The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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23. The First Kiss!

Hey guys, I sorry to for late update. I'm being quiet busy now a days.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
I'll be trying update more often.
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Warning: Smuts ahead. If you don't like Smuts(that we all know isn't true) don't bother to loose virginity of your eyes๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Ashley's POV:

"Henry! I'm gonna kill you." I shouted and lunged after him. He laughed and started swimming away with me behind his back. That prick jumped in water with me making me drenched from head to toe.
It wasn't like I didn't like swimming. But, I I was mad at him cause, I didn't have another pair of clothes to wear.
"How could you do this? I can't go back with these drenched clothes." I whined as I stomped my leg into the water. "Who said, we are going back tonight" He stated in husky tone as he pulled me against his chest, I froze, he started trialing feathery kisses down my neck. Those sparks ignite inside me fluttering my stomach. "uhhhh" An involuntary moan escaped my mouth "Henry.... I'm mad at you." I complained between my moans. He kissed my sweet spot and sucked it. "Uh huh... Is that so?" I was sure he was smirking, I managed to free myself from his strong grip before I gave in to his dirty game.
I was staring at him angrily. Instead of apologising me he was laughing shamelessly, like I had cracked best joke ever. Did someone tell him he was looking sinfully handsome. Someone sue him for being that frustratingly hot.
I was staring at at him and smiling like an idiot. His laugh was ringing into my ears like most melodious music I had ever heard. I could see, he was opening up with me. His eyes were gleaming with happiness. For a moment I forgot about everything and drown deep into his blue eyes. I didn't know what took over me, I raised my hand and palmed his cheek, feeling those tingling sensation again. (God, I think I'm addicted to this feeling.) I thought.
He froze at my sudden move but relaxed and leaned into my touch. I was caressing it with pad of my thumb, his subtles tickled my palm. His eyes were closed enjoying the touch. He hummed giving me shivers down my spine. I felt an unbearable heat pull into my core. It was throbbing more than before. The desire of his touch was increasing inside me like fire in forest.
I closed my eyes and tried to calm me down, but his shaky breath, those strong sparks were making me to give in to my desire. A gasp left my mouth when I opened my eyes and they met with his dark ones. I knew, he was craving for me as much as I was for him. He needed me as much as I did. But, why wasn't he making any move.
"Is it sin to feel the way I am feeling right now, want him to touch me, to cool the fire which ignites inside me whenever he stares at me with those stromy eyes." More I thought about it, more stupid I felt about myself.
'Maybe I should take control on my desires before I make fool out of me' With that thought I retreated and my hand. But, he clutched it and put it where it was.
"Don't." he deep rough voice, made my stomach clench in need. He snaked his hand around my waist and pulled me to his body, our chest touched. His chest vibrated as he growled giving me shivers and air to the desire inside me.
My eyes fell on his parted lips. Suddenly I felt thirsty. My throat dried like a barren land in hot summer. I parted my lip and my tongue came out to lick my lips which were dried like that dry plant which shrank without water.
We were staring at each other for God knew how long. But, I was damn sure he also wanted it. (Then why don't he just kiss the hell out of me. Am I asking too much?
No. All I'm asking is 'one kiss'.)
Just the one!
A voice came into my head, making my mind fuzzy. All I was thinking about his full pink lips on me or vice versa.
Can't he just kiss me and tell me he also want it.
Enough of this 'you kiss me first' game and putting my shyness aside I traveled my hand from his cheek to the back of his neck and stopped there. He leaned down and lifted up me with his hand gripping my thigh. I crossed my leg behind the his ass and clutched him tightly to prevent myself from falling.
Our breathing was uneven, lips almost touched. I closed my eyes and put my lips on his but I kissed his cheek instead. What the Holy hell.
And the moron of the year award goes to Ashley Riverwoods. My subconsie mocked me. I hope, I could pack it into the potion bottle and shake it untill she would see thousand of galaxies spinning around it's head.
"Can't you see,he doesn't want to kiss you." It retorted.
"I want your eyes open when we kiss." He husked against my ear, slapping my mocking subconsie. Serve you right, bitch.
I let in a deep shaky breath when he gave a long lick to my earshell and looked at me, our eyes met. They were dark with lust, hunger and possessiveness? "Why is he being so possessive on me right now? It's not like I didn't like it. I mean is there anything in him I dislike?
Yess, his cockiness.
My subconsie
"Sweet Jesus, you are still alive?" I snort at my subconsie
Without wasting a second he captured my lips like his last meal. I froze, I eyes were wide open as he devoured me.
