The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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16. Surprise, Surprise!

Hii everyone, thank you so much for reading my book. Well, I'm not very good at english. There would be some mistakes in this chapter, actually all chapters😬😬. Fill free to point out them.


See you soon, fucker." He chuckled and cut the call.

I exhaled deeply, thinking about what I heard before. First those poisonous Wolves, now these vampires. Damn it, why are they after my mate? Did they all knew about her before me? Something seemed to be wrong, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I ran my fingers through my hair, let out frustrated sigh. It's not time for this question, first of all I have to find out that this Alexander is real or some imposter vampire. "There is nothing in this to find out, It is clear like mirror that he is the fake prince." Richard huffed,
"But still, we should make this clear by ourselves." I reasoned, "Isn't it enough proof that our mate got panick attack just looking into his eyes?" He countered
"Maybe no, you was the first who growled at him,it was obvious that he would do this. Everyone thinks it was just a mistake." I reasoned, earning a huff from him, again, "What should I do, sitting there and watching him steal our mate from us, do nothing like the coward you are? Sorry Alpha but I will never let it happen." He mocked,
"Atleast he is not a monster." I still remember all those awful memories. I had killed countless people. Because of me Alpha Daniel lost his everything except this Castle. I had destroyed many families.
"Henry I-"
"No Richard, you are right, I am a coward. But did you ever think what will happen when she'll come to know that the man who she called her mate had destroyed many lives? She will hate us Richard, like everyone. I can't see hate in those innocent eyes after seeing love and admiration, she is so innocent, so pure for me. I'm sorry Richard that you are paired up with a filthy monster like me. You all loved me but I did nothing but hurt you all." A lone tear dropped from my eyes, I wiped them off, "Henry you are the best and brave person I ever met. Don't let your past take you down. Right now, we have to think about that vampire and his friends. I think there is someone else who is helping them. I can't agree with him more. "It feels like a century has passed since have gone on hunt." He cracked his knuckles.
"Then ready for it, maybe We'll need your rusty bones Tonight."
"Much better than your stinky ass." He grumbled,
"What can I say, Ricky baby. Truth hurts." He mumbled some courses,
"What should we do, now? Inform everyone about him?" He asked when I was walking to Alpha Daniel's office, "No, he will alert his friends, we can't take risk by telling everyone, you know ?"
"Let me out, I will make him spill the bean just in a snap." Richard was jumping in my head.
I enetered the office and everyone looked at me Skeptically, I went back where I was.
"We got to know that we are gonna be attack." Alpha Daniel informed us, "May I ask you who are they?" He let a deep sigh, "Vampires." I saw Alexander shifting on his seat. "We have to increase the security on the north border." He moved to the table map of the border of Lunar Moon Pack. "Alexander and Jason," he pointed to them, "will at East, for patrolling." They nodded, "You both," he pointed to Daxton and Steve, will be at West." He turned to me and Gabriel, "You both will be at North. And Loranzo and George will be at South." He finished.
Fuck, I should think for plan B.
We leaved the office after ten minutes. I followed Alexander to his room. When he was about to enter the room, I stopped him "Alex, I need some words with you." He looked at me wide eyes "I'll take your ten minutes, that's it." I assured him, he nodded and let me in.
"What do you want to talk about?" He inquired, I went to the table, picking up a scatch bottle. Scotch is Alexander's favourite drink. "What so hurry, Prince?" I opened it and pour two glasses and handed him one. He stared at it with narrowed eyes, "I didn't poisoned it." I assured him, he took the glass from me. Alex never drinks with glass, he always chunks whole bottle. "Well, first of all I want to apologise you for what happened on the dinner table." he was looking restless, "What happened, are you okay?" I putted my hand on his shoulder, he snapped out of his thoughts, "Yeah, I'm okay, you didn't even took a sip." He gave me a weak smile, brought the glass to his mouth and gulped it down, "Do you want some more?" I offered him, "No, I'm good." He declined.
"I think it's time to leave. Don't forget we have to go for patrolling." He syood up hurridly while looking at his watch. "You don't have to worry about it there are gourds, patrolling on the border. It won't hurt, if we drink some more. Who knows that you may not get a chance to enjoy the drink again." I took the last sip before pouring some more drink in both glasses.
"What do you mean?" He narrowed his eyes at me, "I mean once the bottle will empty, we have to move on the next, won't we?" I laughed at my own lame joke, "I think you have enough alcohol in your system." He reasoned, "What? How could you say this?" I gaped at him, "See, there is still some alcohol in it." I swung the bottle front of his eyes.
After we finished atleast four bottle, we moved on fifth, My phone dinged in my pocket, I fished out it. There was a message from Alexander. I excused myself and opened it,
Alex the asshole: I reached at the Castle.
You: Geart, inform everyone about it and bring them to the west wing.
Alex the asshole: Ookie Dookie.
"Asshole." I mumbled and smirk, 'It's time to hunt'.
I walked to the couch, sat down with glass in my hand. I was glaring at him.
He will pair for what he did to my mate. I'll torture him to the extent that he will beg me to kill him. "I will break all his pearly teeth and those fangs also. I will use his fangs to clean my claws." Richard looked at his claws and continue," I will rip his eyeballs out and put them in my personal museum."
"When did you get personal museum, Ricky baby?" He growled on my question, "Dont call me that."
"Sorry Ricky baby." I smirked.
"I will kill you, Henry."
"Dream on, Ric-."
"Why are you smirking?"
"Curious about his own death, I like it" Richard smirked, "Nothing, some good memories of our childhood." Then an idea clicked in my mind, "Do you remember the seasonal fair of Lunar Moon Pack?" He tensed, fear was radiating from his body. "Oh yes, I remember." He gave me fake smile, "You should be." A evil smirk was playing on my lips, "We made you eat spicy chilli." I laughed at the memory. I still remember the day when we dared him to eat fruits and raw vegetables and tell which was which. We shoved chilli , he had closed his eyes. That's why he didn't have idea about it. When he ate the chilli, he cried and started running all around the market. Suddenly he stood up and walked towards the door, "We should leave, now. We have more important work than just sitting here and enjoying that shitty drink." I gasped dramatically,"I can't believe my ears, The Great Price Alexander is saying his favourite drink shitty." I asked him, he glared at me and I returned it. "How dare this bastard to glare at us. He ry let me show him his place." Richard growled, I stood up and gulped remaining drink "Alexander?" No response, but I heard him gulping "You like surprises. Don't you?" Again no response, I turned and stalked toward him like a predator stalks to his prey, he was look I stand beside him. "Let's see how you react on my surprise." I walked to door and opened it.
Everyone was shocked after they saw two Alexanders.
"Surprise, surprise." I sang and walked to him, "So how was my surprise, Prince Alexander?" I gritted out his name, well technically it was not his. He freezed at his place. His face was pale with fear.
"Your time is up, leech. It would be better if you'd surrender. Maybe, we will show you some mercy and give you a painless death." I knew what he was thinking and I wanted him to do that, we all did.
What's the fun if you don't play with your prey.
He did what I expected, he ran.
We all were watching him jumping out of the window, running towards the north border.
"Are you ready for the hunt, fuckers." My Dad smirked.
"Always." We all returned him a evil smirk.

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