The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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19. Daniel Riverwoods


"What do you mean they did it?" Alpha Daniel asked, Gabriel told them everything we saw in the woods.
"What do you mean, there was not a single person in the tunnel?" Dad asked confused, we shrugged our shoulders.
My mind was processing what happened in these few days.
The way Gabriel told me to run away without putting any fight, I knew she wasn't just an ordinary mage. She ran away from prison of hell. With help of her minions, ofcourse.
"Maybe all these things happened with us was a trap. Maybe they are planning to do something bigger, more than just an attack." Alexander reasoned, then it clicked in my mind. Everything was happening in front of us but no one could see this coming.
"They never attacked us." I declared, they all snapped at me. "What do you mean?" Gabriel narrowed his eyes at me.
"They did never attack us. It was a their trap to distract us. The whole thing was trap. The attack, the threat everything." I finished, "How can you say so confidently?" Gabriel asked further. Everything was clear like a mirror from the starting. Just think about it once, this venom can kill a two hundred to three hundred wolves easily. But what happened? All we heard was they were got kidnapped and changed into venomous wolves. They kidnapped those Werewolves who went to Egypt. That means they did stole the venom and the book from Egypt. And attacked them when they were returning from the trip." I pointed at the venom and the book. They were staring at me, shocked. "Fine, if what you aresaying is true. Then why did they attacked on Alpha Daniel's pack?" Alpha Loranzo queried, "It was definitely an attack, but not on pack. It was on the gaurds who were patrolling at the border of the woods. They used the infected werewolves to attack on them. So that our all attentions would be on those werewolves and they could sneeked in the woods easily." I replied, "They wanted the north part of woods for hiding and opening the door of hell. Cause they knew about the secret tunnel of the pack laid there." I added.
"Holy hell. That means what happened tonight with Ashley was a trap. So that we got engaged in it and they could do their work without any interruption?" Alexander stated more like question. I nodded in agreement.
Alpha Daniel was looking too deep in thought. I wondered, he knew about this whole time.
"What happened Alpha you are looking distressed?" I narrowed my eyes at him. He cleared his throat and said, "No, nothing just wondering about some stuff." He sighed and continued, "It's been a long night. You guys must be tired. We will discuss about this matter in morning. Please go and have some rest." He dismissed us. We all shared glance then let it go for now.
Everyone exited the office but me and Gabriel. Steve looked at me with narrowed eyes but I told him to leave us alone. I have to know what's going on in his mind.
When everyone left, he smiled "Do you need something, son" He asked me.
"What are you hiding Alpha Daniel?" I countered, "What would I hide from you Henry?" He replied with question still looking at the book.
"You knew all this from beginning, didn't you?" I asked him, he sighed in response.
"If you'd know about it before, then why didn't you stopped this." I was angry and disappointed that he didn't trust me to tell me about my mate.
"We couldn't stop this, son. If I would told you, we still couldn't stop it." He replied broking his silence, Gabriel was not saying a word. He was just looking at his dad with grave expression. They both knew this. It fed more to my anger.
"Why couldn't we?" I shouted, "Why? Just tell me." I slammed my hand on table. "My mate is laying unconscious on that bed. You knew all the time, that fake Alexander would do this to her. But still you were watching all this sitting there." He was still sitting there with same expression on his face.
"Just tell one thing Alpha" He looked at me this time, "If you had your daughter in her place, would you still let this happen?" As soon as those words came out of my lips, I wanted to take it back instant. But it was too late. His eyes were looking sad. He sighed and stood up.
He was looking out of window in dark sky. The moon was still behind those dark clouds. The silence in the room was giving my body chills. The question I asked was like a knife which scratched some old wounds. Which he had hidden somewhere in his heart.
I sighed and walked to him, Uncle "I-I'm-"
"No, my son. You don't have to. It wasn't your fault." He sighed and continued, "Sometimes our power turns into a curse." I looked at him dumbfounded, Alpha Daniel could see visions if you wonder about it.
"May I ask you, why did you let this happen?" I queried, he glanced at me and smiled sadly, "When the time comes you will know yourself."


I saw someone was running in the woods. It was a girl, maybe ten or eleven years old.
Her pale skin was shining in the sunlight. It was day but long and dense trees were blocking many sunlights.
Her eyes were blue like ocean. Her lips were red like blood. Her hairs were black and wavy. In one word, she was a goddess. She looked so innocent, so pure.
Her breathing was uneven due to all those running. But I couldn't understand why was she running. She was looking here and there. No one was behind her. But still she didn't stopped running.
There was something strange about her. She had a pendant which was made up of silver and a small tubelike bottle was attached to it. It was filled up of red liquid.
Her dress was tore from places. Her feet were bleeding. She was verge of passing out.
There were some claw marks on her neck and limbs.
I heard a loud agressive howl from a distance. It could make your crowl in terror.
Suddenly, I saw some wild animals stalking towards her, slowly. They were hyenas. On of them jumped on her and bite her leg. She fell on ground and cried out in pain.
They were circling around her. She tried to getup but she could't. One of them walked near her and sniffled. She closed her eyes terrified.
I tried to reach her. But it felt like I was glued on the ground.
Suddenly a roar echoed in the silent woods. They crowled in terror. Then I saw it.
It was big, maybe more than nine feet. His eyes were dark and hungry for blood.
One of those hyenas snarled at it. It growled at him lowly and jumped them. They all started running for their lives but failed in front of that massive beast.
He tore there bodies in pieces, just in few seconds. It turned to the girl, bowing his head. She was half unconscious. She touched its face, he leaned in her touch and sighed loudly. She smiled before she close her eyes.
I stared at that beast. Why did it look familiar to me? It felt like she is safe with it, like I felt in my father's arm.
Then it clicked in my mind. I knew him. It's him, my father, Alpha of Lunar Moon Pack Daniel Riverwoods.....

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