The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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2. Richard is back


"I will kill these monsters." I am in my office bathroom sitting on cumboard and pulling my hairs in frustation. Oh moon goddess, why you made these monsters they are devil incarnated.
If this would have been not my a hundred million deal with Mr.Loranzo, then I would have show them their place. Mr.Loranzo is my father's good friend. Oh my goddess, I can't do any work today.
"I'm hungry, when will this food will come." A monstrous voice brought me out of my thoughts.
"Yeah, I can't wait for it. I am starving."
"Uncle please call them again and ask please."
"They are on their way. So, stop being fuc-"
Damn what am I doing and where is the food I will sue this cafe. I told Steve to not order from cafe but I don't know why he doesn't listen me. I took deep breath then said
"I am calling them. Okay, just wait."
After that I stromed out of my office.
"Steve. Where the hell are you damnit"
"Hey Alpha,whoa what is on your eyes? Wait, is that kids sunglasses." He laughed at me, gaining everyone's attentions and my anger.
I grabbed him with his coller and pinned him on near wall, "You are the reason of this. I dare you to laugh one more time and you finish."
"S-sorry Alpha it will never happen again."
"Good, now go and see why the food is not here. These monsters are starving and get it before they eat me."
"Yes Alpha."He bowed in front of me and ran out.

After fifteen minutes Steve came in my office, "The lunch is here Alph-" he looked at me "-aa?"he burst out laughing. Oh, not again
"Do you wanna die?"
"No Alpha, but you looking hilarious." Steve said while laughing.
"Take them to table. I will come in some minutes." He bowed to me then turn to kids.
"Kids the food is here let's go." And they all ran out of the office like they are starving for whole year. This all happening due to my dear dad he knew that I hate kids, but he agreed for looking after them. Now, I am changing my Armani suit on which they threw ink. Oh god, I am fucking alpha king who have so many duties. But me, babysitting of three Monsters. Well they are children of one of the five alpha kings that's why I am babysitting and father is attending meeting with him.Well it's long story for another time now I have to go and have lun-
"She is here."
"Richard?" I was shocked after listening my Lycan voice after a decade.
Knock knock
"Mr.William?" My secretary called.
"What?" I am pissing of now. I have uneasy feeling and Richard is pacing in my head.
"The flowers and the vases are here."
"Tell them to to keep them at their place." I told her in monotone. Today is not my day I think.
"Dumbass, today is our day. We are going to meet her again."
"Agai-" then the elevator gate opened and I greeted with a smell which took me and my Lycan at high. It smells like fresh grass, lotus and roses. I had smelled it somewhere else
"She was in elevator. Damn we are so close to her, hurry up."
"Richard, what do you mean?"
"Our mate, who else do you think?"
After that all those memories fleshed in my mind and anger took over me and the next thing was the sound of fire alarm.

Hey dear readers, I know this chapter is short but don't worry next will be quite long.
Happy reading,🥰🥰

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