The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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17. The Secret Tunnel


We are in the wood looking at that vampire still running. My Lycan was so excited for hunting after a decade.
He stopped and looked around. We hidden ourselves more into the leaves of trees. He couldn't smell us because of the potions Gabriel gave us to drink.
"I just can't wait anymore. My Lycan is carving for his heart. Want to listen his cry when I will tear him apart." Daxton grumbled impatiently, "Tell your Lycan, if he'll show more patiences, he will get more than one vampire's heart." Alpha Alessandro told him. "Why is he looking around, can't he see there is no one after him. I'm telling you guys, if he do it one more time I'm gonna snap his neck." Alexander huffed, we all were waiting patiently for his another move. After he made sure himself that no one is looking him. He sat on his both knees and start wiping away all the leaves of the ground where he stood before. "Wow, apart from being a spy, he is also a good wiper. I'm gonna keep his both hands." Steve commented. Jason chuckled and asked, "What will you do with his hands?Clean your back whenever you will take bath?" He narrowed his eyes at him. "It seems to be good idea but no I have others plan. I will gift them to our head maid Mary. She always complains about quality of wipers." We all chuckled at Steve's antique. But stopped when we saw him shifting a wooden plank on the ground, it was a tunnel. He jumped in it and closed it. "So, what's the plan?" Steve asked and clapped his hand. "It's simple, me and Gabriel is going in there." Everyone looked at me little bit confused. "What do you mean only you both will go there?" Daxton growled at me, "Because you all are going for patrolling. Don't forget that we have a pack to take care of. Whatever happened to Ashley was a part of their plan. So that we get busy in this thing and they can enter easily in the pack." I finished, "But that vampire is exposed and they can't enter the pack until someone help him." Jason wondered, I raised an eyebrow at him. It was dark out here but I know he could see me. "Do you want to say that there's someone in the pack, helping them?" Alpha David countered. I shrugged,"Maybe or may not be. But they are not that stupid, they would just send a spy alone. They wanted us to expose him, that was what we did. That vampire knew we would come after him to this tunnel." I pointed my finger to it's direction and continued "So, they can attack our pack when we-"
"all will stuck in that tunnel." Alpha Loranzo finished. "Wow." Alexander blew a surprised air. "Since when these vampires got a cunning brain?" He chuckled, "When your petite brain fucking decided to get the water for that minor girl." Dexton said sarcastically, earned a deadly glare from Alexander, "Which girl?" Dad asked, Long story short, when we were driving here, there was a girl laid on the road unconscious in the middle of the wood. There were so many bruises and clowmarks on her body, it looked like she had been attacked by some wild animals." He answered. "Where is that girl, Are you talking about the girl you brought here?" Alpha David quired, "Yeah, and also her father . Whom Alexander brought to us when he leaved us in search of water."
"I didn't bring any man with me. Before I reached to the lake, those fuckers knocked me out and kidnapped me." Alexander declined, "Now this makes sense why all bottle were emptied at the same time."Daxton concluded,
"So we should leave now. If this is what they were planning, that means they already knew we are here. Jason and Steve will be stay here incase you need some help." Dad suggested and we all nodded in agreement.
We reached that place where the tunnel was. I was about to touch it, Gabriel stopped me "Don't touch it, it's spell bounded." He sat on the ground with me. "What type of spell?" I asked him, "It's 'Illusio timoris' one of the best illusion charms. It plays with your mind, feeds on your fear. It blocks your mind and suck your power out of your body like a demon sucks a soul and leaves you lifeless. In other words, you will go into a coma as soon as you will touch it." He pointed to the plank, 'wow' was the only word that came out of my mouth. "Is there any way to break the spell or not?" I quired, " "Ofcourse, it is. But..."
"We don't have much time for your if and but. Just do it." I huffed, he glared at me, "I'm not your dog Henry who wages his tail and does what the shit you tell me to do." He retorted, "Ofcourse you are not. How could you be? You are worst than it, you filthy.slimy.stinky.toad." I didn't hide disgust in my voice. We were too cought up in our fight that we couldn't see Jason and Steve coming towards us. Until Jason smacked our head. "Who the fuc- "
We both stopped when both of them glaring at us.
"If you both won't stop your so called childish behaviour, I swear to moon goddess I'll make you both dig your own graves and then bury you into them." Jason gritted at us, We huffed and look away folding our hands over our chests. He backed away and Gabriel sat down in privious position . He started chanting some spells, the door opened itself.
The tunnel was too dark and deep. There wasn't any source of light. "How will you both go in there?" Steve quired, I turned to Gabriel, "First you jump, unfortunately if you survive then bark three times." I smirked at Gabriel reaction, he was red with anger. The tunnel had smal opening only one person could go in there at one time. Steve and Jason were trying hard to not laugh. "Why don't you jump instead?" He resond, I raised my eyebrows at him, " How did that vampire manage to get in there?" Jason pondered, "Maybe he turned himself into a bat like Dracula did in Hotel Transylvania." Steve Said, Maybe he has a daughter also who says blah, blah, blah, blah. Jason mimicked that blah blah thing and laughed, Steve joined him. "You both are here for our help not for blah, blah, blah, blah". I mocked them, they stopped laughing and apologised to us. "I have an idea". Jason declared, "What idea?" We all asked in unison, Did you ever went waterpark? Jason queried, We huffed in response. "So he don't have any idea?" Gabriel grumbled, "I have an idea, 'sliding'. Like we do in waterpark." We gave him what the fuck looks but he shrugged it off. "No way" We both yelled in unison. "This is bad idea." Gabriel startled, I agreed with him. Jason narrowed his eyes on us, "Hey what's hanging on that tree." He looked behind us with narrowed eyes. "Where?" I and Gabriel turned around to see what was it. Suddenly two hands pushed me into the tunnel, I knew whose hands were those. "Steve, you pathetic piece of shit. I'm gonna fucking kill you." I shouted, "I hate you Uncle JASON." I looked back, Gabriel was behind me, sliding. The tunnel was quite long, I know our back will get bruises. "Both fuckers tricked us." I mumbled.
We stopped when we reach at the base of tunnel. It was dark everywhere. We were looking around with our lycan's eyes. There were three doors. "So, which door you want to go first?" I asked Gabriel, It was strange that there was not single sign of insect here. Where the fuck did he go? "Let's go in there first." Gabriel glanced at the door which was in left. As we entered the room, we left stunned. The room was surely belonged to mages. There was potions, books and hairstrands? There were atleast fifty bottles which were full of hairstrands. "Now I know how did that vampire changed himself into Alexander." I glanced at Gabriel, "You want to say that they are doing something with hairstrands?" I countered, he nodded. "How did they get these hairstrands? It's not like people sell these hairstrands at market with their name on it." I reasoned, "They don't sell it but someone else can do." He shrugged, "But who could have done this?" Gabriel wondered, we moved to potion selves. There were atleast forty potions. "What is this?" He looked at the green one. He picked it up and opened it. He started coughing I rushed towards him and put the potion on its place after closing it. "You alright?" I asked him, "We should.cough. take this potion.cough. with us."
I glanced at the potion. "What's this potion for?" I quired, "This isn't a potion, this is venom." Gabriel answered, What will they do with this venom? I asked, "They are done with this." He walked to the table where an old book was kept. It looked familiar to me. "What do you mean they are done with this?" Then it clicked in my mind.
"Wait, this is not that venom, those attackers attacked with. is it?"
"Holy fuck."

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