The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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20. Good Girl, Bad Girl !


I shot open my eyes. But they closed instantly when the sunlight fell on my eyes. I blinked them rapidly.
When they used to the light. I glanced around the room. It was my room but how did I get here? The memory of last night rushed into my mind. Dinner, Henry and the red eyes.
A shiver ran down my spine on the memory.
I climbed out of the bed and walked in the bathroom.
I was having shower when I heard a knock "Sweety, you alright?" Mom asked from the other side. "Yeah mom." I replied wrapping towel around myself.
"I want to have breakfast downstairs with everyone." I am scared, indeed. But I can't let my fear take over me. Whoever they are, they are my family, my world.
"Baby, you don't have to-"
"Momma, I want to do this. Please?" I pleaded, she sighed and nodded in agreement. "Okay, but on one condition. You will be my side." She folded her hands over her chest. "Okay!" I agreed and hugged her, giggling. I wanted to tell her about my dream but let it go. Cause I didn't want to make her tense, she already was. I will discuss it with Gabriel.
The breakfast went smoothly. But not for me. Because he didn't show up at breakfast. Alexander apologised to me for last night. I assured him, there is no need to apologize about last night.
I felt more comfortable with him than last night. Gabriel left for some pack duty after having breakfast. Everyone went outside for preparation for the fair.
"Where is Henry?" I asked Steve when he entered the dinning room for water. "Missing him already? Huh?" He asked with glint in his eyes. "Noooo." I shouted, he closed his ears immediately. "God woman, you don't have to tear my eardrums for this." He winced covering his ears. "Sorry" I apologized, I blushed in embarrassment. He chuckled and said "He left for our pack due to some emergencies. He'll be back till evening."
"Oh, Umm... did he left some message for me?" I asked him fiddling with my fingers. I often do this when I'm nervous.
"Umm..." He thought for a second "No. He didn't gave or said anything." He replied, shrugging his shoulder. With that he turned on his heels and left.

I was pacing in my room. "Still one-fifteen." I grumbled and palmed my face. I glanced at watch fifth times in last four minutes. "Maybe this watch is slow." I assured myself, but I knew I'm lying. This watch is damn right. "Ahhhhhhh!" I cried out.
I tried to focus on my work but I couldn't. He occupied three-fourth of my mind and my whole tiny-minny heart. Remaining one-forth of my mind is scolding me to stop this nonsense.
"Why this niddles are moving so slow?" I fell on the couch with long sigh. I closed my eyes and tried to think anything but him. I was thinking about strawberry. "Hmmm so yummy, my favourite." My stomach growled in agreement. Oh, Momma had brought some for me. I saw them last night.
I went downstairs and entered the kitchen. No one was at home. Everyone was outside preparing for the fair. Momma told me to take rest. Because according to her I'm tired. But see, I'm jumping and screaming in this damn big Castle.
I pulled out the plate of strawberries and Nutella. I picked a spoon and jumped on the counter and sat down. I dipped strawberry in Nutella and put it in my mouth. A moan escaped from my lips when they touched my testbuds.

