The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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14. Dinner !


We reached at Castle, "Good evening princess Ashley, prince Henry." We were greeted by gaurds. As we went in , we saw everyone are in rush, running here and there like everyone's asses are on fire. I giggled, " What's going on, why are you all are in rush." I asked to mom who is busy in giving oders, for decorating the room. She looked at me and sigh in relief." Thank god, Ashley you are home, there are so many works pending. No no no no, don't put that vase there, put it on table beside the stairs." She was instructing the survents, She turned to me and said, "Today all four kings are paying visit with thier families. And thier rooms are not even ready, yet." I felt so bad for her, Let me help you," Of course, but first go, get fresh and meet me in kitchen,okay?" I nodded, she kissed my forehead and started her work. I shook my head and looked at Henry, he was looking shocked or may be terrified, what happened I asked him. "Mom is visiting here, that means we can't go on our date tommorow. Why only my life is so fucked up." He said making face like five years old kid whose parent denied to buy his favourite icecream. He was stumping his feet and went in direction of his wing hanging his head down. I also went to my room giggling.
I took bath and went to my closet, I changed in white shirt and jeans and put my waist long hairs in messy bun. I took a look in the mirror and went out of the room for the preparation for the dinner with kings.
" Aunt Lara, is everything going fine?" Aunt Lara is head maid of the house. "Oh my child, come here, take a sit." She patted the empty chair beside her.
So, checking the list for dinner, huh? I asked her, "Yeah, we have only three hours left for dinner we haven't even prepared half of the dishes." She sighed deeply. "Need some hands?" I offered her. "Oh yes, but first eat something. Sofia get her some food, please." She asked Sofia one of the maids. "Yes Madam." She came with plate full of mac and cheese, put in front of me. Well, let me tell you I haven't even eaten my lunch and looking at this delicious food made my mouth water and my stomach growled, I put it in my mouth and moaned at the taste. "Mmmm, yummy." They both smiled.
After I finished, I started licking plate, Aunt Lara looked at me, you want more?" She asked me, "No Aunt Lara but I looooove licking these cheese, they are too tasty to waste them." She giggled and Murmured, "Typical Ashley." And she leaved for checking on maids who who were cooking. I started washing the dishes, because they all were busy and I also want to give some hands.
"Your moan is so sexy. But it will be more sexy in my bed." Suddenly I heard a deep husky voice in my head? Henry. I froze on that place. When did he heard my moan, I looked around and he was not there then how did he- "Don't put too much pressure on your head doctor otherwise you will need the one for you." I swear he has is smirking right now. "What a guess, Doctor. Can you guess what I want to do with you right now?" Is he here, in kitchen? I was looking here and there.
"Ashley?" Sofia's voice brought me out of my trance.
"What happened, you are sweating and panting, are you all right? And what are you looking for?" She asked me with concern. "No, I'm alright, don't worry." I assured her while whipping the sweat of my forehead.
"Are you sure? You are looking bothered." She smirked? What does she mean, bothered.
" No, I'm not." I declined and start washing the dishes. But why are you smirking?" I asked her narrowing my eyes, "Let's finish, this work first then we have to make dinner table also." She ignored my question, smirking.

After 2 and 1/2 hours


"Why are they coming today?" I asked Steve, "Maybe for beating your ass." And he laughed at his own joke. "Do you know what, you are no less than that brat, Luke." I gritted out. He put his hand on his chest, Oh that hurts. He said with pained expression, I rolled my eyes, "Is your heart in the right side Steve?" He looked at his hand and quickly put his hand on left side, "Now it hurts." He said with cheeky grin. "Now stop your drama and tell me what should I do." I sighed and fell on bed. We are planning at what time I should take her out. "What about morning?" He asked me, mimicking my position on the bed. "No, Gabriel will know about it. What about lunch date?" I asked him, while facing him. "No, she will be at her restaurant, and eveyone will be there. So, not a chance." We both sighed, well evening is not good because we have meeting with all three alphas. "Then what should I do now? "
"Cancel your date." He said shurgging, "No way in the hell I'm gonna cancel the date. This is my first date with my mate." I stand on my feet, put my suit jacket on and looked at my reflection. I am looking handsome as always in purple three piece suit. I wonder what is she wearing today. "Whatever it will be she will look sexy as hell." Richard says while putting his face on his paw. His pose reminds me of the statue of the thinker man. "I can't agree with you more." I told him smirking.
"What about you take her out when everyone will be sleeping." Steve said and stand up as well. "Yeah, that would be great idea." I agreed with him. I put my Rolex watch and checked the time, We have still left half an hour.
"I think we are missing something." I turned to him, he was standing with bottle of scotch in his hand and smirk on his face.
"A bottle won't hurt." I returned the smirk and we both sat on the coach with bottle in our hand and drank a whole bottle of scotch in one go.
"Now, I am ready." We both said in unison and laughed.
"Let's go, greet the guests." And with that we went out of our wing.


