The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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24. Addicted!

Ashley's POV:

Hmmm... I hummed when I heard bird's chriping. My body was tingling as I tossed in bed, eyes still shut. I felt different warmth and comfort. The bed was smelling like him, sandalwood and fresh grass. I stretched myself in sleep pulling the quilt a little downward in the process. My nipples hardened when a cool breeze of air hit them.
I started tressing them with my fingers, enjoying the stinging feeling. 'So sensetive' I thought, arching my back and rubbing my thighs together. There was no cloth on my body, not a single fabric but a quilt cover my naked body.
Wait, what?....

I shot opened my eyes and shut it instantly when the morning light of sun blinded my eyes. I blinked rapidly to adjust to the light. I slowly looked down to half naked body. I gasped when my eyes fell on my bruised breast. They were more looking like bite marks followed by my stomach, navel and... I removed the quilt exposing fully to myself. There were biting mark on my calves. God, what did I just do last night.
"Fucked by someone's tongue."
The voice snickered inside my head.
I traced the marks and hissed when my finger touched my sensetive cunt. My skin was dancing in anticipation. I looked around room(which was not mine), found no trace of him. 'Where did he go?' I wondered.
Taking bath in that hot spring, maybe.
My subconscious answered for me, I bite my lips at thought of him taking bath in the steamy water with sunlight reflecting his body making it glow like another sun. I regretted when I yelped in pain. Did I bite it too harshly?
"I suggest you to run into that bathroom if you don't want to pee on this bed."
Oh yes.
I jumped out of the bed and hissed as the cold floor touched my feet. I grabbed the quilt and wrapped it around myself.
I ran towards the bathroom ignoring the soreness of my body.
I moved to counter where I could wash my hand and face. I gasped when I looked at the girl into the mirror. Her hairs were looking mess like a bird nest, lips red and swallen and her neck, shoulders and chest was decorated with biting mark.
I was looking mess.
"Just like whore"
Shut up!
More I stared at myself, more I get embarrassed. I shook my head and did my work. There was a new brush laying there on counter with paste and tongue cleaner. I brushed my teeth and walked in the room.
I stopped, startled when my eyes met with his blue ones. His eyes traveled down my body and stopped at my chest. He was only in black sweatpants exposing his delicious abs and that hard and puffed chest. My eyes travelled down to the v-line which was going down into his pants. "Ooohhh!" I moaned when his biceps flexed as his hands curled into fists.
'Oooh hoo! What have gotten into you girl!'
I internally slapped myself. I shifted on my feet when I felt my knees weakling. My skins started burning in his heated stares. My mouth watered on this piece of meat standing middle of this room undressing me with his eyes.
'Wait, aren't you already undressed?'
'Shut up, I know.' I barked back as my subconscious rolled its nonexistent eyes.
If it would be more embarrassed for me, my stomach growl in hunger. Good timing, dear tummy.
I looked at him, cheeks heated in embarrassment. His eyes were dark like last night. His nose was flaring, jaw clenched, I gulped audibly and adverted my gaze from his intense ones.
He walked to me in flash and crooked his fingers under my chin, making me look at him. The sparks flew down my body making my stomach flutter and end to my throbbing core. "Never look away from me Ashley, never ever." He stated in dark husky tone, I bite my lip at the thought of him going down to my core and making me cry in pleasure. I clenched my thigh when I felt wet and bothered down there.
He took a step, closing the small gap between us. Air left my lungs leaving me craving for it. He leaned down to my ear, "let have you breakfast first. Then I'll have mine." He husked out and licked the shell of my ear. Sparks travelled down my body making me shuddered in anticipation. I whimpered when the air hit my wet skin the time he retreated.

Before I would ask him anything, he grope my wrist gently and laid me to the bed, where we did something dirty last night.
"And you enjoyed it."

I blushed at my inner voice. "When did you start taking drugs?" I mockingly asked it. I knew it's stupid but I didn't give a damn.
He walked into the closet and brought a shirt and my panty.

I stared at him, confused. Where is my dress? I was about to ask him, "Your dress is too short to wear this in the morning." He answered my unasked question with an evil smirk. I took it without uttering a single word. He was gawking me like a hawk as I was pulling on his shirt.

"Why don't you want to eat with me?" I asked him, his eyes never left mine, it made me shiver in strange way. He shook his head dismissively ignoring my question(Uh huh, don't forget that smirk on his face).
He pulled the trolly and put a small table on the bed and served me a plate full of two pancake, omlette and bacon. I licked my lips, humming at the auroma of food in front of my eyes. I snapped my head at him after I heard a core throbbing growl. His eyes were black, his lycan was surfacing, I could see it, ofcourse.
"Open your mouth." I snapped out of my trance when his deep husky voice hit my ear. "Huh?" I said blinking, dumbfunded. "I said, open your pretty little mouth, Doctor." He said in husky tone without hiding amusement in it. He was teasing me.
I opened my mouth, wrapping my lips around the small piece of pancake. Eyes were still on him, he nose was flared, jaw clenched. I involuntarily moaned at delicious taste when the pancake touched my taste buds. When he pulled fork I clutched it between my teeth, just for teasing him.
He inhaled deeply like someone had sucked all air from his lungs.
"I can bet he got a boner."
My inner voice smirked, "Fuck" he cursed, now I couldn't control anymore. I laughed loudly looking at his reaction. My eyes were full of tears. "You think this is funny" he growled frustratingly, I shook my head giggling. "Sorry" I mumbled,
"Save it" he grumbled and resumed feeding me.