Warning: Some mature stuffs further. 🥴🥴
I was too busy in stuffing my mouth that I didn't even notice someone enter in kitchen. My eyes were closed and I was moaning on every bite.
I was biting on another strawberry "Your moan is the biggest turn-on for me." I heard his husky voice. He was standing too close to me. I could feel the heat radiating from his body. I froze when his hand touched my exposed thigh. I was wearing a short and a sweater. I felt spark when his hand touched it.
I couldn't control but moaned. My eyes opened widely when realisation hit me what I did. His eyes were dark with lust. It seemed like they were pulling me into them.
He parted my legs with his hand and positioned himself between them. His other hand snaked my waist and pulled me towards him. I clutched his shoulders tightly and crossed my legs behind his
He leaned down to my ear " I missed you so much, Doctor." He whispered in husky tone. I got butterfly in stomach on his words. He inhaled deeply into my hairs. "I carve you. Your scent, your body. They are best drug for me. So addicted. It doesn't matter how much I want to deny it, but I can't." He added, he was giving feathery kisses from my ear to neck.
"Maybe you don't want to deny it." I commented, he stopped, "maybe" he inhaled deeply.
"So bad, I can't say same for you." I lied, smirking. If he thought I could give in into his lovey-dovey talk. Then, he was wrong. So wrong.
"Did anybody"kiss, "tell you, Doctor" kiss "that you are a bad liar." He whispered last part huskily into my ear and bite it.
I suppressed my moan. My mind went blank. It stopped working. "I-I didn't li-"
I shivered when he kissed on my weak spot. I felt his lips moving upward. He smirked and again kissed the spot giving me shivers. My womanwood was throbbing, wanting his attention, carving his touch.
"Good girls don't lie , Doctor." He bite lightly . I moaned on the pleasurable sensation.
I wanted to say something in reply. But his teasing was vanishing my thoughts.
"Who told you I'm a good girl?" I didn't even realise that I said these words before he stopped and pulled back.
I widdened my eyes when realisation hit me. "I-I me-ean-"
Tsk, tsk, tsk, he shook his head negatively. He rolled his finger with my curls and pulled it lightly.
His one hand was on the counter supporting his body while he was leaning towards me "Very bad that I have to punish this bad girl." He smirked and winked at me. I couldn't miss the lust and glint in his eyes.
My eyes were wide and my mouth was opened like a fish. ' Are you out of your mind. Oh let me think, you don't have one.' My dear subconscious mocked me. 'Oh! thanks my dear for your no so helpful words.' I replied to myself.
His warm breath was fanning my cheek, "Because, bad girls deserve punishment." His husky voice striked my eardrums making me close my mouth and gulped audibly.
"W-What punishment?" I asked dumbfounded. He chuckled "You will know about it, later." He licked corner of my lip. I felt sparks ran down my whole body when his tongue touched my skin and my lips tickled. I whimpered at the sensation. It threw my mind in a different world where I imagined things that I shouldn't. But it feel so right and wrong at same time.
It reminded me some steamy stuffs I read in those romentic storybooks. When the main characters do some dirty things on counter of kitchen. At the same time someone enters and saw them in awkward position.
What if someone will enter the kitchen, 'The worst everyone.' My subconscious reasoned.
I pushed him but he groaned in response.
"Hen-ry. Everyone is outside. Th-They can com-me in anytime." I reasoned, still pushing his rock like body. God, he is so hard. "Only for you." He groaned like animal in heat. "Huh?" I froze, what does that mean?
He was sucking and licking the exposed skin of my neck. I moaned when he bite it and sucked it.
My thoughts fleed away out of my mind. I gave in the pleasure and running my fingers in his hairs, massaging them. He growled lowly and sucking like a starved man. I felt ache between my legs. I started grinding myself to ease it. But it increased, carving for something more.
I felt wetness between my legs. Is it what they were talking about when they got turn on.
The wetness was increasing with every moment. I thrusted more into him and moaned into his ear. His one hand was gripping my waist and another one lost into my sweater.
I let out a shaky breath when his hand touched my bare skin.
His hand travelled upward and stopped when it reached at my breast.
"Fuck" he growled and cupped my breast. Realisation hit me. 'Damnit, I didn't have any bra.'
"You were like this whole time?" He asked darkly, I nodded in response. He squeezed it harshly earning a loud moan from me.
"Words Doctor." He growled into my ear making me whimper in submission.
"Y-Yes." I breathed out.
"Hmm" he squeezed it and pinched my erected nipple. "Ahhhh" I arched my back wanting more of his touch.
"You have been very bad girl. Walking in whole Castle into a short and a sweater, nothing underneath." He growled every word to me.
"So?" I snapped at him, and bite his ear. I felt him shivering. He tensed and stopped. Did I do something wrong.
He pulled away from me and looked into my eyes. I shivered when I stared deep into them. They were peach black. I could see lust into them.
My gaze went to his lips. A breathtaking smirk was spread on them. I found myself getting more wet than I already was.
"You have no idea how much I'm tempted to bend you over this counter and fuck you senseless." He whispered, breathless.
"But I can't do this." He declared, but why? I wanted to ask him but scared of his answer. "Because, I want to give us some time. I want you to trust me. I want to know you and let you know me." He replied reading my thoughts. He cupped my face with both hands and kissed my forehead. Butterflies started dancing into my stomach.
"Be ready at eight. We will go out, tonight."
With last peck, he retreated himself. I bit my lower lip to suppress my protest.
"Clean yourself, your arousal is spread in the room." My eyes snapped at him. He was smirking like an idiot. My jaw dropped on the floor. "And I can hear some footsteps coming towards the Castle." He shut my mouth and winked at me. With that he left me alone with my thoughts.
I jumped from the counter and cleaned the counter with speed of light(haha).
I ran out of the kitchen like my ass is on fire. I didn't even wait to see who was it. Cause, I didn't want to make myself embarrassed in front of that person due my arousal. Ewww.
I shut the door and took a deep breath. My core was still throbbing for his touch.
"This man will be death of me." I cried in frustration.

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