The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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18. The Key Of Hell


"Holy fuck."


"What are they upto?" I wondered around the room. "Something big maybe." Gabriel said with sarcasm in his voice shrugging his shoulders. I rolled my eyes at him.
I walked to the table where he was looking at a book.
It was looking very old, one or two hundred years old, maybe.
I walked to him and traced the cover of the book.
There was devil's skull carved on it. "The Clavis Inferni". I read aloud the name written on the top of cover. "Isn't it supposed to be in the acient temple of Egypt?" I asked him,
What will they do with it. I thought, "This is the key of hell. Mages use it to travel to hell and summoning the demons, mainly. Maybe they were also trying to summon some demon." Gabriel answered, "I know about it." I grumbled,
"But will they do with those demons?" I mumbled to myself, "Many things like they will dance with them or maybe they make them their slaves." He laughed at his own lame joke. "Joke of the night." I remarked sarcastically, I know little bit about this book. Only mages can use this book for black magic. They use it to make deal with demons to increase their powers. They give them a pure soul and gain power in return.
I looked at Gabriel. He was making some kind mixture.
Trust me, I always stayed away from magic but this book is something else. The more I looked at it the more it fed my curiosity.
I was about to open the book but Gabriel snapped it shut it.
"Don't open it this book until you want it to sallow the whole room." He snatched the book from me and dropped a drop of mixture on the carved skull and started chanting spells. The book catched fire on its own. It started floating in air.
The whole room started shaking like an earthquake. It felt like the room can be fall anytime.
Suddenly I heard a cracking sound. I looked on the ground where I was standing. It was cracking. I stepped back a little
A moment ago we were standing in a room. In the next moment we were standing on a rock surrounded with sea of lava. It felt like we are in hell.
The fire calmed down of the book and it fell on the table with thud sound and opened itself after he stopped chanting.
"What next ?" I asked him curiously, I read about this book and what happens when you open it. But today I experienced it, how ironic. "We are going to hell." He glanced at me over his shoulder.
"You mean we are in hell right now. Right?" I countered, "Does it look like hell to you?" He snapped at me while turning the pages.
"Whatever." I huffed and looked at the page he was reading. It was blank page. I didn't know but I kept staring at it.
After a moment of staring I could see something written on it.
"Potae Inferi. It means Door Of Hell?" How could I read Latin? Why do it seem familiar to me? I asked myself.
"When did you started studying black magic?" Gabriel quired, he was looking shocked. Even I was shocked on myself.
"I don't know , just wondered?" I replied still confused. He looked at me for a moment like he was trying to read my face or mind? He often does this. He shook his head and turned to the page. "Can you see something else written on it?" He asked further, I glanced at the page, there were some spells started appearing slowly.
"When the sound of their crying echoes in the silence of the dark night.
Then comes the knock on the door, calling them to take those souls who cry among the flowers lying on the stones." I finished reading and looked at him. He nodded his head in agreement.
"These words were in latin. "Don't you think it's quite strange that I can read this?" I asked him, he sighed in response and turned the page, that irked me.
"What the fuck." He shouted, I looked at the page. It was torn, but why?
"What was written in that page?" I asked him, "Spell to open the door of hell." He replied, I turned more pages but all were blank. "Isn't there other ways to open the gate?" I asked him, "It is, but we have to wait for tommorow." He replied, he closed the book. The ground reappeared again.
He opened a drawer and took out a bag. He put the book in it. Then he put the bottle of venom in it and we left the room.
We didn't find anything special in the second one but whe we went in third one, there was a secret door behind the cupboard.
We opened it and greeted with long and dark tunnel. It was not like the first one.
This time we can walk easily in.
When we were passing though the tunnel I examined the walls, they were oily. "Wait, I know this place, this is the tunnel my great-grandfather made for keeping weapons for the war. It will end in the abondoned well out of our pack." Gabriel informed me. Well this is my first time here." He added and shrugged his shoulders. There was not any smell other than the oil. They had covered their smell.
We ran with our lycan's speed.
When we reached at the end of tunnel, all we saw were wall. Only the roof was made up of planks.
When we slide the plank, we were greeted by moonlight with twinkling stars.
"I have informed Uncle Jason about the tunnel. They will be here anytime. Steve is at the other end of tunnel patrolling with some guards." Gabriel informed me, I nodded. We were discussing our plan when I heard something strange.
It was hushed sound like someone was chanting spell. Wait, spell?
My eyes snapped in that direction where that sound was coming from. "Did you hear this?" I asked Gabriel still looking in that direction. He didn't answer, I continued "Whoever that person is, it's a mage." Now I could hear its voice clearly.
"We should hide somewhere. Hurry up," Gabriel said hurridly. We climbed on the nearby tree after we erase the traces. He shielded us with his spell so no one can see us or hear us.
That person was about a hundred miles away from us.
After a minute or two, that person came in our views. It was a woman. I could tell you from her appearance. But I couldn't see her face because of that cloak.
The aura she was radiating was dark as her cloak which spread even to that shining moon was sitting among the stars in this dark night, scattering its light. The moon that once showed the way to wondering travelers, is now lost somewhere between these dark and terrible clouds.
Wagon silence spread wherever she passed. A silence in which millions of screams are imprisoned. The scream that can't be heard, but is felt. The pain and tears hiddden in them make the wind harsh and cold. When it touches you you'll feel like your soul is being sucked out.
She stopped when she reached at the well. Then we saw vampires pouring out of woods in huge number. My Lycan growled at their rotten blood smell. He started growling in my head to come out and feast on them.
"Not now Richard." I declined, he snarled at me.
When reached to her , they bowed down. "All hail Queen Ella." They shouted, She raised her hand to silence them. There were atleast thirty peaple except that woman Ella. Ten of them were vampires and other were mages.
"How could I miss this. I should have noted this before from that cloak and those rings." Gabriel grumbled, he knew her? I looked at her, her hands were full of rings. Gold, silver and diamond. Who is she? And why are they calling her their queen? I bombarded him with questions , "I'll tell you everything. But first of all we should leave place as soon as possible. Leave this place, Full of walking talking meat? Correction leeches? Is he real? "What do you mean we should leave? We are too close to catch them." He narrowed his eyes at me, "I know you are tempted to hunt them. But, this is not right time." He countered, my Lycan growled but he continued, "Listen, we can't defeat her, atleast not now." I raised my eyebrows at him. He is not a common mage. He is one of the top most mages and gardian of one of the five elements. He doesn't back down without putting a fight.
I nodded in agreement.

We reached at the castle after fifteen minutes. I mindlinked Steve and ordered him to come back. Gabriel asked everyone to come in Alpha Daniel's office.
"Did you find anything interesting?" Alpha Daniel queried. We nodded and Gabriel put the bag on the table, front of him. When he opened it and took out the book and the venom. "The Key of Hell" they shouted in unison. "Are you sure this book isn't fake?" Beta Jason queried, "Yes, I checked it by myself." Gabriel replied, Dad picked up the bottle of venom and examined it. "Where did you find these?" He asked passing to Alpha Alessandro, "One of the three room in the tunnel." I replied, "If I'm not wrong they are planning to summoning someone. Or maybe they want to free some prisoner from hell." Daxton commented pointing on the book and continued, "Whatever it is. They haven't done it yet. Because we didn't get any news from the hell."
"I think they already did it."

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