"Sofia, it's hurting." I cried out. Sorry, sorry, just a minute. She said still struggling with my curls. After finishing cooking the dinner, I went for taking bath, when I entered my closet Sophia was standing with a blue dress, it was beautiful, but not my type. It is thigh high slit and one shoulder off, blue dress. After fifteen minutes argument, she finally won and I am here sitting in front of the mirror, making faces. "Don't do this you will ruin your makeup." She slapped my hand, which was rubbing my nose.
"What my nose was itching." I whined, she growled lowly.
"If you won't let me do your hair and keeping irritating me like this I swear to moon goddess, you will go there in a swimsuit." She threatened me, I widdened my eyes and stopped moving.
"This is so unfair." I said pouting.
Did you see last time all those princesses came in slutry dress and how men's eyes were on them. Let me tell you one thing. I can't stand those brats(phew).
"How could I see, Sofia. Last time I was not here." I grumbled. Well yeah, last year I was in New York, completing my residency. After that I move here.
Anyway, I heard that they are staying here for three weeks.
"Three weeks?" I asked her, I want to go back New York. Or may be I Should go to Egypt with Henry and Gabriel. No way I'm gonna stay with them.
"All done." She declared, I looked at my reflection, "I am looking beautiful." I said little bit shocked. "You are looking gorgeous girl." She grinned cheekily, the dress was hugging every curve of my body, my hair is styled in fish tail braid and i had applied some foundation, mascara and red lipstick I wore a three bezel diamond pendant and earings . "You don't need fake eyelashes, your eyelashes are already long." She put her hand on my shoulder and smiled, I returned it. We have still half an hour, so we went to cauch and sit down.
So, now please tell me about you and Prince Henry. She told me with smirk.
There is nothing between us. I declined, "Don't play innocent my princess. I saw you sneaking out of his room in the morning." She said folding her hand over her chest. "Umm, nothing I was just checking on him if he is okay or not." I said while playing with my braid. She narrowed her eyes, checking on him, whole night?" She asked with smirk. I looked at her with wide eyes. Sofia is my only friend, my best friend. We both went in same school but she chose to become a chef, that why I went to New York for my study and she started work here in mour Castle. "I -I was feeling guilty, so I went to his room to see was he alright or not but insist me to stay, that's why I stayed in his room." I told her half truth. I can't tell her about me and Henry, when I don't know if he wants to stay or leave me. "Okay if you don't want to tell me about this, then don't. But girl be careful, I don't want you to hurt yourself. Henry Richard Williams is not good news" She said with concern in her eyes. I was about to asked her why she said this, "Okay, I'm getting late, Madam Lara will be furious." With that she left, leaving me with my thoughts. First my brother, now her, why do they not want me to see him. I have read many stories about mates and heard about what this bond feels, but still I'm a human, what if he is lying to me. No, he is not lying, right? Oh god, I am going insane. I should discuss this to Gabrial, but he hates him, what if they will fight again, no, I can't. I can tell about this mom, right? Yeah, this is good idea, she will understand. I don't think he told his family, or may be he did. I didn't even meet them and I'm feeling like something bad will happen today, I took a deep breath, ease my nervousness and left my room for the dinner.
When I entered in hall I saw my family is waiting for Kings arrival. When they felt my presence, they turn around and gasped. "Ashley, you are looking mesmerizing." Mom said and hugged me. We went to dinning table and help the maids,my aaunt came and hugged me, "You are looking irrestable, I doubt if all those unmated Lycan princes will take their eyes off you or your booty." She said with smirk and winked, I blushed and they all laughed. I looked at my mom for help,"Why are you bothering her, if you will do all this then what will those prince for?" She smirked, "Mom, you too." I pouted, "I'm sorry honey, but what Lizzy said is true." She smirked, they all giggled.
