The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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4. Unconscious


I heard some faint sound of beeping. When I opened my eyes I saw white wall of hospital. When I turned my head, saw a Doctor entered in room
"Alpha". He bowed to me, I nodded. A nurse gave me a glass of water.
"How are you feeling"?
"Like someone is hammering my head." I groaned.
"Hmm... it will go in few minute after you take this medicine." He nodded to nurse and she gave me the white pills.
"How is she?"
"Umm... She is still unconscious, there was a clot in her brain due to head injury so we have to removed it successfully but we can't say when she will wakeup."
I felt guilty for her condition. She was on that bed because of me.
"Beta Steve is here if you want to meet him then we can..." He told me with nervousness in his tone. Last time when this happened I didn't let anyone in.
"Let him in." Then they all went out of the room.
After five minutes Steve came in.
"Alphaa how are you, you know I missed you so much." He said like a creepy girlfriend.
"Stop being like my creepy girlfriend and tell me what's date today and what happened when I was unconscious."
"Everything is under control and we vanish memories of all humen of that day but Ashley that girl you saved. It's feel like it didn't work on her and yeah, today's date is 13 Feb 2021." Damn I was unconscious for five days.
"Hmm, what about dad."
"Oh, he have decided to send you to Alpha Daniel's pack. And he is already here. You know, the girl you saved is-"
"Alpha, She woke up." A nurse informed me.
"Do you wanna meet her." Steve asked.
Should I meet her? She doesn't worth my time. By the way I was the one who saved her life. So, why would I meet her. If I will go to her and meet her then what will happen to my arrogant status, I don't want to lose it. She should come and thank to me for her dear life.
"Alpha." A voice snapped me out of my thoughts.
"Do you wanna meet her?" Steve asked again.
"No, I just wanna get out of here, let's go." With that I climbed out of the bed and snatch the needle from my hand,
"Get my clothes we are leaving right now."
"But Alpha." Steve protests
"It's my order." He bowed to me and went out. Steve and I were friends for centuries but he also have to obey my all oders. Afterall I'm an Alpha King.
After thirty minutes the doctor came in and asked for stay here for two days, because he thinks 'my body needed rest'. Who is he to decide how much my body needed rest, I'm feeling better now that means they should discharge me. After sometime he agreed, and how wouldn't he? By the way, I am an alpha.
I am in my car and thinking about my mate, tell me whatever you want, but I am doing this for my shake. I don't want to take her in my life and make it worse than it already is.
"Your dad was asking about her." It made me freeze.
"Did he meet her?"
"Of course he did."
"Did you inform her family?"
"Yeah, they were worried like hell."
"Is father angry on me?"
"No, he isn't. He is just worried." Worried? Strange.
"What do you mean they al-"
"We are here, Alpha." My driver announced. I opened the gate and walk out of the car.
When I reached door, the door burst opened before I knock it. And it was my mom
"Henry." She looked at me with tears in her eyes and hugged me. Oh goddess, I can't explain how much I missed it. Then she let us in.
I went to my room and took a long cold shower. When I came out I saw my food is already in my room, I had my lunch because it's already one past thirty and I was starving. Then I went to bed it's good that I gained my conscious in just within five days but my energy is still drained a little. Last time when my power took over me, I was in coma for five months. Healers said my Lycan was not helping me. I came out of coma but I came to know that my Lycan is no more with me. He was there but he cut off every tie with me. I knew he was not angry with me, but he was drowning deep in sorrow. I was depressed angry on myself to let her play with my emotions. She took everything with me, my friends, my Lycan, my loved ones and my light, left me in darkness, hate, sorrow and grief.

It's four o'clock, my mom came in and we talk for a while then she asked me to meet my dad and I agreed because I really have to talk to him.
I am in my dad office and four pairs of eyes were watching me. My dad's, mom's, Alpha Daniel's and Steve's.
"Is it necessary to go there, Dad?" They were convicing me to leave for alpha Daniel's pack. No, actually forcing me.
"Fine, but I am not going alone." I looked at Steve and he was standing in corner with a stupid smirk on his face.
"Okay, Beta Steve you are going with him." Now, this was my turn to smirk.
"But what about duties I have to do work, you know when alpha went somewhere then the beta has to take all responsibilities." He protests but my dad is my dad, "I'm not that old to run the pack and your dad is coming tomorrow for my help so don't worry."
"That's my dad." I murmured to me but they all listened and chuckled except Steve.
Well, Steve is my bestfriend, we are almost same age, maybe he is three days younger than me. His dad is also friend of my dad. It's like costom in our family.
"When we have to go there?" Steve grumbled.
"A day after Tomorrow". My dad answered.

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