The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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Right now, I'm standing front of the tall building, feeling nervous. I mean it feels like something will happen today , maybe he will sue me also. Never mind, let's go. I entered in office and damn it's like I am at five star hotel. There's beautiful chandelier and the fountain, it's cool I just wanna dive in it.
Okay, don't gowking girl, its rude. I went to the receptionist and told about the order then she talked on phone and gave me floor noumber. I took elevator for 17th floor. As the elevator was going up my uneasy feeling is going up.
When elevator opened there were three cute and exciting faces were wating for something.
"Yay our food, I was waiting for it." A boy started jumping with cheesy smile.
"Elijah, let it open don't sound like creepy girls." Other one told him, they are three kids, one girl and other two are boys.
Hey Kiddies, here's your order.
"We are not Kiddies, we are grown men can't you see?" Okay that was rude.
"Oh my god, I am so sorry sir I will note in my mind,then I closed my eye then after five seconds, "Noted, my lord" then bow to them.There was a chuckle behind me make me look at the source, there's a handsome man was watching us . He has hezal eyes and black hair with sharp jawline and beautiful dimple on his cheek. I straight up feeling embarrassed .
"Good afternoon Sir."
"Good afternoon Madame." He bowed to me with his cheeky grin.
"Let's have lunch lady and gentlemen." He turned to children and they all went to table.
"Thank you so much for this, your fee will be paid after arranging the flowers. But first you have to wait here for our boss. So, if you don't mind... "
"Don't worry I can wai-"
"I'm hungryyy.' We both looked at the boys.
"Oh sorry sir, let me surve you."
"Hurry up." He said rolling his eyes.
After surving I stand some feet away,and saw the girl was staring at food with frown on her face.
"What happened sweetheart, why are you not eating?" I asked her.
"She can't eat herself hahaha."
"Momma always feeds me with her own hands." She told me with watery eyes.
"Aww, it's Okay, cime I will feed you."
"Thanks. She gave me a shy smile.
We were sitting at the table and that guy was staring at me with wierd expression on his face.


There is something in that girl. I mean she is beautiful but also has a kind heart. It's feel like there some connection between us.
Is she our Alpha's mate? My Lycan asked me suddenly.
What, why are you saying this?
Because I feel that type of connection with her. I mean, I never felt this type of feeling before. All those women with whom alpha was in relation, they all felt like just women but she is different.
But we can't say this you know and alpha has al-
Fire alarm.
It's Alpha.
Oh no, is she back?


I was helping Jennifer with her lunch suddenly I filled pain in my chest, like my heart is aching like someone is ripping it from my chest. Then I heard fire alarm.
"Ashley Aunty, I am scared." Jennifer said trembling.
"Everyone out now." Mr. Grey shout.
Before a moment every thing was okay but suddenly there was fire everywhere. Everyone were running for their lives.
"Kids come here right now." Mr.Grey took hands of Elijah and Rayn and I was carrying Jennifer. We were on 4th floor now, with every one . Mr.Grey made sure everyone were out. Suddenly something hit my leg and I fell with Jennifer, I saw a rod spraddled in my leg.
"Ashley Aunty"
"Ms.Margaret. somebody help." Steve shout.
"I'm alright, take her with you we have not much time."
"No, we are going with you. Please get up Aunty, please." Jennifer cried out.
Suddenly half roof fell on the floor, some feet away.
"No, I can't I am sorry, go please." Mr.Grey was trying to free me, suddenly the fire increases.
"Please save them."
"No,. I am not going without you, do you understand." I knew I can't make it.
"Please try to understand I can't make it you are putting your and the children's life in danger, just go please."
"No." He told me stubbornly.
" I SAID GO, RIGHT NOW." I shout in anger, he was standing there for a while with his head bowing, then he nodded and went to the door. Then he looked back to me with teary eyes and said sorry. And I just smile, because I know I can't run from my death. It will take me one day like my family. A tear fell from my eyes while I was busy to remembering them, saying them sorry. My head feels heavy and my eye can't stay own anymore. But, gain I feel someone pulling the rod from my leg and a hand lift me and I tried to open my eyes and saw those familiar beautiful eyes. Maybe this is a dream or a nightmare.


This is my fault, she is dying because of me. Oh goddess please help me, what type of Lycan am I. I can't save a girl, why I listened to here. I shouldn't have lishten to her.
Take tham with you. Did anyone call fire department. I'm going in. Suddenly there was raining, how beacause there was no news of raing today and I saw the fire extinguished by heavy rain. I ran in the building and went to the fourth floor.
Ms Margaret. I shout but there was nor response, I went to that place but I saw there was roof on the floor where she was. I throw all the rocks but saw nothing. Where did she go.
Who took her?
Smell it alpha was here because his scent is here. That means
She is in n danger.
When alpha loses all control then he don't listen to anyone not even his wolf. I don't know what he will do. I have to find them.
I checked whole building but there was no sign of them. Where are they? Oh moon goddess please help me.


Why is she here I don't want to see her face. She broke all tie with me. Isn't it enough for her. I lost my everything because of her.
There was fire everywhere which cannot even touch me but the fire which is inside me is killing me slowly I is burning my heart. There are screams everywhere but, it never worries me because she made my heart cold, she made my heart a stone which will never affect by these nonsense imotions. I won't let any women break my heart again, never.
I know this second chance is plan of moon goddess and I also know that she will also break my heart. Leave me when she will fulfill her needs and desires.
My power is taking high and I can't control myself if I want to. I am a monster and I will never change,never ever.
Henry stop it. You can do this .
No I can't and I don't want to stop this.
You are killing people and our mate.she is still here, let's save her.
It's doest concern me.
Oh really, do you really want to let her di-
Ahh, why my leg is hurting like someone have stabbed me.
Mate. Richard whimpered in pain.
Richard,she is hurt.Please save her Henr-
Damnit, damn on me, damn on my life.
I closedy eyes and tried to taking the fire back but I can't, I tried again but it no use even it increased ten times more.
Try again Henry, you can do it.
I tried again but failed and the pain in my heart was increasing and it's unbearable.
"Let's go to our mate."
"She is in pain."
"Just shut up and let's go."
I went down the floor and started searching for her but no one was there, I tried to listen carefully to her heartbeat or any thing. There was a sound of heartbeat.
Yes, I can hear a faint heartbeat, it's my power being a Lycan.
I turned in direction of sthe sound and run. Then I saw her, I saw our mate on the floor with a big rod stabbed in her left leg. Her eye were open and there were tears in them, suddenly the roof started falling I run fastly and shield her petite and small body with my big one.
I pulled out the rod after making her body numb as she won't feel pain and lift her from floor in bridal style. I felt sparks whenever our skins touched, shivers ran down my spin, making my Lycan whimper. I took her out of the building.
"We have to take her to hospital but I don't know how long we can make it because our energy is draining." Richard's was whimpering in pain.
"I don't care just take her to hospital she shouldn't be die."
I ran with my all strength and went to my pack hospital.
This was my last word before I passed out.

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