The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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21. Do I trust him?


I had a cold shower and jumped into blue jeans and turtle neck sweater. It wasn't that cold outside but I had to hid all those hickey he gave me. Jerk.
I went outside where everyone was preparing for fair. Everyone was there but Henry. He again disappeared. But this time he did said anyone anything. Not even to Steve, great.
I came to know that the fair was postponed due to some personal reasons. I knew what the reason was.
I offered them to help in something but they denied. All thanks to my mother. She strictly ordered them to deny my help.
I played with Alpha Loranzo's kids to kill the time. Luke was also there, playing with them. It seemed, he enjoyed there company more than our pack's kids.

It was five in evening. I was lying if I would tell you that I'm not nervous. I couldn't even find a suitable outfit for the date. I hope Sofia would be here. It would be more easy for me. I brought a blue dress in front of me and posed in front of mirror. "Ugh, so boring." I pouted.
Atleast I would have asked him about the place. So that I could get some idea for the outfit. After struggling for one hour in choosing the dress, I ended up choosing a floral dress. It was simple and beautiful. I loved it.
I didn't told anyone about our date. It wasn't like I didn't want to. But I didn't get chance to talk to my parents. They were quite busy and looking stressed.
I heard a knock on the door. Momma enters the room after I told her to come in.
She looked around with narrowed eyes. "What did you do with your room?" She asked me half shocked and half confused.
"Umm... Choosing dress for the date." I whispered last word, more to myself.
"What?" She snapped at me. "You are going to your first date and you didn't even bothered to tell me?" I could see the disappointment in her voice. "Momma, I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you but I didn't get any chance." I tried to explain myself. I really wanted to tell her about it but she didn't have time to take a breath.
"I feel so bad that I didn't even helped you to prepare for your first date." She declared with a frown on her face. I walked to her and hugged her "Momma, you are the best. Please, don't think like this. It was my fault that I didnt told you. I'm so sorry." I pleaded with my eyes, clutching her both hand with mine.
I felt like a horrible daughter that I didn't tell her before. "Oh, it's okay. I'm happy if your happy. "By the way who is that lucky man?" She asked and nudged her elbow with my arm teasingly.
"It's Henry." I said biting my lip nervously.
"Oh really?" She sequaled and continued "Let get you ready for the date. Did you choose anything to wear. Oh, let me call Lizzy. She will do it for you. She said excitedly, Aunt Lizzy? God noooo." I shouted in horror. She frowned "She isn't that bad. Even she will choose a sexy dress for you." She reasoned, "But mom-"
"Did anyone call me?" I was cut off by Aunt Lizzy's voice. We both looked at the opened door. There, she was standing with lunas of four pack, whom I met last night.
"Oh no." I grumbled.
"Oh yes." My mom said out loud. "My sweet daughter is getting ready for her first date." She declared, I looked down blushing.
Aunt Lizzy jumped in excitement, First, let's choose a dress for you." I looked at her in horror. I knew she will choose the most slutiest dress for me.
"Oh but I have already chosen the one, see." I saw her my dress. They all looked at me, then at dress. "Noooo" they all shouted in unison. "You are not gonna wear this." I looked at my mother she shook her head shrugging.
"But it is presentable." I protested, "Yes it is." Luna Charlotte agreed with me, I smiled at her. "But, it isn't sexy." My jaw dropped at the floor. She continued, "You should wear something sexy. So that my son fall on his knee and propose you instantly" My face twisted in disgust after she finished. Wait, "How did guys know I'm going on date with Henry?" I looked at them with narrowed eyes. Only person I told about my date was Momma and she didn't say a word about it. They rolled their eyes, "We know that you are his mate. So, there is no way he let any man near you. My so is quite possessive on what is his. Weather it's something or someone." She winked at me and they laughed.
"I think, he already did show his possessiveness at dinner table." Sofia said. Then, it clinked in my mind, they came to know about it because of that dinner.
"I got a dress." Aunt Lizzy yelled from my closet. Everyone turned to see the dress but me. Do you know why? Because I was praying to whole universe to make a hole in the ground, so that I could crowl in. "Save your prayer of later, you don't need it now." Aunt Lizzy threw a weird piece of cloth towards me. My eyes widened when I looked at it. "No, a big NO. I-I'm not gonna wear this disgusting dress." I declared, I should have burn this thing when I saw this.
My closet was full of all type of dresses. All thanks to Aunt Lizzy. She bought so many dresses for me when I came back from New York.
I denied but she didn't took it back. We argued, she won. But I never dared to wear these dress. It didn't matter how much she tried to make me wear them.
She gaped at me, "You are questioning my choice, girl?"
