The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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22. One hell of a ride!


"I trust you"

His eyes widened when he heard it. He didn't expect, did he? "W-What did you say?" He asked me again, I giggled and said, "Yes Henry, I trust you." As soon these words came out of my mouth he snaked his hand around me and spine me into the air.
I sequaled
He laughed
I stumbled on my feet when he put me down.
"You have no idea how much happy I'm. I was afraid you will say no." He stated and kissed my cheek. My cheek heated when I felt a tingling sensation. The spark was stronger than before. I could feel it.
It has been only one week we met. But it feels like I know him since long time.
He took a deep breath and said, "Maybe it will scare you a little but trust me you are safe. Hmm?" he cupped my cheek and pecked my forehead.
"What do you..." Then it hit me, he is going to lose his control to his Lycan. "Henry I-I-"
I couldn't find a word. I have seen lycan's before but from very far. I never touched them. Cause, I was too scared of them.
I had touched a lycan once, but it was a dream. And dreams can't be true, can they?
He took a strand of my hair and caressed it. "You are most beautiful woman I ever met." He gave a lingering kiss on my forehead and walked behind the nearest tree. I heard bones snapping. I wondered if it was right decision or wrong but who cares.
After sometime, I saw a magnificent black Lycan. He was so big maybe six feet on his four. I was feeling so short with my five-four height in front of him.
He came closer to me. I was standing frozen on the ground. I could even hear my heartbeat beating wildly. He kneeled down and started rubbing his muzzle with back of my hand. I shivered when the spark travelled through my body. I felt him shiver at the touch.
I raised my hand unsured if he would like it or not. He stayed still waiting for my next move. I put my palm on the space between his eyes. The sparks were still there giving me ticklish feeling into my stomach. I caressed it and he leaned into my touch. A giggle escaped my lips when he whined like puppy, a love seek puppy.
"Let's take you for a ride, Mate." I heard a deep husky voice inside my head. I giggled and nodded in agreement.
I gripped on his furr while climbing on his back. It was so soft and silky.
"Did you wash them with conditioner? I asked jokingly. He chuckled. Thank god he alteast liked my lame joke.
I gripped his furr tightly to prevent myself from falling as he stood at his four.
"Ready, Mate?" He asked me to make sure.
"Yeah!" I replied clutching them more tightly. I loosed my grip thinking about maybe I hurt him.

"Clutch me tightly, Mate.This is gonna be one hell of ride!" He declared. I thought he smirked a little and sped up.
I felt my hair was flying in opposite direction because of the wind. It was dark but I could still see the trees were passing very fast. My vision was blurry because of tears formed in my eyes. But I didn't tried to whip them, afraid of falling.
He took me to the mountain and stopped in front of a big rock. I climbed down of him. I was looking here and there, confused. Why did he brought me here.
I was too deep into my thoughts that I didn't felt him changing himself in human form.

"So, how was the ride, Doctor?" He asked me while hugging me from back and kissing my temple. At first I tensed, but relaxed into his arms.

"You scared me." I complained, he chuckled. "It was one hell of a ride!" I repeated what he told me before. He inhaled deeply and mumbled "I told you so." He sassily replied.
"Let's get inside. Shall we?" He offered I narrowed my eyes. "How will-" I widened my eyes at him. No way he is gonna push this big rock. He chuckled and poked my nose playfully. He walked to the rock and pushed it. It moved from its place showing a dark tunnel.

I took out my phone and turned on the flash. I knew he didn't need it but I human can't see in dark. And fortunately, I'm the one.

We walked into the tunnel. I clutched his arm tightly like my life depends on it. He put his hand around my shoulder and kissed my forehead. "Why did you bring me here?" I asked him out of curiosity. "You'll see." He replied and pecked my forehead, again. I think I'm going insane because of all these lovey-dovey stuffs.

After ten minutes of walking we reached at our destination.

If I would tell you that I was stunned, it would be an understatement. I was mesmerized with the view in front of me.

There was a water fall which was bioluminescence. When it fell down, it makes look like there was light under the water. It was hot water spring, the water was steamy and bioluminescent. There was a small cabin surrounded with green grasses spread on the ground like blanket. I step out of my heels and started walking on them. My toes curled when I felt the wet and soft grass ticking my feet.

The moonlight falling on the grasses making them shine under its light. I turned to look at Henry, found him staring at me with unknown expression.

