The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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1. Dilevery & Compensation


Today is Monday and I am preparing breakfast for thirty people. Don't take it wrong I just love cooking. I alway cook with mom in my free time. We have a small cafe where I spend my whole day after clinic. Oh, I forget to tell you that I am a pack doctor.

"That's not fair you always wake up early and prepare breakfast for all of us, "alone"." A voice makes me look over my shoulder. There, my aunt was standing at end of stairs pouting.
"Because you are a lazy ass and 'horrible cook'." Uncle says while reading newspaper and drinking his coffee.
"Oh really because you were the one who told me that I can beat Gordern Ramsey in cooking."
"Really, did I tell that?"
"When, before marriage or after? Obviously I would have told you before marriage, because after marriage you never let me talk" . My uncle mocked her.
"You are telling me I am horrible cook, Momma told me men change after marriage if I knew it I would never married you". Now, she is on verge of crying.
Here we go agai-

"What the hell is happening here. Jason why are you making her cry in early morning?" Momma asked taking step down the stairs.
"Goo-Good morning in-law".
"Good morning, now tell me why is she crying?" Momma asked while folding her hand over her chest.
"N-nothing she is just you know"
"I know what"? Momma raised left eyebrow at him.
Okay, that was very fast.
"What ?"momma asked.
"He called me a horrible cook . Am I horrible cook Chloe"? Aunt asked while crying.
"No-no you are not, you are okay-okay." Mom was glaring at Uncle Jason.
"Jason say sorry to her for saying this."
"I'm sorry Lizzy for your horrible cooking."
"Sorry for telling you horrible cook.
You are the best cook ever, happy?"
Let me tell you Aunt Lizy is a horrible cook, actually she likes cooking but cooking doesn't like her. So, whenever she tries something it ends horrible.
"Ley- Ley give me bwekefast. I am hungwy."Christy started jumping in kitchen.
"Okay, come my princess.
Everyone, breakfast is ready, come on".
Everyone came on table and sat down.
"So what is in breakfast today. Woww, pancakes I love pancakes." Harry exclaimed and extended his hand to take it. "Harry, not now." Aunt Lizy scolded him.
Harry looked at her pouting. Poor child, but what can we do, we all have our breakfast together at 8 am. But dad is not on dinning table. So, we have to wait for him. He is quite strict for rules.
"Good morning everyone".A deep voice came from stairs.
"Good morning." We all said in unison.
Then he sat down and we all had breakfast.

My dad owns a company. It's a construction company. All men are talking about business that I have no idea.
My thought is interrupted by dad-
"Uh, Ashley"
"Yes dad"?
"Where is Gabriel"?
"He went early for checking on patrolling."
"When he will come tell him to come to my office."
Today is Monday that means baking day. I work in hospital three days a week. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I'm happy for my life so much.
We live in Lunar Eclipse Pack of 200 people, one of five royal pack. One forth of them are humen including me. I treat humen mostly.

After breakfast we went for our work I went to cafe started preparing all ingredients for cookies.
Our cafe is in town, it takes 40 min with car. Now I am in Beverly hills baking my cookies, suddenly mom called me. So I went to office and knocked the door.
"You called me"?
"Oh dear, there is an order and everyone is busy you know. So, if you don't mind can you deliver this order? Please."
"What's the address?"
"Hannah will give you all the details, thank you so much ."
I went to counter and asked for the adress.
"Hye Hannah, what's up."
"Hye, just nothing going through the accounts. Well this is the order and its adress."
"It's ready or not ?"
Umm no, ma'am said you will prepare the order. She said frowning."
"Yeah, it's okay. "
"How much time we have?"
"Just two hours. And please don't late I heard that this costumer is quite grumpy and very punctual. Last time, he ordered something from famous resturent "The Fancy" and they got late twenty-six seconds late and he sued them for twenty six million dollars."
Okay, that was too much.
"Oh, okay so I should go otherwise I have sell my lungs, liver and both kidneys for compensation ." I laughed and she joined in.

After 1hr and 15min

Fine, so Pulled pork, shrimp and grits, key lime pie, and lobster rolls that's it. Now I have forty-five minutes to deliver it.
"Oh Hannah, I am almost done."
"Actually you have only 20 minutes left."
"What, why ?"
"You have to go there and prepare the table also." She said with concern.
"Okay, fine."
"Yeah, car is ready and you have to go to aunt Lizy's shop for flowers."
"Anything else?"
"Bye." I was about to leave
"Wait" Hannah exclaimed and scared me.
"What happened."
She hugged me "Best of luck please come in one piece".
"Thank you." I smiled at her.
Why everyone are terrified it's not like I am going to lion's den.
I went to my aunt's shop and saw Jack have already prepared the flowers, he was also looking scared. I wave him bye and reached my destination.
Here it is a big building and its name written in bold golden italic letters:



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