"Okay fine, it's your turn." I snatched fork and cut a big piece of pancake. He raised his one eyebrow as I brought the fork to his mouth. "Open your mouth." I mimicked his deep voice. He chuckled throatily and opened his mouth. I shoved it in his mouth, he chewed staring at me pensively. There was some glints in his eyes were saying, he was upto something.

My gaze fell on his lips. 'God, those lips! I can still feel them on my pussy. He have no idea how much I want it on my pussy again devouring it like his last meal-'
"What nooooo." I jumped on the bed as soon as I realised what was I thinking.
"Ashley" he called my name, I felt desire ran down my body, releasing from my throbbing core in form of hot liquid. I closed my eyes trying to take grip on my lust and racing heart.
I took in a deep breath, "Ummm, let's finish the breakfast." I said embarrassed, not looking into his eyes. Thankfully he didn't say anything and we ate in silence.
Yes, I made him eat some of my breakfast.

After we finished, I walked out of the cabin for enjoying the view of this place. It was looking more mesmerizing in morning. The sunlight was reflecting the water making it look like small diamonds floating with waves. The smell of wet grass was soothing my lungs. Birds were chriping on the tree. There melodious sound mixed with cool air, made me feel light. It took me away from my worries and grieves. It was so peaceful.

I tensed when I felt someone snake their hand around my waist. I relaxed when I knew it's him.
"You're looking sexy in my shirt." He purred against my ear snaking his hand around my waist. My back was touching his front as we were standing on the soft green grass enjoying the scenery.
"I wish, this moment would never end." I said truthfully as he was leaving feathery kisses from my neck to shoulder.
"Me too." He groaned against my skin and bite it lightly. "Hmm..." I hummed and threw my head back resting on his broad shoulder, giving him more access to continue his sweet assault.
My panty was drenched and the heat was intense. My pussy was begging for a release. "Ohhh Henry!" I moaned when he cupped my breasts and started playing with nipple. My hand travelled to his curls and tugged on them. "Ahhh!" I cried when he pinched hard on them, a little juice leaked from my core. "Hmm... I can smell your sweet arousal, my favourite breakfast." He words made my panty drenched, I didn't know if it was his hard dick or my horny self, I found myself grinding against him like a bitch in heat.

We both growled in annoyance when he phone vibrated in his pants pocket.
"What!" He barked as he attacked my breast. I gasped when his hot mouth touched my sensative skin roughly.
"Okay, I'll be there in thirty minutes." His voice was deeper than usual. "Hmm...." He hummed as biting and sucking my nipples. He gave same treatment to another one.

"Goddess, I don't want to stop this but we have to head back to the pack. I have to attend a meeting." He grunted against my skin.

"Oh...Okay!" I moaned, I would be lying if I would say I wasn't disappointed. But, work is also important.

We head back into the cabin. I wore his one of the white shirt and a long coat. I slipped into my high ass heels and inspected myself in the mirror.
There were still some of his bite marks showing off. So, I used a scarf to hide them.

"Are you trying hiding my marks?"He growled in anger. What got into his pants.

"Yupp! I don't want to let my dad or my brother see this. It will be so embarassing." I said truthfully. Jesus, I can't imagine how will they react when they'll see this.

"You don't like my mark on you, do you? You think, it's embarassing?" He was now towering over me, his eyes were carrying hurt and anger into them. "Henry!" I closed my eyes bowing my head, I couldn't say anything. Couse, I didn't have anything to say. God, I love his marks on my body but it is new to me. I never have been touched before like this. And my father and brother are too much protective for me. They would beat him to pulp if they'll see these love bites.

I felt terrible to think like this. I felt my eyes burning due to tears. Holly Jesus, I am acting like a naive catholic girl.
Well, you always do. What's new in it?
My inner voice mocked me. He crooked his finger under my chin, making me to look into his eyes. They were full of concern. "I'm sorry, I took it too far. Please forgive me my Princess." He apologized and pulled me into his warm arms. I put my head against his chest and nuzzled a little and relaxed. He kissed my head and we pulled apart.
"We should leave or you'll be late." I stated and about to walk past him but he pick me up and threw me on his shoulder like a shake of potato.
My eyes fell on his ass and I slapped it, hard. He growled, I shuddered when his chest vibrated. He smacked mine hard, making me yelped.
He threw me on the bed making me bounce on the soft mattress as I sequaled. He crowled on the bed like predator crowls towards its prey. I tried to crowled away from him but he grope my ankle and pulled under him. I sequaled and closed my eyes waiting for his next move.
I waited and waited but it never came. I opened my one eyes to see him if he was still there or not. I gasped when he was staring with his dark eyes full of lust. His chest was raising and falling rapidly like mine. He was looking breathless, so was I. My eyes traveled from his eyes to his pink lips. I was craving to test them again. Feel them all over my body, on my pussy, eating it like his last meal. I cringed and turn on at same time at that thought. I ran my tongue to moisturize my dry lips unaware of the effect of my action on him. His eyes were stalking every movement like a predator.
He closed his eyes and growled. At first I was confused, but when he attacked my lips with hunger, I came to know why was he growling.
He was biting and sucking my lips like they would disappear if he would leave them. I gasped when his hand grope my butt harshly and pinched it. He took its advantage and thrust his tongue into my mouth. He started biting my tongue and exploring my mouth. I tried to do same, but gave up. Whenever I tried to explore his mouth he tangled it or bite it.When i bite his tongue, he smirked and sucked my tongue, sucking away the little breath which was left in my lungs. God, he can kill someone with a simple kiss.
"It's not looking simple in any way."
He growled and bite my tongue, making my pussy vibrat in anticipation.
He pulled away when we were out of breath. Our forehead touched, "I think I'm getting addicted to you." We laughed as he pulled me into another passionate kiss.

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