"He told you to keep your eyes open not to throw them out of thier sockets."
Smut Alert: It's getting a little bit hot here. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your sunglasses on๐Ÿ˜Ž.
I ignored the stupid voice ringing in my mind and tried to kiss him back, keyward- tried. He took my lower lip between his lips and sucked it. My heart skipped a beat My mind was spinning as millions of firecrackers were lighting in background. If it could be more intimated, he bite it lightly making me hiss. His hands which were holding my thigh were now on my butt cheeks squeezing them. I gasped involuntary and he shoved his tongue into my mouth without paying attention to my upper lip, leaving it craving for his special treatment. He explored my mouth like a lost man in big mansion. My mouth isn't it that big. 'God, what am I thinking.' I slapped myself on my silly thoughts.
My tongue was tingling trying to to treat him same as he treated me, but my poor inexperienced tongue couldn't did its best. He sucked my tongue like it is delicious candy he ever tested.
The thought tickled my stomach and made my core throbbing like second heart. Stupid, stop thinking about heart and pussy and concentrate on on the kiss.
I sucked his tongue as he sucked mine, earning a low growl at from him. His chest vibrated as well my pussy. It encouraged me to suck his tongue deeply and I did biting it as well. There he lost it and brought me at shore of the river still our mouth connected. My back hit the cold rock giving me goosebumps every where. He started sucking my lips, tongue, biting them like a starved man. His hand travelled upward from my ass to my exposed back, making me arch it due the spark and tingles. But he didn't stopped there, his hand made outline of the zip which was keeping this tiny dress at place.
Someone is doomed, I see.
He pulled the zipper down slowly. His lips left mine, I inhaled deeply. God, I never thought a kiss could leave you forget to breath.
Yupp! Cause you had never been kissed before , you dumb bitch.
I ignored the mocking voice.
He trailed open mouth kisses all over my face and neck.
"Oh... "I moaned and squirmed when he kissed my sweet spot. His lips left upward in smirk and the next thing I felt was his lips sucking and biting there making me squirm and moan in pleasure.
I was too lost in pleasure that I didn't know when my dress fell down from body.
A gasp left my lip when I felt his shirt touching my bare hardened nipples. My skin burnt where his hand touched. I was drenched and aroused.
"Henry...." He name came out as moan.
"Hmm." He answered with growl. The vibration emitted from his chest made my core clench hard.
He was touching my bare back, my stomach but my breast. He was biting and sucking my shoulder blades but my collar bone. My untouched skin was burning, craving for his touch, his hot mouth but he wasn't paying any attention attention to them.
"Henry please... Ahh!" I pleaded and cried at same time as he bite the junction of my neck and shoulder.
"Tell me my princess! what do you want?" He queried in commanding tone. His dark voice full of lust weren't helping me.
"Please touch me...." I pleaded moaning and grinding myself against his boner. God, I am acting like a bitch in heat.
"And someone was calling me bitch."My subconscious grumbled.
He let out an animalistic growl and dig his nails into my asscheek to make me stop. "Ahh-" he slammed the his lips on mine, I moaned in his mouth. He kissed me more passionately and hungerily. I tried to meet his pace but failed.
When we pulled away we were breathless. He put his face into my neck and growled, send a jolt of electricity down to my body. I clenched my leg which were still wrapped around his waist.. "If you grind yourself against me like this. I'm afraid I will keep myself from fuck you senseless right now, right here." He groaned helplessly, My eyes widened when his words processed in my mind. "Sorry, I couldn't control myself." I mumbled blushing and averting my eyes from his intensive eyes.
Such a whore.
My subconscious grumbled, 'shut up, you are jealous.' I retorted,
'In your dream, princess.' She said in duh tone.
Let's go inside, before you catch cold. He said poking my nose, I pouted and shifted myself a little earning a low warning growl from him. "What if I don't want to?" I countered, he looked at me pensively. "Then what do you want?" He queried, amused. I shifted closer to him, our chest touched. I put my lips on him and started kissing him like he did before. He growled and again bite my lip, this time of more harshly.
I started moving my ass against his crotch. I gasped at familiar sensation. I felt so nice. But, I wanted more, I wanted him to touch me.
I pulled away first, panting. "Henry, I want you to touch me there. Please! " It was embarrassing, I couldn't look myself like before after this. But, right now I was too caught up in my own desire to care about my embarrassment.
"You sure! I don't want-"
"Just do it!" I literally growled earning a amused chuckled from him. Man, he is such an asshole. He leaned down to my ear. "Clutch me tightly."He whispered commanding, I compelled.