"Madam, the guests are here. A maid informed us. Okay. My mom nodded with smile and we all came in hall to greet them. All ladies went to their mates and stand beside them, we all were behind them. Suddenly my heart beat fastened and I felt knot in my abdomen. Someone put his hand on my back and I shivered, my legs were giving up and I clutched his suit jacket.
"You are looking irrestable my SEXY doctor." His voice was husky, "You have no idea, how much I'm tempted to claim those red lips. Tempted to claim every part of your body, tempted to mark you as mine. So no one won't dare to look at you." He slowly moved his hand down and squeezed my ass. I supressed my moan. I swear I'm looking red like tomato. Oh god, help me. I cried in my head, this man gonna death of me. I shifted on my feet because the heat in my core was increasing. I think I'm going insane. I closed my eyes and gripped his suit jacket tight, enjoying him teasing me like this, suddenly he removed his hand and I shot opened my eyes. The guests are arrived.
"Good evening everyone, welcome to Lunar Moon Pack. We are glad that you are here." He greeted all the Alphas. They all bowed and kissed mom's hand, and the queens hugged each other.
There are four kings excluding my father, King David Roger Williams, Alpha of Dark Blood Pack and his wife, Queen Charlotte Ria Williams and they are parent of Henry Richard Williams, his pack is known as largest, strongest and mercyless pack all over the world they all carry a dominating aura that makes you kneel in front of them.
Next is Alpha George Xander Loranzo and his wife Isabella snow Loranzo, Alpha and Luna of Blood Moon Pack, this pack also runs most feared mafia in Italy.
Now it's time for third Alpha king, Alessandro Charles Stone and his wife Sofia Candis Stone and their son Daxton Elijah Stone of Crimson Pack, which is in Spain, Prince Dexton's coronation will be held within two months.
And the forth Alpha King is Ashton Carl Walkers, his wife Camilla Diana Walkers and their son Alexander Charles Walkers from Luminous Pack from Switzerland. This pack is know for their stealthiness. There are nine women, and they are queens personal maids.
"Ashley." My dad called me. "Yes Dad?" I replied, and went to him, "Meet my daughter Ashley Riverwoods." He introduced me to everyone. "Good Evening King Williams and Luna Charlotte." I greeted Alpha and Luna, they smiled at me. "So, they were not lying, when they say you are the most beautiful woman they ever met." Luna Charlotte said with warm smile. I greeted everyone, and they all gave me complements. Now, it's time to greet princes who were busy talking to each other. "Good evening Prince Dexton, it's pleasure to meet you." I greeted prince Dexton, extending my hand out, he took it with charming smile, "Good evening Princess Ashley, please don't, it's my pleasure to meet stunning woman like you."He bow and kissed my knuckles, still watching in my eyes and I blushed. He is very handsome and charming also. He can kill anyone with his charm. I felt someone's burning gaze. I turned to look at the person, there he was looking at my hand, which is still in prince Dexton. Henry's face was red with anger and his eyes are changing there colour from blue to black, I instantly retreated my hand. But his expression didn't change. I moved to Prince Alaxender, "Good evening Prince Alaxender, it's pleasure to meet you." I extanded my hand and he took it with smirk, "Good evening Princess Ashley, the pleasure is all mine, meeting a sexy woman like you." He greeted, instead of kissing my knuckles he leaned to kiss my cheek but kissed very near to my lips. Now, I know why he is called the biggest playboy. I felt Henry's intense gaze burning my back, but I didn't dare to turn around, all I want to run and hide in my roomunder twenty blankets after long cold shawere ofcourse. This man makes me hot, bothered and giveve shivers at same time.
"Ladies and Gentlemen let's have dinner." My dad said, everyone went to dinning table. Dad sat on master chair, Mom on right side of him. Uncle Jason sat on left, beside him, aunt Lizzy. All other kings and queens sat on left side, while, all prince and Princess sat on right side of table. When I went to dining table prince Alaxender pulled chair for me, and I sat down. When he was about to take a sit beside me. Henry hurridly took it. Alexander glared at him, "I'm sorry, the seat is taken, find yourself another one." Henry smirked, Alexander shrugged and took sit on my right. No one were paying attention till Henry growled at Alexander, they all snapped their eyes to us.
I am telling you this is gonna be a long night.

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