"But Aunt, see." I show them the dress swaying it in front of them. This is even not a dress. It will hardly reach to my thigh." I pouted, gave them my best puppy dog eyes. They shook their heads negatively.
After an hour or so, they finally stopped torturing me with their makeup. And yes, I wore that small dress, aunt Lizzy choose for me.
They moved away from the mirror to let me see my reflection.
I gasped at my reflection. The dress hugged every curves of my body. It reached to my upper thigh. It was backless with straps, revealing maximum skin of my body.
They let my curls down freely.
I pulled down the dress to cover my exposed thigh. "Oh god, I ain't going anywhere." I palmed my face and groaned.
They huffed and pulled my hand down, ignoring my protest. "Oh goddess, Ley you will ruin your makeup." Aunt Lizzy commented, Don't be shy, girl. Be confident, if you want your man to dance on your little finger. Sofia cheered me up.
"Huh?" It seems good idea, doesn't it? 'Hoe alert'. I rolled my eyes on my inner hoe.
I didn't heard further what they said.
My train of thoughts took a sudden break when I heard a knock on the door.
"Shhhh! He is here." My mother mouthed, they all jumped in excitement.
We saw Steve was tapping his leg impatiently, when Aunt Lizzy opened the door.
"Good evening luna" he greeted my mother. "Good evening son" She greeted back. "Uhh... is Ashley in here?" He asked
"Yeah, she is. Why you asking?" She queried, "Uhh... Henry sent me here to pick her up." He answered nervously,
Then go and tell your Henry to came pick his date himself." She snapped at him. "Lizzy you can't understand I.." he sighed, "Okay, I'll be back in fifteen minutes." He was about to leave when Mom walked to them. "Steve" she called him, Steve greeted her and she greeted back. Then she turned to aunty "Lizzy, enough!" She eyed her. Steve she is ready you may leave. She smiled at him. He sigh in relief and nodded.
When I walked out of room. He froze where he was, "She is looking sexy, isn't she?" Aunt Lizzy asked him, he cleared his throat and said, "I think I should buy a box of condom for Henry. I don't want to be uncle that early." He smirked and winked at me. I blushed and hide my face with my hands, everyone laughed at me.
I'm in car with Steve driving me to Henry. My nervousness was on peak. And this dress was making it worse.
Steve was cheering me up to ease my nervousness.
He stopped the car, suddenly. It was border of our pack. "Why did you stopped?" I asked him, "Cause, you highness we are here." He declared and hopped out of car. I stayed in it and praying to god that anyhow I survive the night.
I opened my eyes when someone opened the door for me. The cold breeze of air hit my exposed skin making me shiver. I felt something else in them, sparks. The same spark when he touched me in afternoon.
I gasped when his manly scent hit my nose. He is here. Oh my god, he is here.
A low growl came out of his throat when his eyes travelled down my body.
I was looking up at him in awe. He was in black Jean pant and with white t-shirt and brown jacket. He was looking sexy as hell. I felt something deep into my belly. Oh, it's back again. Great.
He extanded his hand for help. I took his hand and hopped out of car. My feet stumbled when the heels digged in the wet ground. He immediately snaked his hand around my waist to save me from kissing the ground.
He leaned down to my ear "You are looking irresistible." He whispered into my ear, he giggled and pushed him before I melt into his arms.
"Sooo, I think my duty from here is done. Enjoy your night lovebirds. He patted Henry's back and hugged me. Henry growled lowly. Steve chuckled and about to kiss my cheek "That's enough" Henry cought Steve by his shirt and pulled him towards the car. Then shoved him into the diver seat and slammed the door shut.
Steve threw something towards him through the car window. "Don't forget to use it. I don't want to be uncle that early." With that he drove off leaving us stunned.
I looked around, it was dark and there was no one here. There guards were patrolling few feet away from us. I couldn't understand why did he choose this place for our date?
"This is not the place where I want you to take for our first date." He said pulling me out of my train of thoughts. I looked at him, confused "Do you want me to walk to our detention?" I asked him. He smiled and shook his head.
"Do you trust me?" He asked me, I stared at him with puzzled expression. "What do you mean?" I queried, he sighed and repeated his question "Do you trust me, Ashley?" His voice was husky and low. His face was showing the sincerity, he eyes were full of hope. I didn't know what to say.
'Do I trust him?' I asked myself. Whenever he is around me I feel things I never felt. I feel nervous but confident. I feel shivers but hot at same time. My fear, my pain, everything disappear like they were never there. I feel safe in his arms. They give me comfort which I was craving for many years. His voice his smile, his words everything make me crazy.
I don't care what people think about him. All I care that 'I trust him.' I trust Henry Richard Williams.
"I trust you."
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