The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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15. The Fake Prince

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We were having dinner and everyone is was talking and laughing. I came to know that those three kids I met on the day of the fire were Alpha Loranzo's. Well, they're sleeping now because they were tired from long journey. Nevermind, I'll meet them tommorow. They will spend here two week for the seasonal fair of our pack and I'm so excited for it. Suddenly I felt a rough but warm hand on my left thigh, Henry. Sparks ran through my body, I shivered in his touch. I wonder how he makes me feel like this just from his touch. "I wonder how I will feel when I'll enter in you. Making you shiver at my every thrust." I felt ache in my core just thinking about his idea. Oh god, how could I? Eveyone is here, what if they will find out what is happening under the table. " Who cares?"
"I do." What he does think of himself ? " The most handsome, sexy and Hot Alpha Prince." He was smirking. Oh, I am so tempted to wipe this smirk of his handsome face. " You mean you are tempting to kiss me. Right?"
"Right." Wait, what "No, Wrong." Everyone's eyes snapped at me. "Oops, you said it loud."
"Ofcourse I did." I mocked him
"Ashley, you okay dear?" I looked up, found everyone was looking at me with puzzled expression on their face. I turned to at Henry, " You mean loud, loud?" He shrugged. I closed my eyes and wished that the earth open and swallows me. " Honey, you alright?" Momma asked with worried expression. No, uhh I mean yes I'm o-okay. I think I'm just tired" I chuckled nervously. "Are you sure? You are looking flushed." Alexander putted his hand on my shoulder. Henry's grip on my thigh tightened, I swear it will leave bruises later. I bite my lip to suppress the whimper. "Y-Yes, I am okay. J-Just need some rest." He nodded but didn't removed his hand, it felt wierd. My hand was itching to remove his hand from my shoulder. I was about to tell him to remove his hand, "Remove your hand from her shoulder" Henry glared at him. Thank god, no one was paying attention on us, I looked at Henry who was glaring at him. His eyes were now black and his hand was still gripped me tightly, my thigh hurts. Henry, stop this, you are hurting me " he closed his eyes and took deep breath and loosed his grip. I turned to Alexander, " I apo-" what the hell, his eyes were bloodshot, they made me scared to the core, it made me remember of that awful night, which is hunting me for many years. I felt my someone had sucked air from my lungs. It felt like someone is choking me, I clutched my throat and tried to inhale with my mouth, my eyes couldn't remain open anymore, I felt a hand wrapped around me before I blacked out.


She blacked out. I looked at my mate, her head is on my chest, this is my fault I should have loosed my control. Her body is cold, her red lips are dry and her skin is looking pale. "Ashley, please open your eyes. Please talk to me." I tried to wake her up but, nothing. "Someone, call the doctor." I shouted my eyes were red because of tears. Everybody was shocked at actions but I could care less. "Gabriel, take her to room" Gabriel nodded and came near us, "Don't you dare to touch her." I growled at him, he glared at me and shighed deeply, "I am taking her to the room, okay?" He tried again, "NO" I growled. I won't let them touch her. I was scared that something will happen if I will leave her, I want to stay with her, take all her pain. "Henry, we are doing this for you, she needs treatment." Alpha Daniel reasoned, " No one will touch her, I'll take her."

"Is she alright?" I asked Gabriel, he was the one who is treating her. He looked at me,"She had a small panick attack. I gave her some herbs, she just need to rest for them to do their work." He kissed her head and leaved the room with a small box of herbs. I was by her side whole time, don't want to let her go." Henry we need to talk." I looked up to my Dad, he is standing with Mom, Alpha Daniel and aunt Chloe. "Later Dad, she needs me more than the talk." I am looking at my mate's unconscious body. "Don't you dare to show this attitude to me. By the way, Chloe and your mother are here for her. Don't tempt me to drag you out of this room." I huffed and nodded. I pecked her forehead leaved the room with him.
"Tell me the truth, no bullshit." Right now I'm in Alpha Daniel's office and everyone is here except the ladies .
"Gabriel and I fought last night." I was standing with Steve and Gabriel while rest were sitting on Couch. "What fuck are you doing? They already know about it just tell him truth." I ignored Richard,
"I am not talking about your so called fight. I want to know why you hide this from all of us." He glared at us, " There is nothing to tell about it Dad." He punched his plam on table, " Don't play game with me, kid. Don't forget I'm your father." He stand up and walk near us, "You were aware that the attackers knew that she was your mate?" What the hell this can't be possible. "No they didn't, I just told Steve about her,"
"Then who else-" suddenly my phone got off. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at the screen, 'Alexander'. I looked at him but he wasn't with phone. Then how did he called me? Something is off about him, I'm watching him since the moment he entered the castle. All he did was clinging to Ashley. "Henry who's calling?" I snapped out of my thoughts. "Pick up the call." Richard was pacing in my head, I excused myself and leaved office "Henry are you there? Are you listening?" I heard Alexander's panicked voice,"Is it some kind of prank you are pulling on me?" I gritted out. " Fuck no Henry, why would I pull some prank when I'm stuck deep in jungle?" Is he out of his mind "Do you think I'll buy your lie? You are sitting in Alpha Daniel's office." He is the reason my mate had panick attack, I want to snap his head but unfortunately I can't. "What? Those fuckers, bloodsuckes. Henry, litsen to me that Alexander is not me, I mean he isn't real prince, he is fake one. He is a vampire, they tricked us and kidnapped me on the way of Alpha Daniel's pack and sent their man with my family." What if he is tricking me, "How can I trust you are telling the truth?" He groaned, "Fine don't trust me, just keep him busy for twenty minutes. Okay?" Twenty minutes won't hurt right. "Fine, if I will find out that you are telling lie, trust me that moment will be-"
" I know, I know, last moment of my life." I swear he rolled his eyes. "Fine, best of luck for your sorry ass."
"See you soon, fucker." He chuckled and cut the call.

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