Everything happened in a second, one moment ago, I was in that hot spring enjoying my first kiss. Now, I was pinned between soft mattress and hard body.
Oh! These Lycan and their lightning speed. I wasn't surprised, if you asked me.
His predatory eyes traveled down my body, drinking it with his eyes. I bite my lip as more liquid leaked, adding more wetness to my drenched panty. My mouth opened making 'o' shape but no sound left when he touched my hardened nipple with his forefinger, circled it. "So tendered and tempting." He murmured mesmerized, "Ahh.. Ahh" I moan when he pressed his thumb on it. His action threw me on my edge. I felt knot formed in my stomach. I let out a shaky breath enjoying his touch, I arched my back earning an animalistic growl from him. He gave same treatment to my other breast.
He hand travelled from my breath to my stomach and stopped at my navel. He pinched it earning a needy moan from me. He discarded my dress living me in drenched panty. My eyes traveled to on his clothes body, 'isn't it unfair, I'm almost naked and vurnable under him and he is in his full cloth'. As he could read my mind, he sat straight pulled the shirt over his head. My eyes traveled from his face to his delicious abs following his puffed out chest. There were tiny hairs on his chest tempting me to run my fingers over them, enjoying the ticklish feeling against my skin.
He leaned down and kissed my nevel. I squirmed when his lips touched my skin. His hand was trailing my side and stopped on waistband of my panty. He stopped when he reached to my clothes core. I closed my eyes clutched, too overwhelmed to see him down there. His nose touched to my wetness and growled. The vibration left from his lips send me on the bay, making my thighs clenched. He instantly put one hand on my thigh stopping me to close them. He ripped my panty impatiently and kissed my clean saved skin. He spread my legs to expose my pussy to him. "Eyes on me, Ashley." He husked out, his breathing fanned my core. My eyes opened obediently, I stared into his predatory eyes.
He took out his tongue and licked my leaking core. I shivered and my breathing was shaking. His tongue was rough as compared to my sensitive skin. Still looking into my eyes he licked it again. "Ohhh!" I moaned at the pleasurable sensation. He grazed his teeth on my clit and bite it.
"Ahhh..." I moaned in ecstasy, his one hand reached to my breast and squeezed it. I arched my back to feel more of his touch. He started sucking and biting my swellen clit. He moved to my flesh and put it in his mouth, "Oh... Henry" I moaned his name. I gasped silently, all air was sucked out from my lungs when he put his thick finger into my core. He retreated his finger and pushed it again inside me with another one. My eyes were still remained open. His eyes were still on me, staring into my soul through my eyes. I could see lust and hunger in them. He started moving his finger when I adjust to there thickness. The feeling was strange, there was pain for a moment due to stretching of my nub. But vanished when the pleasure took over me. He started thrusting them more rapidly as the sticky liquid was leaking from my core making sloppy sound with his finger. "Faster, please" I requested him to increase the pace. He compelled, He curled his finger making me arch my back in pleasure. Henry please! It was too much for me. The feeling down there. I felt the knot was forming inside me. It was thightning with every thrust of his finger. "Henry... Ahh" I moaned loudly when he hit a unknown spot. The knot tightened more, the urge of releasing it increased with every thrust. "Henry I'm goin to.....ahhhh" I moaned. He retreated his hand and i mewled in protest. He put his head between my legs and gave a long lick to my core. He thrust his tongue inside me and started moving it in circular motions. "Henry.... Please! Faster" I pleaded crying, if it was getting more worse, he pressed his thumb on my clit massaging it. "Uhhh" I moaned and he started increasing his pace. I was moaning mess, pleading him to let me release. He thrust his three fingers with his tongue inside me. He started hitting the same spot, curling his fingers throwing me on cloud nine. "Ahhhhh....Henry" I cried and I felt hundreds of firecrackers brust inside me. My mind was fuzzy, I couldn't feel myself anymore. I couldn't hear my own cry. My leg was shaking, my heart was beating furiously inside my ribcage. Something release from my core with intense force.
"Hmmmm...." I squirm when the vibration of his lips gave me shivers. His rough tongue was licking my cum, not wanting to waste any drop. The spark was flowing inside me intensively. When I came down to from my high, my eyes started shutting down, I couldn't stay awake anymore.
Last thing I felt before I fell in deep slumber was his plump lip on my forehead and those stomach fluttering sparks.

Damn, I think that was freaking hot ๐Ÿ”ฅ.
What do you say, fellas.
I'll be back again with new update.
Stay tuned with Henry and Ashley's interesting journey.
Merry Christmas ๐ŸŒฒ.
Love, Ash๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜.

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