"It's...." I couldn't find a proper word to describe it. "I know no word can describe the beauty of this place." He hugged me from behind. I think he likes hugging and cuddling. My heart started beating fast like it will come out of my chest.

I was staring at the water. I should have brought some clothes with me. It was looking so tempted.

"Why don't we eat first. Then spend some time here. Hmm?" He asked suggestively.

"Or.. you can take bath in this small lake. I have some spare clothes of mine here in the cabin." He pointed towards the cabin.

I nodded in agreement and we walked towards the cabin.

When we entered the cabin I was stunned with its beauty. It was giving me vibes of eighteenth century. How old this cabin is? I thought to myself.

"I made this cabin when I was twenty." He informed me as he lead me to the backyard. "How much old are you?" I didn't help but asked. He was caressing my cheek and replied "Three hundred and thirty-five." I looked at him with my jaw dropped on floor "You look no more than twenty-seven." I gaped at him, he chuckled and pecked my nose. There was a table with two chair. The place was decorated with fairy lights and roses. It was looking so romantic. Who knew that my first date would be this good.

"Does anyone else know about this place?" I quired, did he bring here every woman he dated. My stomach twist at just a mere thought of him with other woman. "No one knows except you and me." He replied, assuring me.

"Wait! Did you do all this?" I asked him in disbelief. He nodded and said, "Yupp! Afterall this is our first date."

"Did you like it?" He asked while pulling chair for me.

"I loved it." I said truthfully. He smiled and went inside to bring the food.

He served me the food and himself also. We ate in silence. It was comfortable silence. We were just enjoying our food and time with each other.

I could see him staring at me with wierd expression with corner of my eyes. His stares were doing things with me that I can't explain. Cause I also don't know what is it.

When we finished our dinner he told me to see the cabin while he did the dishes. I protested but he said he didn't want me to touch dirty dishes. Because I'm his queen and queen doesn't do dishes. He and his cheesy lines.

We were sitting on grass with blanket, cuddling and enjoying the view in front of us. Our leg was under the hot water. I felt relaxed, I wonder how does it feel when I'll di r into it. The night was chilly but Henry's warm body and feathery kisses made me all hot and bothered. He kisses my cheek, my eyes and mostly my nose but my lips. That leave me frustrated.



"Why do you kiss my nose much?" As these words came out of my mouth he stopped. I felt a little disappointed and slapped myself in my mind.
"I like your nose."He replied with wide grin, I scrunched it up "Now?" I asked him, he let out throaty laugh. And started kissing all over my face well except my lips. I felt so many butterflies started fluttering into my stomach.

"When is your flight for Egypt, tommorow?" I asked him, "At five in evening." he replied as he was playing with my strands of hair. "Why you asking? Do you wanna come with me at airport?" He asked teasingly and nuzzled into my hairs.

I squirmed when his breath tickled my neck. "I like the way you react to my touch." His tone was husky, I could feel his smirk against my skin. He bite my skin lightly. Sparks ran through my body and heat pulled between my legs that made me clench my thighs tightly.

Henry seemed to notice this. Cause his hand started rubbing my thigh. I whimpered when I felt his rough and warm hand caressing too near my pelvis. "Hen-nery" a broken moan escaped my lips. He growled as his fingers were rubbing my clothed core. I closed my eyes and threw my head back on his shoulder. He bite the junction of my neck and shoulder. "Ah" a sudden moan escaped my lips earning an animatic growl from him.

"Things you are doing with me, Doctor." He groaned against my ear and licked it's shell. My core was throbbing in need. It felt like someone had sat fire inside me. I didn't even realised that I started grinding myself on his lap.

He gripped my waist with both hands and made me turn around to face him. I put my both hand on his chest.
A gasp escaped my lips when I saw his peach black eye full of hunger and lust. I could even see the veins popping beside his eyes. His face was looking intimidating and handsome at same time. He lips were plump. I wondered how will they feel on mine.
I clenched my thighs together at just mere thought of his lips on mine. On my body. On my..... stop Ashley. My subconscious pull the break on my dirty thoughts.

His eyes travelled from my eyes to my lips as I bite it. He was staring at it with his predatory eyes. He licked his own lips showing a glimpse of his pink tongue.

"Let's make you feel better. Huh?" He asked me suggestively. Before my mind could process his words he climbed into the water with me into his arms.

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