Alpha King. I exited the hospital and saw that girl with my mate and Steve, oh yeh don't forget that monster boyfriend. She looked at me and looked down immediately. I went to her and stand there like statue,
"How to apologise with anyone?" I asked Richard.
"Kneel and say sorry, simple." That bastard.
"Why am I even asking you?" I said irritated.
I cleared my throat, she trembled.
"Ms. Clara I'm beg your pardon for my earlier behavior. It was so rude of me to not understand your duty and put my priority at top. I am sorry, once again." With that I bowed my head and I heard gasps. I waited and waited, but that girl didn't say anything. "Do I have to stay like this forever. I asked her still bowing my head. "Oh, she won't mind. Will you, Lara?" Steve said laughing. "I-I a-accept your apology, Alpha." She said finally, and I raised my head.
I looked at them, and three pairs of eyes were opened wide and Steve was smirking like an idiot. "What?" I asked, they all snapped out of their shock. "Now, it's Luke's turn, come on Alpha you can do this." Steve stared cheering. "That enough for today. Now I want to talk with you in private." I said to Ashley. Talk, in private? "You have to take my permission first." Luke said me. I kneeled in front of him, all I want to throw him high in air and smack him but I know he is a kid and my mate's so called boyfriend. "Mr. Luke may talk with Ashley in private?" I asked him very politely. "Not impressive but permission granted." He said like possessive boyfriend, goddess help his mate.
"Says who is jealous from a kid." Richard started laughing on me.
"What a perfect timing Richard."
"Now, please stand up before I change my mind." I glared at him and stand up. "Ley if he will bully you again, then call me. I will kick this big Alpha's butt." And they all laughed. "That won't be necessary, boyfriend." Ashley said in laugh, "Now, I know why they both are on each other's neck." Steve said chuckling. Lara, please take him to his mother. Clara nodded and went away with him, after saying bye to us. Steve also went with her. Now, it's just me and her.
I cleared my throat and she asked "What's important came to you that you couldn't wait for me in castle?" We are walking back to Castle, suddenly I was feeling nervous. "I am going for Egypt, the day after tommorow." I declared, She looked at me for a moment, "Umm, when will you be back?" She asked. "After a week." I answered, You can say this, when I would at home. She narrowed her eyes at me.

"Yes, but I go I want to spend some time with you." He put his hand in his pants pocket."So, I want you take to a date, tommorow." He was nervous, I can say. "Is it your first date?" I asked,
"No. Why you asked?"
"Because you are nervous."
"Well, it's my first date with you." He looked at me. "So, uhh yes?"
"Yesss." He punched his hand in air, his behaviour gathered some attantions, I giggled on his childish behaviour. Who knew their is a cute and nervous boy in this big bad Alpha.

Lara is Nick name of Clara.
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