The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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Previously known as 'My Mate In Elevator'. Ashley Riverwoods, a human daughter of one of the five Lycan kings. He adopted her as his daughter when she was twelve. She didn't remember anything about her past and her parents, until a handsome and arrogant Prince saved her from an accident. If you want to know who that handsome arrogant Prince was. Then, you are wise enough to know what you have to do. Warning: This story is for 18+ 1.This story contains strong language and mature contents. Read it on your risk. 2. This is my first book. Maybe, there will be some(or tons of) grammatical mistakes. Please ignore it. Or you can tell me politely. I promise I'll try my best to correct them.

Fantasy / Erotica
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I am editing chapters, just trying to reduce my spelling and grammatical mistakes nothing new.

I was sleeping on my bed when there was a knock on door. Then I saw a man was coming into my room his eyes were blood red and the man was looking more dangerous than those eyes.There was blood dripping down his jaw,he was looking like vampire. I closed my eyes shut as I didn't dare to look at his face. "Are you scare of it my little Princess?" He told in amusing tone and I can feel the smirk in his voice. I tried to scream for help but there was no voice came out of my mouth. "Don't try it princess no one can hear you because everyone is sleeping peacefully in death's arm." Then I shot open my eyes and looked at him terrified. But he went to the window and open the curtain and said "Look princess everyone is sleeping peacefully".When I looked out of the window I saw smoke and fire, our kingdom was burning in flame and all I ca hear crying of chlidren for their mothers , crying women and men and running here and there for their lives. A small drop of tear fell from my eyes and I was terrified more than before .I tried to run out of the room and wanted to go to my parents but suddenly a strong hand pulled my hairs and I yanked back. "P-please l-let me g-go" I sobbed out but all he did was laughing and said "why should I let you go. Afterall I did this for you. You are the reason I killed all these peaple ." My eyes were wide in shock and terror, but I gathered some courage and asked him "why m-me , I-I nev-ve-ver did an-nything to anyone p-please l-leave me."

"No Princess I can't, because you are medicine of my pain which I am bearing for centuries . Now I got chance to become mighty of all of them, to break my curse and rule on this planet and you want me to let it go . Just think about the sacrifice of those people and your family, what will they say? How will you able to meet your eyes with them? Please princess just come with me. Trust me , you will be my queen ." He yank my hair and brought his face close to mine and said
"Look into my eyes princess, you will forget all the pain of your life." With that he pulled my hair harder and I cried in pain.
"Let's go we have no time"
There came a faminine voice from behind after split of second I was on the shoulder of that man and cried for help but it's no need .
"Put her down ". A voice came from the hallway and I knew whom it belongs to "my father " but he was saok in blood , a dagger stabbed in his heart. I can't see him like this , but when I looked the other way, I saw my mother and siblings were laying there lifeless and all I could do was crying for them, crying on my fate, crying on my helplessness. They killed everyone , everyone I love everyone who cared for me.
Then that stranger put me down and started walking toward my father with evil smirk with a red headed lady.
"What type of creature you are ? How didn't you die yet your family is missing you . Oh I see you can't die right? Let me help you ".Then he gripped my dad with caller and sucking blood from his neck .
"Please leave him ,noooooo please" . I cried but they all were laughing like some psychics. Suddenly fire took everywhere and I can't take breath, all those pains ,hurt and guilt faded away. I felt heavyness in my eyes, and I can't stay awake. But last thing I felt was two strong arm were holding me
"Stay with me , okay .I am here with you".Then I saw a pair of beautiful ocean blue eyes staring at me with some emotion.
And then all became black.
I jolt awoke from my nightmare. Every night when I sleep all I see the same nightmare with those blood lust creatures, that red headed lady and a pair of beautiful ocean blue eyes. I was sweating and panting hard, I could hear my own heartbeat. Then there was knock on door, but before anything happen I shut my eyes and started prayer to God . I heard cracking sound like someone is opening the door and then I loosed it I cried but someone put both arm around me.
"Shhh, everything is alright ,I am here okay. It's just a bad dream okay."
Then I felt someone was kissing my forehead. When I opened in my eyes two hazel eye were staring at me with worry .
"Take this, you will feel good. He gave me a glass of water. I drank all of it in one breath and then I closed my eye and heard some fiant voice.
"I will be always with you, my fruit jam.
With that I again fell asleep.


Hey everyone, I hope you like it I will update new chapter very soon😊😊

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